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So freaking tired by bloodpoints forcing gameplay on me, here you have solution

I hate bloodpionts more and more. Not only bloodpoints are unfair, they are forcing players to dumb behavior and game style. :/

Bloodpoints are perfect example of devs making their own problems in game. And solution is so simple...

Dear Devs, if you dont want to remove bloodpoints (best option), at least make them free an fair.

Thats how it should be:

DC - 0 points

1st to die on hook - 5k

2nd - 10k

3d - 15k

Last survivor - 20k

Escaped thru hatch - 25k

Any survivor who escaped thru open gate - 30k

Survivors escape multiplayer:

No escape - x1

1 - x1.5

2 - x2

3 - x2.5

4 - x3


Earned points will go down from -0 to max. -5000 thru 3/4 phase of second half (75%-End) of Endgame Collapse. This will force players to escape as soon as possible


More escapes? More points. To give players more reason to save someone and take care of each other and escape together.


No Kills - 5k

1 kill - 10k

2 kills - 15k

3 Kills - 20k

All killed - 25k

All killed before gates are open - 30k

Killer multiplayer:

No escape - x3

3 Escapes - x1.5

2 Escapes - x2

1 Escape - 2.5


Survivor in bleedout mode will lose points. After 75% of Bleedout Killer will lose 0-5000 points. (5000=death). Killer will be punished for fastest kills.

This will force Killers to not slug gameplay.


Just let us play the game! Simple points system, to understand and play. :/

DONT FORCE ME TO INTERACT WITH KILLER. Im so tired by this points system. Often Killer finds me after 1-2 kills, then he sees me first time, often i do 2 gens almost alone, and yet im always punished by my sneaky play style on 4th place. #########?!

Live more? More points. Kill faster? More points. Winning = more points.

Isint that more simple? TO understand? TO play? Without dumb points for every interaction and forcing gameplay on us?


  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 671

    Too often have I obtained near max in every other category except chasing. I'm a ninja. Let me be a freaking ninja, especially if i'm doing things like gens, totems, unhooks AND heals. I shouldn't ever HAVE to interact with the killer.

    Also, slugged survivors should GAIN points, since a lot of killers like to slug and afk or just be toxic.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    How do Bloodpoints enforce dumb behaviour? You literally have to be a good player to get a worthy amount lol

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,084

    How about we not switch to a Killer reward system that heavily encourages Moris, Tunneling, Camping, and just generally attempting to murder the Survivors ASAP?

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