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Welp I'm up for options ( Fan made chapter/ you decide)

DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 3,409

I'm just taking a lovely break from all the work I've done with the so far, and while I'm relaxing I plan to work on a possible licensed chapter this time I will follow video games in the horror genre but I did promise I would start taking peoples suggestions. So here I am taking peoples suggestion to work on a chapter based off of a horror game. Bare with me however I don't entirely know all of the franchises like Resident evil, Until dawn or Left for dead, I usually play Indie horror games. So I give you three options

A: A Fnaf chapter with Springtrap ( Yes I know whats been going around ... but I'm willing to do it because why not, plus I like the idea.)

B Outlast chapter ( Not the second game just the first, with possibly Richard Trager, Chris walker, or Walrider)

C: Batim chapter ( Again I know this isn't full on horror but I just want to make it for fun and I love the series).

I wish I could add more for you guys but these are the only games I really know to heart, and I just want to know what the community thinks, just tell me which one you would choose and I will gather them all up and work on the chapter by the end of the week maybe tomorrow even. Thank you for your support and kind words, and I'll see waht you guys come up with


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