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Who is your favourite licensed killer?



  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 1,886
    Michael Myers

    Definitely Michael Myers. The most balanced of the licensed killers. Genuinely creepy. I love that they incorporated the John Carpenter Halloween score into the game for him.

    I am always happy when I end up in a Michael lobby.

  • NosferatuNosferatu Member Posts: 15

    Freddy is too weak. Michael is cool but his perks are trash. Pig is fairly weak & her perks aren't good. Leatherface has good perks and has an easy one-hit down.

  • OzymandiasOzymandias Member Posts: 3
    The Pig

    Oink Oink

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 471
    Michael Myers

    Myers :)

  • BarpleBapkinsBarpleBapkins Member Posts: 36
    Michael Myers

    Myers is just too fun to play. Hands down one of the most unique powers and be it as simple as looking at people.

  • TradebaronTradebaron Member Posts: 135
    Freddy Krueger
    Freddy for sure, with leatherface and pig tied for second. Freddy needs some work but I love the character.
  • Michael_MyersMichael_Myers Member Posts: 104
    Michael Myers

    Michael Myers is hands down the best of the 4, but Leatherface has the best teachable perks of all 4.

  • SteveSteve Mod Posts: 27
    Michael Myers

    Myers no doubt, the way he nods his head is cute compared to any other killer.

  • RainMixRainMix Member Posts: 33
    Freddy Krueger

    Freddy just because he is so different to the other killers and when you get a kill its so satisfying.

  • DarKnight_DoomDarKnight_Doom Member Posts: 29
    Freddy Krueger

    Sweater boi, of course! His "end game" is the best!! XD

    "Welcome to my nightmare!" - Freddy Krueger

  • TwinkletitsTwinkletits Member Posts: 53
    Freddy Krueger

    Well, Krueger is a super cool character (Because Krueger) however it would be nice if you'd buff him a little bit a lot <3

  • CallMeRusty420CallMeRusty420 Member Posts: 615
    Freddy Krueger

    I like Freddy because of the movies and his character and how original his method for Killing people is and his awesome original weapon, but in game, DbD ruins him.

  • SnowSnow Member Posts: 2
    The Pig

    I love the Pig. I have the most fun spooking survivors with her.

  • BPSaiBPSai Member Posts: 7
    Freddy Krueger
    Freddy is my favorite to play as it just sucks that most people DC once they realize the killer is Freddy.
  • TrainHeartnetTrainHeartnet Member Posts: 4
    The Pig

    pig all the way

  • I can't pick. I love them all.

  • MuseMagicianMuseMagician Member Posts: 23
    Freddy Krueger

    Freddy Main for sure over here! I like Myers, but I truly enjoy playing Freddy. Like mentioned above, adjustments to the Ultra Rare Addons and reducing the Dream Transition from 7 to 6 seconds seems fair. He needs some love...

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 4,873
    The Pig
    I love the pig she is my favorite of course my man freddy comes in at a close second but he's tied with Mikey boi
  • SpitfireOrMichinaSpitfireOrMichina Member Posts: 197
    edited May 2018
    The Pig

    So much pleasure to play the pig, and more than, when you have a trapped last survivor! I actualy love playing with the last, force him finish a gen so his helmet active, and watching him trying to find the right jigsaw box. And let them escape if they win. 8-)

  • JackikinsJackikins Member Posts: 48
    Freddy Krueger

    He's my only P3 50 killer. And the only P3 killer I have and also the only killer past P2.
    I gotta say, I love playing the toasted trashy boi

  • YunnoYunno Member Posts: 4
    Michael Myers

    The perfect DLC

  • FwozenColadaFwozenColada Member Posts: 7
    Freddy Krueger

    I love every licensed Killer except Pig >:I

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 56

    Leatherface stuck at 5%? omg not much love for that basement lover?

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 5
    Michael Myers

    Myers, not just because of the series' success itself but also how great he is implemented into the game. I don't think there are any other character that scares me as much as him with his gameplay mechanics.

  • DavadrosDavadros Member Posts: 3
    Michael Myers

    I just love to play my p3 Myers :)

  • mr_horde83mr_horde83 Member Posts: 17
    Face all day
    Michael Myers

    @RainMix said:
    Freddy just because he is so different to the other killers and when you get a kill its so satisfying.

    That's because you never do?

  • DizzylizardDizzylizard Member Posts: 7
    Michael Myers

    if I could vote twice my other would be to pig, I love stealth killers.

  • XavarentXavarent Member Posts: 3
    Michael Myers

    He is just so scary to play against and to play as him feels so powerful !

  • stereoparadestereoparade Member Posts: 10
    The Pig

    I think Myers was probably the best & most optimized licensed killer to come out - but I had to vote for Amanda. I just love her power!

    I'm actually really glad to see the love for the different licensed killers here in general <3

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