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The frame rate on Xbox right now is bordering unplayable

RoyalMeowveonRoyalMeowveon Member Posts: 7
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Console frame rate is a matter in DBD that has never been perfect, that's for sure. But since I picked up the game almost three years ago at this point, things have been steadily improving and for a while the frame rate has been just fine. Occasional dips here and there, but overall a stable 30 FPS.

This update has thrown that into a dumpster. I don't know what happened, but the game is running closer to 15-20 FPS at best, as both sides. I'm a person who primarily plays killer, and trying to react quickly on the fly to what a survivor is doing at such a bad frame rate on a controller is incredibly difficult.

But the REAL issues start when we get a more graphically intensive map. Macmillan and Badham don't run great for sure, but the newer maps like Ormond, Midwich and ESPECIALLY updated Lery's are an absolute slog to play on. Any killer that requires a degree of aim like Huntress, Deathslinger, Clown, even Doctor to an extent, or have powers that require quick reactions like Oni flicking, Demogorgon shredding, Hillbilly chainsawing and even more are on the edge of unplayable. Imagine playing Oni and having to turn your camera in reaction to the survivor's movements to flick and hit them, but this is Lery's so in the time it takes you to push the button to then smash the club down, you saw a whole three frames, one of which is too fast for humans to actually react to. It is disgusting.

I never want to be a person who DCs just because they got a naff map, but right now many maps are on the verge of unwinnable due to the terrible frame rate making simple actions such as using a power or hitting a survivor several times more difficult.

If I didn't already have a predetermined liking for this game, and if it weren't something I already got into, let's say if instead I'd just downloaded it recently, and it ran like THIS, I'd uninstall. It is utterly abysmal, and the only reason I'm not full on quitting until it's fixed is because I feel obligated to put myself through it to progress the tome challenges. I'm fairly sure if I were playing on PS4 and had the same problem, the fans would scream so loud I'd be blown clean through the wall of my house and my neighbors would be wondering how my house got demolished so fast and replaced with an airport landing strip.

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