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VelocityProVelocityPro Member Posts: 4

Hey guys! My name is VelocityPro and I am going to be hosting a chase tournament for some auric cells as prize. here is how the tournament is gonna work

It is a 1v1 chase tournament, there is going to be 5 rounds, the first round 1 person will go up against a rank 1 killer until everyone has gone. The game will start and once the killer finds the survivor a timer will start, once the survivor gets downed the timer will stop and your time will be recorded. The people with the lowest time will be eliminated up until 5 people left.

For this round the killer will equip one perk while still leaving survivors perk-less, after this one person will be eliminated (lowest timing person)

Next round the killer will have 2 perks. The rounds will go on until the killer has all 4 perks and is going up against a survivor still perk-less, the person with the most time will win the auric cells.

The tournament will be on july 1st (This could be post-poned due to lack of players)

If you would like to be in the tournament contact me at Dorimee#3102

Cant wait to see u in the tournament!


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