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Dumb questions

-Is there any way to change sensitivity on PS4? (I can't find it)

-Do you have to buy perks you don't want in the bloodweb to clear them out for other perks? (I can't seem to find the answer on the wiki and other day I had the same perk I didn't want for 5 tiers in a row and it seemed I had to buy it to clear the way for another perk)

-Is it too hard for the devs to add more emotes like a thumbs up gesture etc? 4 years and only pointing, come here gesture or crouching seems kinda lazy.


  • AncheriAncheri Member Posts: 157
    edited July 2020

    I don't play on PS4 but considering the other questions:

    You should always go for perks in the bloodweb unless you plan on immediately prestiging your character. Still, if you want to be efficient with your leveling, go for perks. I think there is a chance to get different perks all the time, but once a perk is out of the way, chances are higher you'll get the one you want.

    Adding more gestures was considered several tmes. The main issue here is that any form of extra animation is likely to be abused in a toxic or unhealthy manner, just like the current gestures (more than often). Personally I wouldn't mind it, but I understand the reasoning behind it. Still, I hope there'll be more options in the future to improve the solo queue experience.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,303
    edited July 2020

    For the perk thing: I think there was a bug once where perks could reappear infinitely. Maybe this one is back.

    Btw I think you should be able to uncheck teachables on the character's overview screen, so you can control which perks appear in others' bloodwebs

    EDIT actually Im gonna post this one in suggestions

  • SonicOfflineSonicOffline Member Posts: 688

    1) I don't know I play PC

    2) no, but yes. They will continue to pop up at the appropriate tier until you buy them, removing the chance of something you actually care about for that slot. So it's dependent on how many perks you have available and accessible to the blood web. If it's only 4 or 5 you'll likely see the same ones over and over without buying them to clear them.

    3) Why do you need it? Come here and crouching both get the message across absolutely fine, and I'd rather them continue to develop the actual game instead of the polish. Maybe if there's a planned overhaul in the future, but not just as a randy little side treat.

  • Sinister0208Sinister0208 Member Posts: 240

    I play on PS4 - you can change the sensitivity for killer and survivor individually. You have to go to the settings screen. Link below.


  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 2,823

    Change the sensitivity is in the options

    On the main menu, bottom of the screen, select "Options" and then change the "Camera Sensitivity" percentage to whatever you feel like. There's options both for the killer as well as survivor separately.

  • cloudfacecloudface Member Posts: 93

    Thanks for the reply dude. The video shows PC settings tho and PS4 has "Camera Sensitivity" instead of "Controller sensitivity" like in the video shown-I kinda assume they're different things but could be wrong 😑.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    I'm 100% certain that finger guns emote would be welcomed and even if people attempted to use it for taunting, it's impossible due to the good vibes it sends out. You know you want it Peanits, we all do 😎

  • cloudfacecloudface Member Posts: 93

    👍👍👏🙏 thanks for clearing that up guys.

    1.I thought controller sensitivity was different to camera sensitivity because there's certain games where there's both options. Either way upping camera sensitivity seemed to help when I tried it 👍

    2.Good to know; I was trying to work out the "most economical" way up the bloodweb and wasn't sure if I was making bad assumptions . I've been trying to use all the bonus bp from "The Time of Many Cakes" to prestige up a few of my characters but then I get stuck at level 50 with cakes still to use up but not all the perks I'd prefer ie my trapper has 27 cakes and bunch of other useful sacrifices but somehow not Whispers which I'd prefer. Sure, I can just keep buying at level 50 but it's kinda wasted bp if I'm trying to prestige that character anyway is my logic. For anyone curious reading, about 400k bp seems enough to prestige and go from 0 to level 20, I think.

    3.I've played Paladins and Cuisine Royale a fair bit so got used to their versions of VGS, I guess. It's hard to say what gamers will use to taunt; Paladins quietly removed the "Great job!" VGS because it was kinda used to taunt team mates (people just use "You rock!", "Cancel that!" instead now).

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