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The Aura Change

MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618

Let's just get to it then....please list your thoughts, as well as if you're a survivor or killer main down below.

The Aura Change 159 votes

I like the change.
DimekMattie_MayhemOGmysthycstargazer9Ghouled_Mojo 5 votes
I do not like the new aura's
Seiko300Ihatelifeliv071981GHERBEARRULESCheersNoxeriasZerLukasDipZarathosBabyCameron10VNTRevolutionTragicSolitudePaces007StrancolAzurlynxLeonardo1itaHyrexChiaNuclearBurritoBoosted_Dwightcoley_219 148 votes
I'm indifferent
DaDevilsSkirtF60_31CougarOPEveeIsATreepalletsryummypichumudkip 6 votes


  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 704

    I literally forgot could not find the 4th remaining gen on the map because the auras are so bad now, especially on maps like ormond.

    during that same match on ormond I straight up forgot I had a hex totem because I never saw the aura for.

  • Pior_MortePior_Morte Member Posts: 525
    I do not like the new aura's

    Try Trapper/ BBQ/ Bitter Murmur/ any Hex perk, all of this are becoming useless, Ormond became even a more unbalanced map and A LOT of survivors are now abusing of OoO. How with 3 weeks of tests BHVR didn't thought this was a bad idea.

  • EpicTransitionsEpicTransitions Member Posts: 17
    I do not like the new aura's

    50/50 player. Holy #########. I'm squinting. I feel bad as hell for the colorblind people.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426
    I do not like the new aura's

    Out of 39 people, 39 have said they dislike them. Says alot.

  • SkullKidSkullKid Member Posts: 46
    I do not like the new aura's

    50/50 but a bit more killer lately.

    It's really hard to see BBQ auras from far away and alert is nearly unuseable

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,706
    I do not like the new aura's

    A terrible change nobody has asked for.

    Killer main, but it's bad from the survivor side as well. Trap auras, totems, hooked survivors, slugs, BBQ procs. You name it. They're all tiny and merged with the surroundings.

    Ormond and the Dream World are basically aura-less.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,862
    edited July 2020
    I do not like the new aura's

    Goddamn, 49 - 1 for people who don't like it and nobody indifferent. (as of now)

    I knew most everybody didn't like it but damn looks like EVERYONE doesn't like it. I hear it's almost impossible to play the game though if you're colorblind though which must really suck, so makes sense.

  • mapledoodlemapledoodle Member Posts: 2
    I do not like the new aura's

    Survivor main, but occasionally I’ll play killer.

    Trying to see downed or hooked teammates is impossible for the most part. I also tried a game of trapper today and the auras of traps are impossible to see.

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,522
    I do not like the new aura's

    I'm colorblind. I literally have to use a color filter now or the game is actually unplayable. Not jokingly "lol, game is unplayable because Clown exists", but actually cannot play with any level of intelligence because the auras that are supposed to be easy to see are impossible to see in some situations.

  • ZephanUnboundZephanUnbound Member Posts: 227
    I do not like the new aura's

    Seems like it's pretty much unanimous, people hate the new auras.

  • EynoxEynox Member Posts: 72
    I do not like the new aura's

    Absolutely horrible change. If the goal was to make things a bit more difficult for both parties, ultimately .. more "Fun?" it's a huge flop. The game goes in a direction that's more of an annoyance to play rather than mind games / obscurity. There is no benefit to having this change, and the old auras were perfectly fine.

    If you feel the auras are too .. uhh revealing? Then just nerf the perks that give auras so they feel more fair to you, but keep the same visual.

    Perhaps the main goal was to make BBQ and chili less useful, well now it is, but it's more about squinting really close to my Monitor to try to understand if I'm looking at a gen with or without survivors accross the map.

    As someone who is Killer and Survivor rank 8 and been enjoying the game VERY much lately, this change really just makes me discouraged to log in atm.

    I suggest nerfing the aura reading perks you don't like but keep the auras how they used to be, or allow us to change how they look in the video settings for our own preference, if this is more of just a cosmetic thing.

  • EynoxEynox Member Posts: 72
    I do not like the new aura's

    Oh and they are just ugly btw, if it was a visual update, just my opinion. Looks like how the old auras might have looked in alpha

  • FairyyTailFairyyTail Member Posts: 11
    I do not like the new aura's

    new auras are #########, im colorblind and cant see NOTHING

  • jayrujayru Member Posts: 64
    I do not like the new aura's

    I thought the incompetence couldn't get worse. Ignore the entire community of color blind people fine, but this is an absolute slap in the face. I dont see my friend much anymore, and this game helped, but since they are color blind they can't play it anymore. Thanks BVHR for once again stooping to whole new low.

  • stargazer9stargazer9 Member Posts: 643
    I like the change.

    I like how they look but they need to make them more visible.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666
    I do not like the new aura's

    They are so bad in ormond.

  • ryanneary1234ryanneary1234 Member Posts: 7
    I do not like the new aura's

    they are hard enough to see for most people. i am colourblind and playing with these auras i feel regular blind 🤣 kindred is now useless for me

  • fixaurauspleasefixaurausplease Member Posts: 1
    I do not like the new aura's

    Killer main.

    I really love this game, but the devs make it so difficult to support it with these really unnecessary and just BAD decisions.

    Another colorblind person, which means that this change has made it impossible to play killer. Going to have to stop playing and uninstall for a while until the devs get their act together and stop this trend of fixing things that don't need to be fixed, while simultaneously letting glaring and broken issues go unaddressed.

    Especially annoyed because I just bought a bunch of skins and was really just getting into playing Pyramid Head, which I can no longer do thanks to this design decision.

  • DeadByMyHandDeadByMyHand Member Posts: 55

    I don't like the new auras because they are just harder to see. Like when playing a killer with bitter murmur when the survivor(s) complete a gen I can barely see there aura so I don't like the aura change. The old one was better imo.

  • grugg1202grugg1202 Member Posts: 1
    I do not like the new aura's

    I'm a killer main I have always love playing killer and when I play survivor I like to put bond on cause I'm playing with others but because of the new auras I can't see anything as easily as I used too I just want it to change back I can't see anything when using bbq at all if they are on a gen I can't see them it just needs to change

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