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Status update on matchmaking, ranking and DC punishment

PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,152

I haven't really played since Dec 19 so I quickly wanted to catch up;

  • DC punishment had been removed again
  • Matchmacking remained unchanged
  • Ranking for now is still the same but they plan to give each Killer a seperate ranking

Is this what it is or did I miss something important?


  • AkitoAkito Member Posts: 603


    And the dc penalty is off because of a glitch where it's possible to increase someone elses dc penalty up to 3 days+. If they have a fix they probably would post this in the forums, on twitter and mentioning it in the ingame news.

    Beside that, leaks by daylight has some nice informations for the future like some map changes or the graphic at the end of september. Also maybe quentin becomes a beauty operation also at the end of september.

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