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[PC] Shack with basement, hooked downstairs, appear upstairs. (& player model Y coordinates off)

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Step 1 : Boot the game [PC]

Step 2 : Play as survivor on the Grim Pantry - Backwater Swamp map where a shack basement is present. In this instance the survivor is Feng Min.

Step 3 : In-game, be hooked in the shack basement by the killer. In this instance, the killer is Leatherface.

Step 4 : Notice the hooked survivor floating upstairs in the shack, rather than appearing on a hook in the basement.

Note: No unhook option is visible on the character - it is only available in the basement itself, where the player model is not visible.


  • Character played - bugged character was Feng Min. The killer was Leatherface.
  • Perks played - bugged character used Quick and Quiet, Head On, Detective's Hunch and Inner Strength.
  • Map - Grim Pantry - Backwater Swamp.
  • Frequency of the issue - Unknown, only time I've had this map today.
  • The survivor was previously in a locker, as shown in the footage. Likely doesn't have influence, although as it may be a contributing factor I am noting it here.

I could not find the log file on my computer. Hopefully the above is sufficient.

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