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New Knock Out is a nerf?

DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,101

"Survivors put into the Dying State by your Basic Attack.." I mean this perks isn't that strong so why limit it to a basic attack? And it's a Bubba perk and the guy uses a chainsaw to down survivors most of the time? It's like they designed the perk to go well with Noed in the end game or something.

Is this a nerf? I can see it being a buff to killers that only downs survivors with basic attacks of course but overall?


  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Buff for average killers, nerf to one-shot killers.

  • ZeusZeus Member Posts: 1,299

    The 15 seconds that knockout is active you shouldn't be able to recover on your own. That makes sense and the perk becomes a bit more useful against unbreakable.

  • Zani22Zani22 Member Posts: 293

    Yeah despite adding the reduced crawling speed and blindness

    It really didn't need to only trigger on basics

    Obviously great on myers since it's a good slug perk but past that if m1 ain't it's primary it ain't worth

    Knock out well always be a flawed perk as swfs with microphones can just state thier position.

    But it's a fun perk

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510
    edited July 31

    How is it a buff to normal hits if it ALREADY worked for them?

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 425

    It has few additional effects.

    Anyway, it is a nerf in general to all killers.

    If you use a power such as shred as demo, hatchet as huntress, all of these won't trigger it.

    Not only it was worthless due to stupidly op swf in terms of information, now it is even less useful. Devs... The F are you on when you design stuff?

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    Okay? New additional effects are a flat buff. Not just to "normal" killers. Every killer benefits.

    I'm aware that basic attack and power are different. That doesnt change that it's not a nerf to some and buff to others. It's not synergized with powers is all. You can still benefit from it.

    Which is why I asked what I did. In response to "nerf for some, buff for m1."

    It's not suddenly MORE useful for only M1 killers. It's more useful across the board. You just cant hit with a power to use it.

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 425

    I answered your question as to why he said it was a buff to purely m1 killers.

    You are overthinking stuff here.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 1,273

    Its a nerf overall sense the "Buffs" They added to it are overall negligible and doesn't address any of the issues with the perks itself.

    Remember they themselves said the perk was under performing and then they applied what is an overall nerf to it...

    Can I just say I have given up trying to understand the devs at this point?

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,101

    Billy, Bubba, Huntress, Demogorgon, Pig, Plague, Pyramid Head, Oni, Deathslinger are all the killers that downs survivors mostly or often with non basic attacks? = Nerf

    Clown, Wraith, Myers, Ghostface, Nurse, Hag, Doctor, Freddy, Spirit, Legion always down with basic attack? = Buff


  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Buff for all killers who use M1 to down survivors: Trapper, Wraith, Nurse, Shape, Hag, Doc, Nightmare, Clown, Spirit, Legion, Plague, Ghost Face, Deathslinger and Pig (if you use dash attack only for ambush).

    The nefr is only for Billy, Bubba, Huntress, Oni, Demo and Pyramid Head. :^)

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

    The problem is, the "Buff" is simply outplayed by recovering in that time. Then the two effects have simply no effect on the downed survivor, and the efefct only lasts HALF the time you need to recover. The only effect the new Knock Out might have is to counter Tenacity, but that's it

  • clem1710clem1710 Member Posts: 275

    It's a nerf for M2 attacks killers, but definetly a buff for "m1" killers like nurse and myers for example

  • katsumodo47katsumodo47 Member Posts: 53

    It's trash now unfortunately

  • Golden_spiderGolden_spider Member Posts: 452

    If the Killer typically downs with their basic attack it's a buff, if they don't (like Bubba who can insta-down you) then it's a nerf.

    so yes and no.

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400

    I would very much like for you to down anyone on Deathslinger without basic attack. Unless they forget to mend its 100% impossible. He can only injure people with his ability. He can reel them in, but in the end he has to m1 them.

    I would say there are 3 categories here.

    Killers that almost exclusively down with ability(unless given an easy m1 down)

    Billy, Bubba, Huntress, Oni, Plague (Oni and Plague a bit in the middle, but since they gets the most use out of knock out with their power I will put them here)

    Killers that can use their power to down but doesnt always do it.(also known as the STBFL crew)

    Demogorgon, Pig, Pyramid Head (Not much sense in using his power unless they are at a window or a pallet. But he could easily be up with the others)

    And the rest its a straight up buff.

    Still thats, at the very least 5 killers(in my oppinion) this is a nerf on, and 3 more where its a nuisance. But this is not a perk which is put into any build and it just works. This was always a perk used where you would go out of your way to play in a certain way. This would usually be killers that could down survivors really fast in a slugging build with infectious fright.

    This is killers like Billy, Oni, Nurse, Myers, and recently Plague was also playing in this fashion. And out of these 5 its a nerf to 3 of them, but lets say 6 killers, since Bubba would probably have used it now. So this is a nerf that affects 4 killers directly, and can make it a bit annoying for 4 others. But potentially more usefull overall. I doubt it, since the buff isnt that amazing, its ok, but not spectacular.

    I saw someone suggesting it makes the survivor unable to recover. That would be kind of cool, but if the biggest problem was SWF, why not just make the survivor that got downed blind. Not the debuff, I am talking flashlight Blind. Make the survivors blind for those 15 seconds or something like that, that would hurt swf and solo players equally. Or if that delightful blindness effect is a bit too much to stare at, how about just a dark screen.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,692

    I really wouldn't call it a buff for average Killers.

    In the grand scheme of things that changes implemented was so minor that it you didn't really do anything.

    You crawl 50% slower well if the person's being slugged they're just going to spend those 15 seconds recovering anyway by the time they're finished the slow movement speed is going to be gone.

    The blindness is pretty pointless. Solo survivors can't relate information anyway and survive with friends will just give landmarks to help locate each other. Also like with the slow down both solo survivors and survive with friends are just going to recover until the status conditions of gone.

    The change did next to nothing to really improve on the original in the grand scheme of things and the net nerf wasn't worth any of The "buffs"we got

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    I agree that its a buff nobody asked for. :D

    Nerf is understandable, devs dont want 1-shot killers to be heavily snowball oriented. I think Billy and Oni mains snowballed too often, THATS WHY. :^)

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,364

    It's pretty crazy how not only was it hard nerfed but by their notes it was supposed to be a buff. That feels quite out of touch with balancing if that seemed like a buff to someone.

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