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UNPLAYABLE with new auras !!!

C4RLC4RL Member Posts: 18

devs trolling us ? how can I see auras without superman abilities ? I CAN NOT see every pixel on my screen! auras should be x10 brighter. how do I use bbq if I can't even see THE GENERATOR! ok guys. let's play a game "find the gen"

congratulations if you found the gen! how much time did you spend on it ? I want to play the game and not waste time looking for auras ! BRAVO BHVR


  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    Thats a massive fade and too close to the map color. Dats a hard nerf to every aura perk

  • quevynquevyn Member Posts: 1

    Literally behavior what is wrong with you. First off I don’t even understand why you changed it, no one was complaining. Secondly, they are so dark you can’t even see them. Third, they significantly decrease frame rate.

  • Sandwich_JesusSandwich_Jesus Member Posts: 255

    bbq is now only useful for bloodpoints, R.I.P

  • JukenobiJukenobi Member Posts: 300

    I didn't even know this was a change they were making. I was running Kindred in a game and noticed it. I figured it was just a change to the perk alone, but nope, it is for everything now. Very hard to see anyone, even as a survivor. I also noticed that even though the killer was camping within 8 meters of the hook, their aura was not present as if they were not there anymore.

  • BreadLordBreadLord Member Posts: 221

    ######### were these devs thinking NO ONE ASKED FOR AURAS TO BE CHANGED

  • JukenobiJukenobi Member Posts: 300

    They don't think, that's the issue. They just pump out cosmetics instead of improving the game. When they do make changes they are very much disliked by the community. Welcome to modern gaming, where quality means nothing, but your wallet is everything.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,110

    Yeah I played a match as nurse. BBQ didn't do jack for me. I couldn't distinguish what was a gen and what was a person. I feel like The Predator when the humans learn I see in infrared so they light fires everywhere to blind me.

  • ShadowRainShadowRain Member Posts: 607

    @Peanits Aura revert coming soon?

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,613

    Believe me I started using Object recently (because if people wanna hard tunnel me I might as well give em a reason) and its so hard to see now. I keep mistaking Bubba for Slinger and vice-versa. Old auras were good and all I can hope for is that they had to do this to help with the graphical overhaul because the old auras couldn't handle it. If not then Bhvr please.

    I believe I saw peanits in another thread saying they've taken on board a lot of feedback and, whilst there may not be a change in the first hotfix, if it continues to be a massive issue there should be a second hotfix to hopefully make it better, especially for those with impaired vision (like me lmao).

  • PornbjörnPornbjörn Member Posts: 52

    Tried couple of matches with Object of Obsession. Killer can't see ######### lmao

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