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New aura system



  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 561
  • WheresTheGateWheresTheGate Member Posts: 376

    Combine the fact I don't have perfect vision with the fact I do have some color blindness and this is game braking for me. The patch notes may as well have started with the phrase "If you have any sort of color blindness we don't want you playing our game. Find something else to play because we hate color blind people"

  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,047

    View as killer starting a match....

    Survivor with kindred is uploading now to xbox live... 1 minute (or 2)

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,920

    These new auras are much harder to see, could we please make them more bright ?

  • MaybeShesCrazyMaybeShesCrazy Member Posts: 297

    Kindred didn't work at all for me last night at all. I tested this AM to and nope - same.

    Also 1/2 the games with piggy - that little box you take the trps off with - not highlighted. Not a good game I can tell you lol.

    Both of these issues were pre-patch. I'll have to wait to later to test again.

  • ZeusZeus Member Posts: 1,299

    I agree. Auras look absolutely hideous. For a while there I thought BBQ was bugged. All I see is survivor's skeleton blending well with the map.

  • EnlyneEnlyne Member Posts: 349

    I would like to see some more images if you people got some, I actually can't check it myself but jesus this ain't looking good.

    I thought it was gonna be better when I checked on the patch notes.

  • IIITweedleIIIIIITweedleIII Member Posts: 794
    edited July 28

    Anyone using Deerstalker? Before this talk they change aura reading, I have issues with Deerstalker. So imma guess it's even worse now?

  • HlidskialfHlidskialf Member Posts: 58
    edited July 28

    it's in the first post as hyperlinks.

    Edit: i edited the post with the actual screenshots.

  • JakojoJakojo Member Posts: 194

    What was the reasoning behind the aura change when there wasn't anything wrong with them?

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    If I may throw in a fitting line from 'Dr Sunshine is dead':

    If we can’t see each other then there’s no more use for hiding 

    I’ve decided I’ll abide it, why deny the color black? 

    I’m not a flower, not a solar-powered calculator. 

    Damn my eyes for seeing what’s not there. 

  • EnlyneEnlyne Member Posts: 349

    Damn right, can't tell how many times this blob hid the killer away from sight and pretty much closed a lot of distance on me, it gets annoying.

  • RoMainPuppyRoMainPuppy Member Posts: 507

    They look awful for Surv too. Dunno what you're on about there.

  • Daddy_DoctorDaddy_Doctor Member Posts: 97

    I’m red/green colourblind and can’t see the red auras at all. Sorry to any survivor teammates that get hooked, I have a constant third seal debuff.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    So here they are. Personally I think they look alright.

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