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Hardest achievement?

So as an achievement hunter(I am missing 12 achievementsj what would you guys consider to the the hardest achievement? For me it’s skilled huntress because first of all I’m on console and secondly on PS4 it’s 100 not 20. What was the hardest achievement for you guys?



  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    The Left Behind trophy.

  • gay_by_daylightgay_by_daylight Member Posts: 2

    I accidentally got the left behind trophy when i first started cause i had balanced landing, a gen in the upper floor of a house next to the gate, but i agree when your trying that and most of nurses are extremely hard

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

    This one took me ages:

    And this one:

  • Flarefire_XxFlarefire_Xx Member Posts: 353

    Rip, I have it, I just have some left on the killers I haven’t played plus taking one for the team

  • Flarefire_XxFlarefire_Xx Member Posts: 353

    I found it easy since it dosent have to be off a gen, I farmed it off a gate 🤣

  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    For me deathslinger adept was the most frustrating. His perks are pretty awful and hes slow and im not great at fps games

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 683

    I chased achievements for a while, and there are a few that I've come to terms with the fact I will never get (aside from the ones that are for DLC characters I don't plan to ever buy):

    • From the void she kills: triple blink then GRAB as Nurse. Apparently when Nurse originally released you could blink as many time as you wanted, so this was super easy. Now it's not.
    • Left For Dead: Finish gens and escape through the gates. Pointless and nearly impossible with the addition of collapse. where the killer can slam the hatch and power the gates, negating finishing the gens.
    • Evil Incarnate: Mori all survivors with tombstone Myers. I haven't actually looked into how hard this would be, since I'm not a fan of using moris in general. I have been the victim of it a couple times, though.
    • Legendary *: Rank 1 Killer / Survivor. I don't expect to ever reach this level of proficiency, unless BHVR accidentally does something that totally breaks the game for one side or the other. 😊
  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    I still don't have skilled Huntress and I'm at 90+% completion. I just never play her so I don't wanna do it. The rest are just grinds. (down people with oni, pyramid head, etc etc.) So I'll go with that one.

  • Flarefire_XxFlarefire_Xx Member Posts: 353
  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Still chewing on Skilled Huntress and Bill's protect 250 people. Yeesh. Not even an in-game counter for how many you did.

    Mori'ing 4 people with Michael and sticking everyone in the basement for the tome was easier. Oh and obligatory console Nurse comment. Gen grabbed someone phasing through a second story window. Lolol.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,801

    Left Behind definitely needs a LOT of factors to work in your favour that you absolutely cannot control. At least it doesn't exactly demand a specific build so you can always keep it in mind.

    I don't believe Skilled Huntress is fair in the slightest. Nobody gets hit by hatchets at that range unless they're incompetent and not using their camera AND they can't just be hits they have to be downs.

    Silent Approach is also pretty ridiculous. Even going full builds aimed at gen grabs they're hard and rely on not getting the bullshit of starting the grab animation then the killer gives up and swings. I'm just happy I did it when Prayer Beads was still OP.

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,267

    I farmed the Huntress achievement, Skilled Huntress on both PS4 and PC. The hardest for me was Evil Within Achievement for Myers where you had to mori everyone while in Tier 3. Took me AGES.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,599

    Evil Incarnate has to be the hardest as 1 DC, someone jumping into a locker, and how long it takes to get to tier 3 with both UR add-ons makes it the most difficult achievement

  • GreyBigfootGreyBigfoot Member Posts: 585
    edited July 2020

    Taking one for the Team: get 250 protection hits for recently unhooked survivors.

    This one's a pretty substantial number, and it's basically an unsafe unhook, which should be avoided if you can, even if you have BT.

    Left for Dead: repair the last generator and escape from the exit gate as the last survivor.

    I think they changed this so that you only have to finish 1 gen, but even then, it's very hard to do unless the killer gives you hatch and you persuade them to let you do a gen.

    Evil Incarnate: kill all 4 survivors in Tier 3 Evil Within

    Blood in your Mouth: kill 25 survivors

    I'm kind of joking, but it took me several hundred hours before I got this, because I rarely use moris

    Where did They go?:

    I'm not even gonna explain the 4-person hatch escape achievement, that one's basically impossible without a squad.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,264
    edited July 2020

    The Ruin change has definitely made it harder for Myers to stall out the game long enough to get the ball rolling on his UR add-ons for Evil Incarnate. The recent disabling of DC penalties doesn't help matters, because a lot of petty players just got their "get out of jail" card back.

    However, I'm inclined to say Left For Dead and From the void she kills (3 blinks + grab as Nurse) are the two hardest achievements in the game, mainly due to how the mechanics they were built around have changed.

    -Left For Dead was originally intended to be done with Left Behind (that perk's presence was at least implied for that massive gen-speed bonus it provided). Of course, Left Behind doesn't work like that anymore (and quite frankly, it was always about doing enough gens for hatch, not gates). Changes to Hatch mechanics and the introduction of the EGC have probably made this the single most situational achievement in the entire game. The 1v1-with-one-gen-and-hatch-open game state is hyper-specific and doesn't last for very long (sometimes only a few seconds if it is reached at all). I've only accomplished the requirements for this challenge ONE time in ~2 years of playing (and unfortunately, it was on console BEFORE we got Bill and his related achievements).

    -As far as the Nurse achievement, she's been reworked to be harder to play. Plus she can only get UP TO 3 blinks, not 4-5 like she used to be capable of (which surely made this an easier feat back then). And this is with one of her UR add-ons, which means each attempt is going to be pretty bottlenecked by how many of those you can unlock. There's also the infamous issues with grabs on dedicated servers. I can only imagine how awful it would feel to fulfill all the parts of this challenge and begin the grab animation only for it to derp out at the last second.

    Sure the Nurse one can be farmed, but so can any of the achievements if enough players cooperate. Not really as impressive of an accomplishment when you go that route though.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,568

    Skilled Huntress. Took me over two years to finally get that one because I rarely play her. Plus on console you have to down survivors a hundred times. PC has it easy with only 20.

    Evil Incarnate was tough too. Many attempts before I got it. Always had someone dc, jump in a locker, or get hatch.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,661

    Definitely Skilled Huntress. I am on PC but playing with a controller. The archive challenges were hard enough but doable. This one is never happening sadly.

    Also the nurse achievements because of same reasons, but I guess I just need to get more (any) experience with nurse first before saying I couldn’t get those done. The three games I tried her were just too frustrating (didn’t help that the map where Lerys, Hawkins and Midwich)

  • madamrettomadamretto Member Posts: 361

    I had to do this one when they reworked Nurse with the only add-on that allows you to do three blinks, but I sorta farmed. Survivors just like to let go of gens even when farming, it drives me nuts lol

    I did Left Behind when there was no end-game collapse, didn't even notice how I got it 😄

    The secret one, where all 4 survivors have to jump in a hatch was quite difficult 'cause I don't have friends to play with, so it was a game when the killer was AFK, and we repaired all gens. And I had a key. I just gave others the sign to follow me and we all jumped into the hatch.

    I agree with above statements. Skilled Huntress is going to be a long ride. I haven't even done that challenge where you have to throw hatchets 15 meters away in one match. I've got only 1 of 20 hatchets for the achievement, I was just lucky that one time throwing a hatchet at the furthest gen when somebody was working on it.

    The rest of the killer adepts will be hard too because I'm not a pro when it comes to Nurse, Billy and some others.

  • GreenPufferFishGreenPufferFish Member Posts: 498

    survivor:where did they go

    killer:evil incarnete

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    'Where Did They Go?' potentially is the hardest, as not only must you all survive, you have to be all 'onboard' and have to find the hatch too. It's a ridiculous achievement and I got it via pure luck: after I brought a key in to the match, the Deathslinger got caught in that short lived 'float above fallen pallet' glitch.

    People are saying 'Skilled Huntress' is the toughest: that's not true. It can be obtained relatively easily if you farm. Doing it legit is absolutely insane.

    The cruel thing about Evil Incarnate is that it depends on survivor behaviour. The disconnection and locker issues are a real problem for some trophy hunters.

    And I speak as someone who has every DBD trophy.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,661

    Saying Skilled Huntress is not hard because you can farm it makes your other suggestions (Where did they go? And Evil incarnate) also easy. They are even easier to farm actually since for the huntress one you still need to actually hit the survivors from far away while they are injured; that’s very time consuming and not done in one short farming match, especially if you are not that good with huntress aiming to begin with.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    The ones I haven't got yet

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    It takes time, it's a graining grid...but with a willing survivor squad, it takes away any real skill needed to get the trophy.

    It usually involves gaining trust, standing miles away, and having two survivors heal each other while you lob the hachets. It's likely the other survivors will join in and you rank up a good few long-range downs. Getting the achievement legitimately it's madness as the distance, having to down an opponent and the sheer amount of hits needed are all ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. It should be simply 20 hits, not downs, from the needed range. That would be far more realistic.

    Evil Incarnate and Where Did They Go? can't be farmed and obtained in the same way.

    I personally didn't find Evil Incarnate hard to unlock: I was lucky enough to get it on my third attempt (First time survivor got the hatch, second time I got a d/c). There are however, a large amount of killers who are having difficulty with Evil Incarnate. The reason why this can be a tricky to achieve is that it depends on survivor behaviour. Survivors are far more willing to get farmed by a Huntress with long-range hatchets, with the unofficial agreement that they will be allowed to exit and survive the trial. However, survivors are far less willing to 'assist' it a challenge involves them dying. Often, killer players who use the Myers instakill have reported that survivors will disconnect or hide in the locker, rather than die. And then taunt the killer in the post-game chat. The survivor can really pull the plug when attempting this trophy.

    'Where Did They Go?' could be easy...if you have a team of survivors who are 'all in' on the situation, especially one with a rainbow map (with marker) and another with a key etc. It could be made even more easier if you're going against a nice killer or even better an AFK. But these important elements rarely come together: all it takes is one survivor to die or one to go out the exit gates...and that's the trophy attempt over. Again, it's an achievement that can be a headache because it depends on survivor behaviour over grinding.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,661

    I tried that huntress one. Trust me, it’s not as easy to find survivors that are willing to do it when you are incapable of aiming at all. Most will let you injure them but not down them.

    where did they go I did get in a farming game as well (well got it done in normal games also but it was bugged at that time and in the end I got it in a normal match because of another bug where 3 escaped and one died), this is quite possible even without the killer knowing you attempt it. It’s really not that hard if you got either SWF or teammates willing to do it, and for that the preMatch chat exists.

    Evil incarnate is another one, I thought obviously about farming with communication, otherwise it may be harder in farming, but then again it’s not that hard to accomplish, you just need many attempts (and for that bloodpoints for the offerings) and luck.

  • Lazerboy88Lazerboy88 Member Posts: 517

    No evil incarnate is harder to farm because you literally have to find a full group of survivors that are willing to literally let you kill them.

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,510

    After completing them all, the hardest one is The Evil Incarnate which you have to get a 4k with both ultrarare myers addons, they make you a bit slower and you have to stalk for ages, you also have to prevent the last one not to get in a locker or get hatch, took me several attempts

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