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People who think Billy's nerf is fine

Probably only ever play killer for dailies and can't loop to save their lives.

Hillbilly 1v1 has always been a true test of skill and mindgames, with the better player almost always coming out on top. His basekit wasn't even all that effective when it came to looping something like the shack; you needed to do some serious f*cking mindgames and curves to pull off a window down without that extra charge speed. Everyone agrees that the only issue was the stacking of certain add-ons that needed to be changed. Overheat mechanic should just be tossed out or should almost never proc in normal gameplay.


  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,399
    edited July 2020

    with all the killer nerf not sure how much longer this game going to last really.

  • Valor188917Valor188917 Member Posts: 649

    Perfectly balanced, well except when it comes to basically outperforming the whole killer roster with absolutely no downsides to his kit, except for a godlike nurse (which btw requires a ton more skill than billy)

  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149

    How much have you played killer, and how much have you played billy. Because saying there is no downside to using his current kit is just plain wrong. He is counter able with loops and just generally good gameplay on survivor sides he is top tier but for you to get him to that point takes time and effort to learn to fully utilize his kit, curving takes a lot of muscle memory and timing to get right. Hes a high skill high reward killer but messing up with him comes with decent downsides aka his chainsaw cooldown as well as bumping into walls. Some of his add ons did negate his weaknesses which is why they were op and needed to be nerfed but his base kit is still the most balanced killer kit in the game

  • Valor188917Valor188917 Member Posts: 649

    Yeah it's not like most killers are countered by loops. Reminds me of the age old discussion in MOBAs. "BEING CC'D IS HIS WEAKNESS". A weakness that almost everybody has is not much to go by.

    It's irrelevant how much I play killer and survivor, let's just say I got 100% achievements in this game.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    I think the Billy nerf is fine, but I also think that the numbers need to be tweaked. Chainsaw appears to overheat too fast, and cools down too slow. If they make those tweaks, I think Billy will be just fine. Maybe even have the chainsaw lose heat when you down a survivor.

  • pizzamess11pizzamess11 Member Posts: 149

    I mean it doesnt really matter all that much how many achievements you have tbh but the amount of time on killer is usually at least something to go by but either way you dont really address the points I made about his actual legitimate counters and how even in the patch they said the the better player usually comes out on top unlike some of the more gimmicky/straight up broken killers like spirit. Also not even to mention the fact that Billy's changes wont completely nerf him hes still gonna be a good killer definitely worse without question and he wasnt even the best killer in the game nor did he feel unfair or unfun to go against which just begs the question why? Why make a really fun, fair killer unfun and weaker.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 1,500

    In the McLean's stream today, he brought up the nurse. If you take just the statistics of PC and look at average kills with Nurse. Nurse is the worst killer. If you narrow it down to the top 1 percent of nurses , she's still the worst killer. It's only when you look at 1 percent of 1 percent of only PC players that Nurse is unstoppable. I thought that that was really interesting. Is it fair to call nurse S tier when only 1 in 10,000 nurse players can even play her worth a damn.

  • Valor188917Valor188917 Member Posts: 649

    Actually yes, spirit doesn't punish bad survivors with an instadown, it's more of a 50/50 guessing game most of the time.

  • Valor188917Valor188917 Member Posts: 649

    That is not news and what about the people here saying "durr, we should balance for the top % not for potatoes". Does that only apply to the top playerbase but somehow once you go beyond that chars need buffing if they're too hard?

    Nurse's whole concept is broken and it's not possible to balance her, she needs a full rework as she's a relict of a time where she was still neccesary to win against even what you'd call potatoes now that based their gameplay on abusing broken survivor mechanics like infinites.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 319

    You're right, competent Spirits punish everyone equally no matter what skill level you have because it's a f*cking guessing game. On the other hand Billy was really exciting to run against as survivor, and very rewarding to play as once you understood the nuances of his power. Billy is always more fun.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 319

    Basekit Billy has a ton of f*cking downsides, what rock do you live under; his power has a about a 3 second charge time that a survivor can use to get to safety, his power is hard to control and isn't very flexible, and he can still be looped to DEATH (yes even the good ones). It's not like he can phase through objects or go invisible. There's a reason he's usually placed behind nurse and spirit on the generally accepted tier lists. And Nurse still takes the same amount of skill as she did before, you just have a stupid cooldown to deal with so you can't blink as often. The overheating mechanic punishes Billy for successfully zoning out survivors with his saw, and when you finally catch them in a bad spot F*CK YOU CHAINSAW CANCELLED, OVERHEAT. Imagine if Nurse actually had something like that instead; your blink would be cancelled half-way because you ran out of play coins or oxygen or some stupid #########. Nobody would ever play her again.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 319

    So are you saying we should buff her again?? lol

    But in all sincerity, I'm curious what those stats looked like before the nerf as well, because I can tell you there were just as many terrible nurses then as there are today. A lot of the people who took the time to master her knew how broken she could be (by ignoring base game mechanics) especially with range add-ons. They gutted her, yes, but it's still possible to do well for the very fact that she is still the only one who can break the base mechanics of the game.

    Billy does no such thing. I think everyone was in agreement that it was his charge add-ons that made him so deadly and put him just below current Nurse and Spirit.

  • RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554

    While your correct, most, if not all, good Nurse players even before the rework used no add-ons because it messed with muscle memory; The ones who couldn’t play Nurse after the rework are the ones who relied on those add-ons (as they’ve used them so much).

    The majority of Nurse players left because they felt the cooldown was an un-fun slap in the face for no apparent reason other than survivors complaining about her base kit (when they should’ve been complaining about her add-ons). Now that her add-ons are useless, there would be NO power difference between a cooldown and no cooldown on a good Nurse player other than making the killer less of a waiting simulator and increasing the player count of Nurses, simply because it was the un-fun nature of the cooldown driving away people who played her fair.

    TL;DR It would hardly be a buff to get rid of the cooldown, it would be a QoL change and it would drive more new players to try out Nurse.

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