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Please nerf Hex: Ruin slightly.

As a survivor main, every time I jump into a game and notice Ruin is in play, I know I'm not going to have anywhere near as much fun in that particular round. Not because I have a problem with Ruin in general, but I truly believe it is a bit on the strong side. It forces me to spend almost the entire game on one generator (until someone just happens to find the totem) as when I back away to hide from the killer and get back again, a big chunk of the progress is gone - and if I leave to go help a hooked survivor, I'll be lucky if the gen has any repair left on it.

Instead of 200% regression, I would happily accept a 180% regression. Only a slight nerf that won't hurt it too much but allow me to have a bit more fun/fighting chance in the game.



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