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Why is gen-rushing still possible?

slim0bslim0b Member Posts: 498

A lot of scummy tactics have existed in this game for as long as it goes back.

Tunneling was acknowledged and a surge of anti-tunnel perks were created and some have already been here since the beginning.

Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, Breakdown (regardless of it being an awful perk), Adrenaline and Iron will also function as anti-tunneling perks in desperate need, but we can leave iron will out due to it being probably the most useful overall perk in the game since it helps with many aspects.

Slugging also has it's counters, and a perk even introduced in the last patch.

Unbreakable, Soul Guard, Tenacity, and yes, flip-flop.....

The only effective Anti Gen-Rushing perks we have as of now with no ret‎arded requirements are Pop Goes the weasel and Corrupt Intervention, Corrupt intervention is simple to understand, less gens early game = get a hook with 1 or no gens completed.

Pop, You're rewarded for hooking a person a 25% slowdown to ONE gen. It's actually great since 25% is 20 seconds which is a lot, it's to one gen only, sure. But the more hooks the more you get it. Simple and straight to the point.

Old ruin was passive and had great effect, instead of 3 gens being completed in 80 seconds of the game it would take 100 or 105 seconds, enough to push you off a couple of them or at least 1. Best case scenario survivors actively look for it early-game instead of doing gens.

Here are perks that some survivors might overestimate and mention as anti-genrushing below, but they really aren't...

Thrilling tremors: Blocks what's NOT being worked on, and if you play killer you know this is a tracking perk not a gen slowdown.

New Ruin: Punishes gens NOT being worked on, again if they work it they'll finish it.

"Thanatophobia": Probably the MOST overrated killer perk, assuming you're continiously injuring with it you'll be at 3/4 injured survivors, which is 12% slowdown. 12% slowdown to gen speed is Horrible, adding only 9 seconds, what can you do with 9 seconds? Hook a survivor?

Dying Light: Another overrated perk, and honestly dumb in design. Let's say you get to 7 stacks by deliberately ignoring the obsession, 21% slowdown.

But wait, this 21% slowdown does NOT apply to obsession, so you may think, ok let's just get rid of the obsession!!

Getting rid of the obsession de-activates the perk....

Ok screw it, let him be, I'll just find someone else. But by this dying light only applies to 2 PEOPLE, because you're chasing one of the 3 people it applies for. And the perks already gains its stacks by hooks if you're at 7 stacks by ignoring the obsession you MUST have killed someone by now. So it only applies to 1 person.

12-24% slowdown for 1 or 2 people, is it really worth it?

Surge: Only affects gens in 32m, but let's say you're in 32m, thats 6 extra seconds..... WOW

Dead man's switch: No possiblity for synergy with other perks since blocking gens causes ZERO regression, even if you have new ruin or if you damaged it, survivors must touch and let go after you hook so this only works if you have lots of mobility (Billy or nurse) OR you can intentionally make people let go (doctor or freddy). But these aren't the only 4 killers in the game are they?

Survivors will just get back to the gen after you finish downing the survivor near the gen and finish it while you pick him or her up, in the exact same time he would have if he didn't let go.

NOED: NOED doesn't really counter gen-rushing. But it punishes it. No killer should be forced to run this perk in fear of getting gen-rush matches, and I say this should be a base-kit perk because totems directly become an essential secondary objective

Point is, we need to make changes to counter gen rushing. Implementing more perks for the killers that focus mainly on gen speeds is not what I suggest since killers shouldn't have to rely on a perk (like old ruin), while you're on a cooldown bar spree go for gens too, 40 seconds cooldown between working on 1 gen to the other, you can heal in it, do totems, but just not gens.

My point is that if you get queued against half decent survivors, okay at looping, don't waste time, and know what their main objective is, you're in the shlt.



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