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Wraith, you think you need a rework?

They should increase the speed in invisible mode so he can have better map pressure and 1 silent bell that recharges like the doctor with his secondary power with that they would have a little more respect



  • fernando2590fernando2590 Member Posts: 33

    I would like to read the opinion of other Main wraith, I respect your opinion

  • AxxAxx Member Posts: 386

    I think a movement speed increase in cloak would be a decent buff, but the bell thing is a no for me. He does lack map pressure without Windstorm, and it sucks that you need to use an add-on to get some map pressure. Overall he is a decent killer atm vs most players. He could use a movement speed buff during cloak, but he doesn't 100% need it.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    I think he just needs a few small buffs and he should be good.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,929

    he's over performing with his invisibility, needs a cooldown.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,839

    He needs to have yellow windstorm's speed be base, if not green, without the speed decrease, to always stand a chance regardless of map.

    But honestly I'm interested to hear what @Boss has to say.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    EXACTLY. I wait to have reappearance add-on before I use him lol.

  • LunarMessLunarMess Member Posts: 71

    I like the idea of a recharging silent bell... but I think it should just reduce the bell to 1 strike, and have that strike come out slower, and with no direction what so ever. I have always thought that uncloacking should apply the terror radius to all survivors that have spotted wraith in the past "x" seconds. It would add more of a "oh, did I see him or is he actually next to me" type of ordeal! hes a very Strong hider... but to bad he isnt a survivor.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581
    edited July 2020

    Could use some buffs, i don't see a rework being necessary.

    Stuff like truly invisible from far away & some more speed while cloaked could help a really long way.

    Add-ons are also mostly fine, i find his arsenal one of the most fun in variety.

    Blinks need to do something else, the standard uncloak time is fine.

    And Blind Warrior Mud is only meh because Blindness is meh.

    EDIT: Oh, and Shadow Dances are too gimmicky right now, they could use a change as well, but i wouldn't mind it too much if they stayed the same, cause at least you can do a meme build.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    I'm with Boss on this one. He's not so far behind the curve he needs a total rework, but I would be excited to see some buffs to make him less add-on reliant.

  • fernando2590fernando2590 Member Posts: 33

    thanks for your opinion, hopefully we will hear from him soon and a buff in his base power his addons are ok no need changes

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,719

    Thanks, nice to be respected. 😄

    If you want a second opinion from a top streamer, check out Tru3Ta1ent's videos where he plays Wraith. A couple of months ago or so he was doing a whole bunch of games with Wraith and constantly talking about how Wraith is underrated because he can use his stealth and speed to hit and run and juggle multiple survivors fairly efficiently. (The problem is a lot of people play him by just tunneling a single person which is doesn't make good use of his ability. He needs to use his stealth to start a chase closer to the survivor and get a quick hit, but if he just follows one person at a time he's losing that advantage.)

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,719

    He's fine, he's consistently in the middle of the pack in terms of kill rates among the killers at both all ranks combined and high ranks (e.g. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/106566/stats-november-2019 ). And the argument that "no killer should have to use add-ons" is silly because add-ons are an intended part of the killer's loadout. You have two add-on slots for a reason and brown and yellow add-ons are easy as dirt to get even for brand new players. You should look at how killers perform with commonly used add-ons, not without any, because in 99% of the games killers will be using add-ons.

    Now all that being said I do agree that some of Wraith's specific add-ons are pretty terrible. This isn't a problem unique to Wraith, mind you, I think probably every killer has some duds in their add-on choices. But if they tweaked some of his really bad add-ons to make them actually useful I'd be down with that. 🙂

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,719

    He is fine, he's consistently in the middle of the pack in terms of kill rates in the stats (e.g. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/106566/stats-november-2019 ) both among new players and high ranks. And this notion that you should ignore add-ons when discussing a killer is silly because add-on slots are intended to be used. 99% of games will have add-ons being used so why would you ignore commonly used add-ons when comparing killers?

    That being said Wraith, like every other killer, has some duds in his add-on selection that could stand improvement. If the devs decided to buff the add-ons that are terrible to make them more useful I'd certainly be down for that. 🙂

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791
    edited July 2020

    Nerf Spine Chill and you buff every stealth killer.

    They should nerf Spine Chill.

  • SammehStormbornSammehStormborn Member Posts: 136

    Even IF they just tweaked him so he uncloaked faster instead of needing to use addons, it would make playing him so much smoother. He has some great addons - and even the more “duddy” ones would be viable if you could pair them with his others if uncloaking that bit faster was part of his base power.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    I think Wraith only needs 1 thing on cloaked mode, which is being faster without addons, maybe make the yellow windstorm a part of his base kit.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,099
  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 762

    Wraith main here. He doesn't need a rework. He is a very simple killer, just like Leatherface, but that's not a bad thing. I play other killers too but sometimes you don't want to set up stuff or use complicated powers.

    His base-capabilites need some buffs, then they can nerf some of his better add-ons to balance it out. This way you don't actually have to run Windstorm every game. As some people already said:

    • make him faster while cloaked, something between yellow and green windstorm should be base kit
    • improve his invisibility at distance
    • Maybe decrease uncloak time a little bit, or make swift hunt add-ons stronger, the effect is barely noticeable and it's not worth running over silent bell/ bone clapper or the aura perks
    • then maybe after buffing the base kit, make purple/green windstorm a bit weaker.
    • "The Serpent" and "The Beast" add-ons need a rework, they're completely useless

    You can use his relatively long uncloak time to mindgame short loops and unsafe pallets. But good survivors will position themselves at save vaults while you uncloak. Then you have to go through all that "play catch" and pallet eating stuff in the tile which can cost a lot of time. Besides all his great aura add ons and green/purple windstorm (which gives you a lot of map pressure compared to other killers), he is still an easily loopable m1 killer. And flashlights and spine chill still hard counter him, so his place in the lower tiers is justified.

    @Boss what are your favourite perks and add-ons on Wraith? Need some change from the boring meta stuff.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    Well the Windstorms are all my favorite, all 3 are in my top 3 Add-ons for him, and for good reason. Like you said, they're not necessarily required, but they're just that good.

    Swift Hunts are surprisingly average, they help incredibly little, not my favorites at all but they still give a nice effect: Uncloaking faster, and no negatives like Windstorms.

    All Seeing Spirit is really nice...but i'm still of the opinion it doesn't deserve its Ultra Rare rank. Definitely Very Rare, but ehh.

    Coxcombed Clapper is obviously one of his best, definitely deserves its spot up there, and i hope it'll stay like this forever.

    All Seeing Blood always surprises me with how good it is, also deserves its spot and should stay this way.

    Shadow Dances are weird, you gotta be cloaked (which makes sense, you gotta use the Killer's Power), but i'm hardly ever cloaked during a chase, and kicking it faster outside of a chase is just a very minor time saver. These are fantastic with Pallet meme builds though.

    Blinks are close to useless, the best you can do with them is to get to your Windstorm speedboost faster.

    Blind Warrior White is quite nice, while Mud is quite bad. I've seen multiple people mention how they pull off Blindness Killers, but i just don't see it.

    Bone Clapper's kinda cool, i like that you can decide how your Bell works.

    Obviously, The Beast is meant to be bad, but it's for extra BP. I can let such an Add-on slide in any Killer's arsenal. (Though i would still prefer a normal one, i avoid using The Beast.)

    The Serpent annoys me, i barely ever cloak before kicking a Pallet they dropped, and uncloaking while outside a chase is close to useless.

    Hound feels like it should be a base thing. Nevertheless, it's okay-ish if you do use it.

    Ghost is weird to me, i see it as one of the worst if not used with either Clapper, but becomes very valuable in a Clapper-based build.

    So i like Barbecue & Chili and Enduring on him, but i like those on most Killers. I simply like those auras, and i dislike being stunned with a passion.

    As for other Perks, i like Make Your Choice on him. It's not quite like Hag's MYC + Mint Rag, but slap on any Windstorm and your chances to get that hit increase a lot more.

    I also like Pop Goes The Weasel on him, especially combined with B&C. Hook someone, and if you don't know which Generator they're on mainly, there ya' go. Then just cloak, walk over there, scare them off and give it a kick.

    Again not specifically tied to Wraith, but i just like Hex: Devour Hope on him. Buffing his M1 with endless Exposed is incredibly dangerous, not only does he have his sneak potential, that super-lunge CAN catch up to Sprint Burst users. (It's not easy though, you definitely need to pull off the sneak-up to make it happen.)

    I used to run Spirit Fury with Enduring, and i do still like the combo if you save the charge for troublesome Pallets, but i wanted room for others mentioned here.

    Save The Best For Last is always good on mr. M1, but i prefer to avoid the Obsession mechanic.

    Play With Your Food synergises extremely well on him, combine it with Nemesis (and maybe Enduring) and you'll get those stacks ezpz.

    Btw, imma say right here: Don't underestimate a good Wraith that uses Make Your Choice. It's been giving me nothing but great results so far.

    Bamboozle's pretty funny with Shadow Dances, but otherwise it's the same as any other M1 Killer.

    Mindbreaker's kinda cool...if they have Sprint Burst. Otherwise: Ehh.

    Oh, and unless you're going for a meme The Beast run, you can pretty much leave Terror Radius-based Perks.

    Was that too much?

    Sorry if there's spelling errors, i'm not going to re-read all of that again. 😅

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618
    edited July 2020

    Fun killer but his base kit is too weak, very add-on dependent. IMO leaves most of his add-on's alone, but give him either full windstorm or swift hunt. Then replace one of those with lesser versions of clapper or all seeing.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    I'm gonna go ahead and assume you mean Windstorm without the uncloak slowdown.

    I'd prefer to not kill his awesome super-lunge.

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618

    yes, I meant like the full level with no negative affixes. His base kit needs help, his overall add-ons are quite good, so just give him one of those addon's base and then replace it with something else like I mentioned.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,695

    he doesnt really need a rework, just number tweaks to buff him

    moving yellow windstorm (without the uncloak movement speed reduction) and green shadow dance to base kit would make him a lot less add on dependent and also make using his cloak more useful in chase

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