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Matchmaking is so broken

ToastyyToastyy Member Posts: 224

So I play on PS4 and I regularly try to snipe my friends that are all rank 1 survivors as a rank 1 killer since it’s fun to go against them since I know they’re good at the game.

Now I will search for maybe 20 minutes trying to find them but I never do, I always find different survivors and most of the time these survivors are either purple ranks or lower sometimes I’ll get a red rank but most of the time it’s survivors nowhere near my rank.

Now when my friends finally find a match it is always ALWAYS a green rank or lower killer. How does a rank 1 killer not find rank 1 survivors but instead finds survivors that are lower rank than them ?


  • AaliyahAaliyah Member Posts: 52

    I completely agree with you on this topic. I play on Pc and the same thing occurs. They need to fix this or else new players will leave the game.

  • DaddyPyramidHeadDaddyPyramidHead Member Posts: 33

    I havent played in like 6 months. Recently gor bqck on was like a rank 20 killer. First match was against Ackbars Elite red ranks.

  • ClintonClinton Member Posts: 303

    More people playing survivor than killer, at least of PS4.

    I think that's why so many green/purple ranks killers get matched up with red ranks constanly

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