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Why the billy nerf is ACTUALLY bad (not about his lethality)

I see most people talking about how this nerf has made billy significantly worse, and while I do partly agree with that I think there is a bigger issue. After playing the PTB and live to refresh myself of billy it's easy to see the fun of playing him has gone down a lot. With the new overheat mechanic you are forced to do an easy, safe backrev on someone or you might overheat. All the fun types of chainsaws now are pretty much impossible just because if you miss them you have to wait to try again. Let's say you chainsaw over to someone. 40% charge. You then attempt a difficult chainsaw (curve,etc) and you miss. 75%. Now you can't attempt anything else until you either wait for the 75% to go down or actually put yourself into cooldown because then it recharges faster. I might be ok with the overheat mechanic depending on how it's done but for now it's clear this removes all fun of playing billy...


  • mostlyghostlymostlyghostly Member Posts: 135

    Haha yeah the only reason I said I was ok with it was to reason with the devs because they're too stubborn to give up on the shiny new overheat mechanic

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    This mechanic is worse than the Nurse change. Nurse would fine with bug fixes. Billy..... this killer is [BAD WORD] if the change goes live.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,474

     if you miss them you have to wait to try again

    Isn't that true for most other killers?

  • mostlyghostlymostlyghostly Member Posts: 135

    I mean you have to wait for cooldown to reset not wait 2 seconds to m1 again. Also billy had much more fun ways to kill than a backrev and m1 which is why he's bad

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400

    I am definitily not the right person to talk about this since I hated playing Billy and playing against him. As to why, vs most other killers, even spirit/nurse/freddy you werent dead immediately if you made a mistake. And the fact Billy's could just spam his chainsaw behind you until he could guarantee a hit was stupid. As for the reason why I didnt like playing him, partly because I had trouble controlling his saw and partly because I thought it was too, well boring. I honestly enjoy the mind games with simpler killers like trapper/wraith/Piggy and so on.

    As for the nerfs. I think the overheat mechanic is fine. Overtuned and some parts working the opposite how they should. But ultimately fine.

    Suggested changes:

    Instead of around 10 seconds of use it should be 15 or something similar since it is a very small amount of usage.

    Or instead of cooling down faster when its fully overheated than it does when it isn't. It should be the opposite. That it cools down faster when it isnt overheated. Its kind of silly to "reward" people that overuse their ability by putting it on a faster cool down instead of just rewarding players capable of using the chainsaw fast without needing to set up their guidance system and guarantee hits.

    At the very least, the fact that the chain saw continues overheating even when the player lets go of m2 is....at best stupid. I dont know if I think it should start to cool down but at the very least it should stop heating up. Anything beyond that is just dumb.

    As for nurse. Honestly I think they rework her again. Make her a bit easier/less annoying to play. But maybe limit her in other ways. Because at the moment the few times you run into a nurse, its a stomp. Whether its a stomp because "Holy crap we found a good nurse" and she is just slaughtering and slugging everyone. Or its a bad nurse and you can run in a straight line and she wont hit you. There is rarely anything in between.

    Her and spirit should probably be looked at and a nerf on Freddies kit either with a time limit on his blood pools (which would make his pallets better) and/or less of a cooldown reduction on his teleport.

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 927

    I think the only reason the overheat mechanic was introduced was to prevent a camping Billy to just sit there and rev the chainsaw. Honestly, though, if that's the case, just do it like new Bubba. Make it so that the overheat is only on the single use, and have it reset immediately if you let go.

  • Valor188917Valor188917 Member Posts: 649

    Seeing your team get instadowned in an insane snowball and realizing yeah, there's no hope of winning after billy pops your gen over and over.

    What a fun experience.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Its always more "fun" to have unlimited power. Buts thats nothing "fair" for the other side.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398
    edited July 2020
    Post edited by Hag.is.Dtier on
  • HanHan Member Posts: 196

    Ah ok how about a cooldown for running and repairing gens? Sounds stupid? exactly.

  • RbLenRbLen Member Posts: 136

    Even more Freddy and Spirit games, no thank you. This is what will happen if he is nerfed.

  • ccactus623ccactus623 Member Posts: 214

    Every other killer has a cool down of sorts for their power why shouldn't Billy? He already has the most map pressure and lethality.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,608

    Base kit nurse was fine too. We saw how that went -.-

  • ccactus623ccactus623 Member Posts: 214

    It makes missing the chainsaw punishing. Every other killer has to use their power effectively why shouldn't Billy?

  • ccactus623ccactus623 Member Posts: 214

    Imagine having the most mobility and leathality and having the audacity to suggest a cool down for that.

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