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Why I won't buy a season pass?

RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 54

There are many bugs with the game. I tried to contact to support. But all they say is they are looking into it which they are not.

I get an error after the game ends which make me go to windows desktop. When the game ends I get an error says "Cannot update your rank" or "Saved game cannot be found" etc. I've been trying to contact the developers or the support team since 2 months. I came to a point that I accept all of these error and tried to play the game without rage. But imagine that you go to desktop every 2 games and restart the game. It takes damn long to restart the game. Like I said I accepted all of these lobby errors and end game errors. BUT THEN?

Then came the 4.1 patch. More bugs, more error. Right now I'm getting a error called Error:111. I can not gain any bloodpoints since the release of the patch. I do not understand the mentality man. In my opinion a "patch" is supposed to improve the game. Not make it a garbage. I'm still getting the old errors and the new errors. I've like 500 hours into this game. If I had bought it recently I'd definitely refund it. I regret buying all those skins and wasting my precious money. Cuz developers abandoned me.

I have 2 messages. First one is for the community:

If you did not experience these bugs and errors, it does not mean that it will happen to you in the future. You need to upvote and support the players who have these bugs. Or else when you have a problem noone will be supporting you.

And for the developers and the support team:


I regret buying all of your content and trying to support you. Since you really don't care about the customers.


  • RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 54

    You get me wrong here. I support the content that is unique. For example there are many clones of Pubg. Like warzone, fortnite etc. It's all the same thing all over again. DBD is a unique game and it needs to be supported.

    Also Todgeweith it's not the respond that I approve. I assume that you are not having any bugs and play the game perfectly fine. I'm a man looking for a solution. After trying to reach the support team 2 months I decided to express my feelings here on the forum. It's not the first thing that I did. And I paid for the game. That's why I'm asking for the support to solve my problems. That's not abnormal. I did not say I dont like this game. I like the game. I don't like the bugs and things that prevent me to play the game.

    Imagine disconnecting from lobby after every game. Returning to desktop every 2-3 games. Playing a game of 20 minutes long and not gaining and pips or bloodpoints. I hope you understand it now. Also you don't need to be mean and angry. Try writing a softer response next time.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,585

    Okay in terms of the rank update error, the developers can't replicate this issue in-studio and need help. When it happens please go to here (https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/DPP_RankUpdateError) and give as MUCH information as possible, including logs if on PC.

  • RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 54

    Yep. I contacted through mail. And gave them the information they needed (logs etc.). You know what they said? Flush dns and restart the modem. They won't accept that the problem is on their side. That's why I'm angry.

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177

    I'm not trying to pry too much, but can I ask if you're playing on wi-fi?

    I know it's an odd question, but... well I experienced some similar issues (disconnects and such) on wi-fi, despite other games/programs/etc. functioning normally (which confused me for the longest time).

  • RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 54

    Hello Halun. I connect through LAN cable. I don't experience such errors in other games. Once I've had problems in NBA 2k20. I could not solve it either. I had to quit it. Cuz it was unplayable for me. I play like 20 games. And I only experience problems in dbd.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,585

    They at least gave you something to try since it could be the issue being in individual isps and routers when connecting to servers, especially since this bug can't be recreated in-studio hence why community help is needed at all.

    They're definitely working on it hence why they asked for help. Best you can do is do what they ask and see if it helps. Don't get pissed if they try and help you.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,089

    I won't buy the rift because:

    a) i won't (probably) finish it (again, everytime i get to like level 55-56).

    b) I don't see anything interesting in it. I bought previous rift because it had a cute Kate cosmetic and Dwight cosmetic aka 2/3 of the survivors i play.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,310

    Dont take this the wrong way, but the problem could very well be on your end. I don't know much about pc's but i know a little bit about cell phones.

    In my experience, even though i an an android user, apple products offer better, less bugged, experiences. All due to having 1 company design and manufacture their equipment. All there phones are the same. In terms of apps, you have the app store. Where everything is looked at. Everything is built for the one iteration of OS.

    For android and PC you have a million different companies building a million different computers, programming them a million different ways. You download things in you normal usage, programs that can interfere with other programs. For instance a coworker downloaded an app from the playstore and soon after found his gallery wiped.

    What im saying is for bugs the devs cant reproduce, it seems like am ishyou, not ishthem.

  • RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 54

    Thank you guys for your kind answers, understanding and sharing your ideas with me. I'm not pissed off. Well i'm a little bit pissed off. Because I like this game and don't want to quit it. If the problem is at my end at least they need to tell me what the problem is so that I can fix it. It's not as simple as restarting my modem I guess. They tweeted about my error (Error Code: 111). Well I hope they fix it soon. They seem to be working on it.

  • Sinister0208Sinister0208 Member Posts: 253

    I don't see the value in getting the rift. Seems to be too grindy and the cosmetics and charms are generally not worth it.

    I do buy the DLC and some cosmetics though.

  • SuivSuiv Member Posts: 35

    For your rank update error I had this issue happening to me. From what I could tell about it if I alt tabbed the game during loading it would cause the issue at end of game. The issue could also be caused because I play with controller on PC. Idk but also once I played the game for a while and got to higher ranks it stopped giving me the error. As for supporting the content you seem to have mixed opinions. You say the game is unique and should be supported, but then you proceed to say you will not support the game. You have to make the decision just like everyone else who has played the game for years or since launch. Do I continue to support this game and give them my money for new content or do I save my money and support them by playing the game. Either way you are supporting the game no matter if you spend money or not.

  • RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 54

    Hello. I definitely want to support the game. But, if you felt like you support the company and they dont care about you at all what would you think? I'm a patient man. I've been getting the errors since a few months (the errors others than 4.1 patch). Nobody cared about me. And this situation made my game unplayable. That's why I'm sad and angry at the same time. I want to play the game and I want the support team to solve the problems. Nothing too fancy.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 2,046

    It's not worth the money

    Pretty simple

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