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New aura system



  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,285

    It's nearly impossible to see them now on certain maps, especially ormond. People who are colorblind literally can't see them at all, my wife is colorblind and had no problems seeing the old auras but she literally can't see them at all. This is a terrible change for both sides, survivors can't see downed teammates, killers can't see gens. Fix it.

    Everyone please @Peanits @Almo and any other devs you can to get them to fix this.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,942

    (Cries in Freddy Main) Yeah. All auras are ######### in Freddy's World. Even for survivor. Worst on Ormond and Coldwind Farm.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    The auras are not cool.

    I recommend two builds on legion:

    Sloppy, Thana, DL and PGTW with the addon to see gen progress in frenzy.

    SF, Enduring, Ruin, Surveillance with two CD addons

  • VixleyVixley Member Posts: 54

    I literally can't see hooked survivors on some maps if they're on the other side. These auras are horrible to play with and I've stopped using perks like bond and kindred because of it :/

  • inihilityinihility Member Posts: 8

    Agreed, why the developers went through with this change without looking at feedback is concerning. They need a middle ground or revert it to how it looked before.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    I wont be running aura perks for a while I guess :(

  • VeenVeen Member Posts: 706

    Pretty good auras so far.

  • GraceGrace Member Posts: 11
    edited July 2020

    Please bring back the old one. The aura reading should facilitate gameplays not make them worse.

  • EarelandEareland Member Posts: 187

    do you mean people cried about Hillbilly and now it's nerfed to the ground? rofl.

  • mydogmax19mydogmax19 Member Posts: 266
    edited July 2020

    Yeah I love the style it's cool and all but it's too light to the point of being almost transparent. Its really hard on the eyes and that's why the aura rework is getting so much negative feedback.

  • krazakikrazaki Member Posts: 6

    I don't usually comment on posts on these forums, but I had to make an account, just to leave this comment.

    It's a disgrace really. The console version has had ongoing issues for years with framerate issues, and because of this new aura system, you can't see the generators very clearly, and don't get me started on BBQ & Chilli.

    But the issue that affects console players, or at least on Xbox right now, is the fact that the whole game lags due to the new aura system. Seriously, if you play on a map like Coldwind Farm. GOOD LUCK playing as the killer, because that framerate is the worst I've seen it since playing the game. It's not fun chasing survivors while your whole game is lagging. But when I play as survivor, its fine.

    It's extremely clear this was never really tested on console, and I have to say it is extremely dissapointing and it's sad. I just can't play the game on Xbox anymore. Honestly, I wish I was exaggerating, but the framerate is actually horrific and it's sad.

    Dead By Daylight Logic:

    If it's not broke, break it.

  • DrFrozenDrFrozen Member Posts: 71

    I hate new auras which has been changed in new patch. These auras are actually invisible. Devs should add option to recover old auras. Nurse's calling is now useless for me, BBQ the same... What a shame...

    What do you think about new auras ? Share your opinion in comments!

  •  Antares2332 Antares2332 Member Posts: 1,087

    Literally no one likes new auras.

  • FantagreenFantagreen Member Posts: 26

    No one asked for it.

  • goatslingergoatslinger Member Posts: 522

    Horrible. Some times I can't even see where a teammate is hooked. Not sure how this was ever tested and okayed

  • Chinna678Chinna678 Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2020

    Please revert, auras are barely visible specially in maps like ormond

  • TarlonisTarlonis Member Posts: 21

    Yes I noticed it this morning too. Much MUCH harder to distinguish. I'd say turn the intensity back up by 25% minimum.

  • ClawsOfHellClawsOfHell Member Posts: 56

    Why change the auras? really? i really don't understand why behaviour team can't do anything right they literally do the oposite of what community want "Don't buff this killer he's fine" buff the killer "Buff this killer he's bad" don't buff the killer, "Don't change aura their are completely fine" change the aura to a barely visible thing and above all that why we CAN'T have a option to set the aura collor? what's the problem? if i'm colorblind SHOULD have a option to set a new color for the auras it's so SIMPLE but again you guys don't listen to your community feedback and release thoose bad updates, please stop making useless skins and focus on fixing and giving more mechanics instead of this bs skins that nobody cares.

    Btw i'm not colorblind but i know some friends that are and now they can't see anything because if before was hard now it's literraly impossible to see.

  • NagiNagi Member Posts: 11
    edited July 2020

    Trapper is a super fun experience when you can't see you traps to set them up. I love that the devs have further solidified his place as default m1 killer with actually no power. : )

  • ClawsOfHellClawsOfHell Member Posts: 56

    "I think we did a preety good JOB SO FAR"

  • ClawsOfHellClawsOfHell Member Posts: 56

    Yup as i main huntress i can't see anything with BBQ or Nurses or anything that show auras and when i play survivor in solo i ALWAYS bring Kindred or Bound to get a good team work but now it's useless i was 5ft away from a dwight and i wans't seeing his aura...

  • IsJustMeIsJustMe Member Posts: 381

    Yes this tow little points in a far, far far..... away corner on the map ^^

  • SpencerjnlouisSpencerjnlouis Member Posts: 117

    The devs really are trying harder now to discourage playing Killer, I redownloaded this game last night only to be met with alpha build auras. People have been telling me that it is intentional and not a bug, BBQ & Chili auras are literally impossible to see if you are not looking carelly, this is a soft nerf to Killers. I don't trust those devs mate.

    And before y'all come on here and shower me with toxicity just know that I have been trying my hardest to be a good player, I don't tunnel, I don't camp, I give hatch if they spawn nearby, I give thumbs up good players but despite all that I mostly get toxic players who won't stop abusing a game that clearly give them more power and will sometimes message nasty stuff to me.

    This game is truly one of the worst games I have EVER played, the community is super toxic and the devs don't ever make Killer mains feel valued and barely communicate transparently (I'd love to see what y'all would do if all the Killer players left the game)

  • JLewJLew Member Posts: 160

    Just wanted to keep the aura problem visible on this forum so maybe they can hotfix this cause in the state they are...can see nothing.

  • PryzmPryzm Member Posts: 393

    I'm colorblind. I struggled, but made do with the auras in the past. I mostly play killer, but some survivor as well. I could get red ranks in both and adapt for my color issues (have yet to see a scratch mark and only see blood if I run certain perks or play the Game map). That said, the new auras have ended my ability to play. I main Trapper and can't see a trap anywhere on the ground. I walked around for the whole game just trying to find traps when I first logged in. One of the survivors eventually figured out I was just trying to find traps and started helping me find them. I set them all up in the killer shack for the hell of it. Could not see them when I walked away from it though....WTH!

    I can't see gen auras outside of roughly 32m. I can't see hook auras unless I'm next to it practically. There are no survivor auras with Chili. Can't see my hex totems at all from anywhere. As survivor I can't see hooked players unless they are relatively close. I can't see gens/totems with Det. Hunch. Can't see a downed player unless they are in pure LoS.

    They ended my ability to play this game. I can't unhook survivors if I can't find them. I can't hook survivors if I can't find the hooks. I'm done. Thanks BHVR. Your incompetence finally made me realize just how bad this game is. How you do this is beyond me. I bet EA and Blizzard are so happy you exist; because every time someone says how bad they are, they can say that they are not the worst.

  • PryzmPryzm Member Posts: 393

    I'm colorblind and I now feel like I'm playing the game with the blindness debuff. Did Pig put a RBT on my head with that addon? This is pure insanity.

  • CrossCattoCrossCatto Member Posts: 1

    For the love of god, please put it back! This has killed all the fun of the game. If I’m not looking in their direction exactly when they are hooked - then I won’t see them at ALL. Slugged survivors are invisible.

    This is bad for people’s eyesight even - I’m squinting the entire game. Colour blind people see nothing. Half the perks are destroyed. Rainbow maps are useless. What’s with the inaccurate size?

    This is AWFUL. At least make them the correct size and a BIT brighter. This is HORRIBLE.

  • FlatskullFlatskull Member Posts: 332
    edited July 2020

    I uninstalled it.

    The FPS and the auras were actually making my eyes hurt after two matches. I was starting to feel actually sick.

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 690

    The auras are terrible for survivors too lol. This isn't some "devs hate killers!!" conspiracy, this has been criticized all across the board.

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