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Ds and unbreakable

Komodo16Komodo16 Member Posts: 1,488

Ok first im a survivor main, I do play a good amount of killer and ive played at high ranks and seen just about every b.s. strat each side can do. So this is my opinion on DS. First it DOES need a rework. But not a nerf or a buff, I think it should be more situational and anti tunnel. First it deactivates if someone else is hooked when the perk is active. Second the timer is permanent unless you get fully healed or work on gens. Because if you want to progress the game you have to realize by negating pressure the killer has you should lose your invinciblity. I think this would fix alot of its misuse, because it should drive you to heal and still give the killer pressure not make you invincible. And as for unbreakable well with these changes it would still balance this and unbreakable is fine as is. So I hope you guys see my reasoning and also im only doing this as like a rough draft so its not a full idea and it can be built upon like it deactivates permanently if the exits are powered or gens get finis hed way too fast because then a killer has to comeback somehow



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