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Key rework

I think keys should be reworked like come on, they are literally a click to win item. You can do m1 and hide all game then just get the hatch, and more people can get it. Keys are just broken. When I use mori, at least I have to hook survivors, keys are pointless. Do something, like you can open it only when it has been closed by the killer or only one survivor can take it, or maybe it should respawn in another point after someone uses the key, but do something, you can't leave them like this.


  • rd_dexrd_dex Member Posts: 253

    Delete them along with Ebony mori, and we kill two birds with one stone.

  • GodobertoGodoberto Member Posts: 21

    I think a progress bar like in exit gates would do the trick

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Keys are still way more balanced than moris, so your comparison is unreasonable.

  • Yogerman1997Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 321


    i gonna copypaste my rework suggestion again...

    Key Changes:

    • Hatch only spawn when 1 survivor left, and when the doors are powered.
    • Delete Broken Key spawn chance from chest and Bloodweb.
    • After use a Dull or Skeleton key, instead of disappear, become into a Broken one.

    Moris Changes:

    • Cypress Mori (Allow to kill the last survivor, When the doors are powered allow to kill survivors you hooked atleast 2 times.)
    • Ivory Mori (Allow to kill the last survivor, When the doors are powered allow to kill survivors you hooked atleast 1 time.)
    • Ebony Mori (Allow to kill the last survivor, When the doors are powered allow to kill any survivor, no hooks needed.)

  • Unfun_TunnelUnfun_Tunnel Member Posts: 51

    Never said moris are balanced, but at least with mori I have to hook first, I have to do something. If you use key you can just sit and wait for the hatch to spawn and maybe giving it to someone else as well. It's just unfair

  • Unfun_TunnelUnfun_Tunnel Member Posts: 51

    Well, I mean... Why not, seems fair. Mori would be pretty useless, but keys would be useless as well so it's good in my opinion

  • Unfun_TunnelUnfun_Tunnel Member Posts: 51

    Someone has a pretty fair suggestion here, just scroll

  • 360Hrs360Hrs Member Posts: 10

    So first of all you can escape through hatch if no one is alive because you CAN'T do anything else than that you wouldn't have a chance to 1 V 1 the killer so it was an insta death ... the fact that you close it and they use an item for that it aint wrong what's so wrong ... when u compare this thing to a mori where it allows you to kill the entire team 1 hook away this doesnt seem balanced .. you can entire team its not 1 person as the key works because if 4 survivors were involved if they all were on the hatch means they could also open the gate and everyone escape so wouldn't be considered, i dont get where's that much hate of the key when it rarely happens when i play killer and if it happens then wow i did 3k not 4k not like they have much chances if you're a good killer you could catch them so that means even less chances they have to use the key .. there also is franklins for that but i dont see a perk on survivor which would make u invincible to moris and you wouldn't know if the killer will use it anyway but as killer you know when someone uses a key from the lobby its not much of a deal compared to ebony ... i personally dont care if they bring keys .. it almost never happened for me a survivor to have the chance to use the key so chances are minimal .. anyway as survivor i used a key only if i found it in chest or i did for the achivment .. i rather use something else than a key . Whatever i could careless about them even if removed but if you do that modify the mori or remove it too so you please both sides .

  • ProveKaProveKa Member Posts: 125

    All your suggestions are beyond terrible.You think the game unilaterally and these are the thoughts you gave to ruin the game

  • CertArnCertArn Member Posts: 78

    Keys are fine. Damnit, they need to survive until end holding all the time useless key. What more do you want? Its balanced the same way as NOED - Useless 95% of game, often 100%.

  • SwampVikingSwampViking Member Posts: 31

    Keys are fine.

    • Like CertArn said, the key is useless until the end of the game, except for a few addons
    • They actually have to survive the match
    • If they "dont do anything" like OP says, then they'll depip for not actually involving themselves risking loss of the key
    • Killers get to see items before the match starts, so you have the added benefit. You can use Franklin's Demise
  • Unfun_TunnelUnfun_Tunnel Member Posts: 51

    They depip but if 2 people escape I can depip too. The most annoying thing is that they hide all game, most of the times holdint it hostage, and get the hatch at the end. It's annoying and boring to go against.

  • Unfun_TunnelUnfun_Tunnel Member Posts: 51

    I don't have real suggestions, but I think devs should do something about keys, that's it. Those are just stupid examples.

  • KoukdwKoukdw Member Posts: 279

    Keys is a risky item to bring. Good killer will tunnel you. So if the guy survive, i think it's fair to say he deserve the escape.

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