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Is Freddy actually good?

bubbabrothabubbabrotha Member Posts: 865

I see people put him in a tier all the time. Why though?


  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,310

    He has addons to slow down the game. His teleport gives him map pressure. And his snares end chases faster.

  • SonicOfflineSonicOffline Member Posts: 227

    He's got extreme mobility, extreme slowdown, and great gap closers. He's super hard to perform poorly on if you understand the base game and are willing to use cooldowns.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,320

    Freddy has a map pressure ability by being able to teleport directly to the objective of the survivors.

    He has anti-chase by being able to place snares at a loop and force pallets early.

    He has natural stall potential through needing to wake up.

    He has everything and I love it, because that can still be cancelled by just waking up.

  • bingbongboi90bingbongboi90 Member Posts: 447

    I think if the hillbilly nerf goes live, freddy will definitely be in A tier.

    As for now he is a bit overrated. A little bit.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,583

    He has slowdown, map pressure, and a good chasing ability. He’s a very good killer. A tiny bit overrated but still really good.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Definitely better than Legion.

  • LiunUKLiunUK Member Posts: 423

    he basically has everything a killer needs map pressure, slowdown, anti-loop but the biggest thing is that he is really easy to pick up and use

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,397

    Overrated and boring, hope he gets reworked again.

  • AndevrrAndevrr Member Posts: 32

    With discordance and save the best for last.

    He punishes gen rushing with teleport.

    And punishes good loopers with snares.

    Pretty much the only 2 things that survivors have to cheese you out.

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 694

    His base kit is unnecessarily stacked. He is good and annoying.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 2,027
    edited July 12

    He's just good at everything, is very simple to play and has a low skill floor. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a killer that can do everything you need a killer to do to a good standard. Not much else to it.

  • DeadseaDeadsea Member Posts: 143

    I hope that the Wes Estate is sorted out. He was the only killer and Quentin was the only survivor to not be added to the Switch version of the game. The Preschool Map is also not in the game. Shame cause I was looking forward to them. With his reworks, he went from bottom tier to A tier.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

    Most powerful and balanced Killer to date. Sadly, he's damn near the most boring Killer to play too.

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