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The Anti-Big 3



  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 2,184

    Great perk ideas, well thought out, balanced, and taking into consideration both sides of the playerbase. If I had one criticism it would be that they're a bit underpowered, maybe if the killer stays within 30 metres near the hook after 5 seconds you can mori them? And for anti-slugging a perk where you can't be put into the dying state, no matter how many times you get hit. They can't slug you then. As for DS, there's no reason it shouldn't also blind you for the rest of the match. After using ds Mathieu Cote will personally come to your home and apologise for you being tunnelled, before presenting you with a bouquet of auric cells.

  • WeckWeck Member Posts: 3,352

    I think those are the most broken perks I've ever seen someone suggest... quite impressive

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,547

    yeah now im just sure you're basically never playing any actual high rank killer matches.

    please, do us a favor and look at it from the other side aswell - by playing some killer. i guarantee you its not going to take long until you see why your current suggestions are horrible.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Maybe survivors need 5th perk slot.. yes.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,079

    Get a couple hundred killer hours, then talk to me.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966
  • D_OrienD_Orien Member Posts: 115
    edited July 2020

    Can tell you are one of these killer players who tunnel, slug, or face camp. Only one of your kind would call someone wanting to stop such bs "entitled".

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966

    I'm pretty sure any survivor or killer would make your in game experience for these suggestions just as miserable as the perks you designed.

    Well considering how you have worded your orginal post. I highly doubt you have played much survivor at any rank above yellow. I'm almost certain you either cycle killer dailies or dont play them at all outside a daily.

    So if you have actually played for a year and don't understand why and how these perks are completely busted. It's your own lack of skill as a player. Even survivor mains who are entitled should be able to see just how ludacris your perks are.

    Either way once you get to a suitable level of skill to realize how busted DS, BT, and UB are. You should refrain from suggesting perks ideas.

  • xxplayerjuanxxxxplayerjuanxx Member Posts: 17
    edited July 2020

    Do the people replying know its a joke or am i getting r/swooooosh?

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,814
    edited July 2020

    Then this is some high quality bait since op is defending these ideas a lot

  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    Um...unbreakable, tenacity, for the people, soul guard all counter slugging. No mither too but well ignore that for obvious reasons.

    Bt, deliverance and ds all counter facd camping easily while MoM could be used albeit very rarely.

    Do you even play dbd?

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 658

    I don't think you was introduced to the depip squad. No perks but DS and they all escaped 97 times out of 100 games at rank 1 to make a point.

  • Sweet_FengSweet_Feng Member Posts: 72

    Make it 16-18-20secs with the first perk. Because 10secs is like destroying a pallet and going away or kicking a gem, placing a trap.

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    Isn't it against the rules to troll this poorly?

  • Zani22Zani22 Member Posts: 349

    I've created a perk in response to this

    It's. Called

    I quit

    "Why the [BAD WORD] did we take this job, doing wtf we want is not worth 10 seconds of stun plus destroyed retinas and a bunch of gg ezs, entity we fkn quit" Frank the legion

    Upon seeing theese perks you can just legally retire from the entitys realm

    The macth will end and any true gamers will be granted freedom from the entity's realm because quite frankly fk that.

  • D_OrienD_Orien Member Posts: 115
    edited July 2020

    Or ya know, you are one of few who just so luckily can make usage of them consistently. Every time I've ran UB for example, never got to use it. So your point is very moot. My experience outweighs yours. If these perks were so good, 10/10 I and others would not be getting no or barely any usage from them. Funny for you to say how you just being lucky to say UB is useful for example = I'm not skilled. Or you actually play SWF 95% of the time so no wonder you'd say they are useful.

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181
    edited July 2020

    Unbreakable counters slugging hard

    There doesn't need to be a counter for face camping. Face camping itself is a bad strategy that loses games. If a team gets 3k'd by a face camper, it's the survivors that are truly bad. You see someone face camping? Everyone should start rushing gens and give that survivor up. By the time they die you'd finish a lot of gens. That being said most people don't even know what face camping is and I feel like you're another one of those people. Face camping is sitting in front of the survivor on the hook not letting anyone get close while not moving far away at all. Face camping is not patrolling the hooked survivors area because you know there are 1 or 2 survivors nearby and you don't want to just walk away handing them a free unhook. I see many of people call this face camping, if you think that's face camping, or even a scummy strategy you're just bad at the game. There is no reason a killer should hand you an unhook for free unless they want a 12 hook for an easy double pip. If a killer knows gens aren't being worked on why the hell would he patrol anything but the hook? The counter to all types of camping is gen rushing. It's your own fault as a survivor for not realizing this. Not everything is countered by a perk specifically.

    A free unhook and fully healed at that? I really hope this is just a troll post because I can't imagine anyone being so stupid as to think that's balanced, the game already favors survivors over killers anyways. If you want a free unhook get deliverance.

    The fact is there are multiple perks and playstyles that counter exactly what you're talking about. You're just a terrible survivor is all.

  • mentalpopcornmentalpopcorn Member Posts: 181
    edited July 2020

    The fact that you're talking about bt like it's useless except around exit gates shows how little you know about dbd. Are you like stuck at rank 20 or something and refuse to learn the game?

    If you have unbreakable and DS you are so safe from tunneling and slugging

    Either they proc DS or go chase someone else and you get up with unbreakable.

    The fact that you're talking about no mither like it is actually a serious skill is ridiculous too. No mither is literally just hard mode survivor. Do you have no concept of what a good perk is and a joke perk is?

  • Robotman200Robotman200 Member Posts: 49

    Im a survivor main and this is ridiculous. Its like asking for any skill and team competency required to win be removed from survivor and make killers unplayable.

  • lunatehumanlunatehuman Member Posts: 15
  • iplaybothsidesiplaybothsides Member Posts: 25

    This is bait. This has to be bait

  • greekfire774greekfire774 Member Posts: 164

    Lol another survivor who is just bad at the game. You clearly have been put into a lot of situations that involve slugging. You really want to be able to pick another survivor up by simply pressing a button and having to do absolutely nothing to earn that heal? If you're slugged and you didn't bring an anti slugging perk in this day in age of dead by daylight that is your fault 100% and nobody elses. I slug survivors in my games. As long as an obsession is in play every single survivor will be slugged on their second and 3rd downs. If they get picked back up so what I'll down them again and still don't have to get ds in my face.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 112

    Dude. I'mma just say as the big time survivor main (5k hours and maybe 100 kills as a killer. Just pointing this out to show how little I play killer) those perks are way too out of line and OP. My main build is tenacity, UB, Soulguard, Ds. Cuz I hate being tunneled and slugged. Mainly slugged as you can see. If youre being camped that much and hate it as much as you state, may I suggest Deliverance, break down, DS, and some sort of exhaustion perk likeeeee sprint burst, deadhard or even adrenaline.

  • CogHeadCogHead Member Posts: 14

    That DS buff is absurd. A 10 second stun/blind is way too much. If you've played killer, then you would know that sometimes you have to tunnel, camp, or slug. When multiple gens are done, for instance, I consider tunneling someone just because I have to get them out of the game. Punishing them further would worsen the gen rush issue, and would eventually cause people to stop playing killer, causing the death of DBD.

  • CogHeadCogHead Member Posts: 14

    Helping another survivor that probably didn't even earn it is OP. Also, Kindred is an anti-camping perk, as all other survivors will see their aura if they're in close proximity of the survivor. Tunnelers don't deserve a ten second stun. If I had to face that every game (Ghostface main BTW), I would honestly quit the game. Each perk needs to have counterplay. For that DS buff to work, the window of time on which you could use it would have to be nerfed.

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