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myers is to slow , also needs e-w cap absorption removed and a perks rework

batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466

myers should be a 4.5 killer or at least 4.4 because at T1 speed he is way to slow at 4.2 which is almost the same speed as survivors and considering how long killers take to vault or break pallets the killer should be faster then the survivors to catch up to them when they vault or after they sprint burst because at 4.2 he is to slow , can't use ranged attacks and the e-w cap he can get from survivors highly hinders his killer power

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  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Holy jumping Gee Wilikers batman, let's try stalking them!

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,503

    4.4 is still faster than survivors. Survivors run at 4.0

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,085

    Unless for certain builds, you shouldn't stay at tier 1 that long for it to affect you.

    As for some of the add-ons, it's mostly for balance (except vanity mirror i still don't get why that slows you down)

  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466

    it does affect the game when survivors gen rush and at 4.2 speed he is useless

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,085
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    Again, you're not 4.2 EDIT: My bad, he is actually 4.2 but my point still stands (unless running certain add-ons that don't even match with tier 1) and if you're tier 1 for the WHOLE GAME (without using scratched mirror) you might be doing something wrong.

  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,137

    You get out of tier one very quickly though, including running infinite tier 3. I understand it's a problem on the bigger maps though if 2 or all 4 start together at the opposite end of it, getting there takes a while and the gen could be popped once you get there.

    Myers is not really an early game killer though, unless people just allow you to stalk them, getting later with higher add ons increasing tier 3s length. He is more of a snowball killer so, unless you're facing a group of potatoes, you should expect between 1-3 gens to pop, once again this increases with each tier 3 extension up to infinite.

  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466
    edited July 2020

    if you prestige myers or buy him he is a useless killer , his speed is almsot the same as survivors and his range is absolute garbage . all killers are 4.6 and the ones with 4.4 have a ranged attack , myers has neither and his attack range is the shortest of all killers , I think his lunge is even shorter then bubbah's he is an overall weak killer . also the level within cap he can gain from survivors is dumb and should be removed considering you can't use some of his add-ons like judith's tomstone 90 percent of the time since they make you even slower and it takes a lot longer to reach T2 and T3 and with the e-w cap you can get from survivors limits the ability to fully use your power/perks , with some add-ons your speed is a lot slower , and that it takes a lot longer to reach T2 and T3 with some add-ons so they are completely useless on him . he needs a rework .

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,275

    His lunge range is ONLY shorter when he is in EW1. When he reaches EW2 his movement speed increases to 115% (4.6m/s) and his lunge range increases to the normal distance (all killers get the same standard lunge range regardless of their base movement speed). In EW3 his lunge range is actually longer than other killers in addition to a quicker vault speed and insta-down basic attack.

    But that's the whole point. Outside of very specific builds revolving around it, Myers wants to get out of EW1 asap; hence why you do not return to EW1 at any point after you have stalked out of it. At EW2, he's just a generic M1 killer with a low terror radius and quiet ambient noise. However, he can 99% his EW3 to unleash his power at will to create some snowball havoc. Oni tends to work along these same lines.

    Myers big problem is that he cannot pressure the map to stall effectively; a problem exacerbated with the Ruin change. Most of his add-ons are actually pretty good, giving him faster stalking or extra tracking capabilities. The one's which actually reduce his movement speed and increase how much he needs to stalk, specifically the Tombstone set, are balanced around the fact that they let you OUTRIGHT KILL a survivor without needing to down or hook them first. Or Fragrant Tuft lets you stay in EW3 permanently, granting Myers the map pressure he normally lacks.

    He's not as strong as he used to be for sure (because of new Ruin), but he's not "garbage". Plus he comes with PWYF and StBfL right out of the box, both of which are pretty fun perks to use. They even synergize with the new version of Dying Light now, even if this particular perk is pretty mediocre.

  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466
    edited July 2020

    actually he has zero map pressure and if survivors gen rush by the time he reaches e-w 2 unless he has perks to make him gain e-w faster if survivors have spine-chill 2 gens will have already be done by then . also if a survivor was reduced to 3.6 speed unless you did a specific thing to gain the survivors 4.0 speed you would never play that survivor , you'd pic any other with normal 4.0 speed . and in response to your judith's tombstone comment it takes so long to gain e-w to use it by the time it was charged 4 gens would have already been done judith's tombstone is useless . also when playing as survivor I have not played against a myers in around 4 months which shows how much he needs a rework . and yes he is garbage without his perks that make him gain e-w 2 quickly he is to slow to actually be useful . most of the other killers have gotten reworks and the tool-boxes have gotten reworks e.t.c to balance the game but myers has stayed the same since he came out . also why is there an e-w cap for how much he can absorb from a survivor , geining e-w is his power so he can't even use his power , its really dumb . its like they would cap oni of how many blood orbs he could absorb from each survivor but they don't because then he could not use his power , its a dumb mechanic that the devs decided to not let myers use his power how he was meant to .

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    The cap there is so that you can't insta-stalk the same survivor multiple times, and the cap majorly comes into play in how balanced his very rare and ultra rare add-ons are. And why are you worried about gen count so much? What only matters is how well you monitor the generators closest to one another, and if you aren't doing that, then every killer is going to seem underpowered without mega-bandages and cover-ups like current Hex:Ruin and Pop.

  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 466

    no , everything I said currently applies to myers and he needs a complete rework . and the cap should be removed because no other killer has a limit on how much they can use their power , and the same as survivors they don't have a cap on how much they can use their add-ons unless its DS which grants the survivor a free escape so thats why that was done .

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,646

    Myers playstyle is fine as is. I think he needs a blood point rework though.

  • dreamsy10dreamsy10 Member Posts: 139

    Honestly, i'm a main myers, and that change was a pretty big nerf to him. I hate the new "undetectable" thingy, it's almost useless vs decent survivors, only potatoes you can get a grab and thats a very rare thing. And also his stalk bar still buggy, because of the dedicated servers. I love when they come with new killers/survs and new content and the bugs still exists in the game.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,532

    I don't think he really needs his 6 meter tr back, just buff the undetectable status to give immunity against Spine Chill and Premonition.

  • H3xB0rr0w3dT1m3H3xB0rr0w3dT1m3 Member Posts: 187

    Just stalk people. It takes like 15 seconds to get out of tier 1

  • Idd say, idk about the speed change, I have some ideas that would make Myers more fun to play.

    1. Allow Myers to stalk unlimited evil from the Obsession, but at a decreased rate, when they are supposed to be empty.
    2. Make TR Global in Evil Within 3, so he can use the time as a stall mechanic vs. generators.

    This should take the edge off when playing Myers, make him last longer and have more fun, now all is left is to fix his miserable score-events, to make him worthwhile to play.

    Yes, Nemesis Myers would be a thing to keep him going like the Duracell Battery Bunny.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    umm...what do you mean by replying "no"? The first part of my comment is just information about how he was designed, and the last part about gens is only somewhat debatable.

    And just saying that a killer's mechanics are different from most other killers' is not a valid reason for a change. Not to mention, several other killers have limits on their powers. Pig has a set number of traps, and Huntress has a limited amount of hatchets until she goes near a locker. Additionally, Myers keeps his smaller terror radius even without his stalk ability.

    I'm sure you've never run out of stalk on all survivors in a normal game where you don't use any add-ons higher than a rare, but lmk if you have, because then talking about the stalk cap might pertain to something productive.

  •  Antares2332 Antares2332 Member Posts: 1,087

    Myers is a m1 killer that has hardly any pressure on the map if survivors rush into generators

  • TrasloganTraslogan Member Posts: 279
    edited July 2020

    Myers has been out of date for years, but they don't make as much money on him now so they won't sell you the fix.

    He needs to actually have a genuine advantage at tier 3, he's the worst of all insta-down killers. Finite power, finite uses of finite power, and his faster vault is literally still slower than survivors, you need to take Bamboozle and Fire Up to be faster than them.

    He needs a way to deal with pallets, e.g. +40% pallet break speed during EW3, maybe even some faster recovery, and his stalking should slowly cooldown instead of just capping out. (E.g. Survivors stalking goes down by 15% per minute or something, not enough to stalk one person forever but enough that his power isn't just finite).

    Frankly myers could do with being faster. He lacks any gen-control at all and the hex ruin nerf obliterated his last backup.

    They literally even turned off bloodlust for T1 myers so if a survivor is playing a female, every obstacle can stop your stalking no matter what and they can just run rings around you.

    Literally atm the counter to myers is just drop every pallet pre-emptively and if he isn't an anti-pallet build he's just dead in the water.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    The "counter" to Myers is just play well and hide if necessary. That's something every survivor should have to know how to do. I play a fair amount of Myers, and I often don't see any pallets in use when I'm in Tier III. I tend to use his perks (except Dying Light), BBQ or Whispers, and sometimes Unrelenting, and I do fairly well with him, but that's not to downplay any of your concerns.

  • TrasloganTraslogan Member Posts: 279

    I find his save the best for last is a strong perk for most killers, especially because of how insane sabotage is now, a 5-stack save the best can mean you get 2 downs when someone tries to sabo your hook in your face.

    That said, I do think he's out-dated overall. I can sit in red-ranks with him, but he is much more of a hassle. I finally got around to playing the nightmare and bubba and it only reminded me of how painfully behind Myers is on his playability.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    Huh. I usually don't see sabotaging survivors. That's partly because a lot of survivors are downed before I start hooking one and also because I will drop a survivor very readily if I see another survivor has just revealed him/herself in a place that has no pallets or windows. I like STBFL because survivors often run at hooks in my face and STBFL reduces the stress of having to deal with all the power survivors have around hooks.

    I don't think he's out-dated, per se. I think the game's core mechanics need some tlc to deal with how the players have changed.

  • TrasloganTraslogan Member Posts: 279
    edited July 2020

    I agree some of the game is outdated compared to what the average survivor can do now. The meta for survivors barely changes each year because it's never wiped out like killer meta is (For better or worse, I would argue it is true that killer metas get obliterated simply on principle). This year, last year, the year prior, we all still kept using Borrowed Time and Decisive Strike. DS even fires during EGC or when you unhook someone because the perk isn't even doing what it's supposed to and can be abused. Survivors have had years to build up raw efficiency with few things changing how they work, whilst killers keep having to adapt to an increasingly nerfed perk set.

    I do think the shape is relatively out-dated either way though. His tier 3 EW is the weakest of all insta-downs when you compare him to Bubba and Billy who can insta-break pallets with their insta-downs, huntress had insta-down addons, clown just has to smack you with an addon bottle to instadown (And he hasn't even got a slowdown from that anymore), Oni is basically the shape but better and gets to break pallets with his instadown and can charge at you during that time, Ghostface is just the shape with great control, and most importantly all of them have a way of never running out of their instadown. Myers gets 60 seconds, addons can buff it a bit but make it much tougher to get, and he can only stalk so much before his power is gone for good. His lunge at T3 is so-so, better than average but nothing special, his vault speed increase is still slower than survivors and thus a useless bonus, and he has no way to help him with being stunned or breaking pallets.

    I don't want a full Myers rework personally, reworks are usually a nerf in disguise for killers, but I do think he needs tweaked. A little more of a competitive edge at T3, and give him some way to get more stalking (e.g. it very very slowly cools down on survivors)

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