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  • teamdehnteamdehn Member Posts: 222

    Exactly with 10 games to rank a killer main could possibly have to play 200 games to get a baseline for them all. We are going to see skewed match up for a little bit

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177

    If your entire basis for "red rank = skilled" ultimately amounts to "playtime = experience = skill" then we simply disagree at a fundamental level. I know people who have played games for thousands of hours but despite all that time and investment, they wouldn't hold a candle to competitive players. They simply approach the game from a different perspective.

    And that's fine, but Rank alone doesn't account for that or take that disparity into account. That's why it's useless. Hence why some red rank survivor groups are incredibly skilled, and others are laughable. The metrics required to reach red rank simply don't amount to skill. It amounts to investment. And while most skilled players will likely be invested in the game and will spend time playing it, there are lots of other, lower skilled players who will do the same.

    If your ranking metric doesn't take that disparity into account? Then it is fundamentally meaningless for actually determining skill.

  • Hex_OblivionHex_Oblivion Member Posts: 27

    Well for 1. I’m not saying red rank = master level. But they experience compared to a yellow, brown, or green rank. Experience is something.

    Also that’s why they should combine the old matchmaking with the old rank reset to keep weeding out those that don’t play won’t stay in purple ranks that make it easier for them to get to red rank. And those that continue playing and IMPROVING will get to red rank from green rank ect. shouldn’t have a problem.

  • greekfire774greekfire774 Member Posts: 170
    edited August 2020

    @Kees_T I'd say comparing a game with a functioning mmr system to a game with a non functioning one is completely fair regardless of the genre of game. An mmr system is an mmr system and there are only a handful of variations that all work relatively the same. The developers of dead by daylight said it would take 10 games to place you properly into a tier which is exactly the same as halo 5. The only difference is that halo 5 actually places you into a tier while dead by daylight has absolutely nothing happen after over 100 games since the update. Just cause you want to defend them blindly doesn't mean I have to and I never will defend a developer who can't even communicate with their community on the issue at hand in the first place.

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177

    Right, but if even a portion of the red rank playerbase aren't actually as skilled as their rank indicates, it renders the entire ranking system meaningless. Skill based ranking/ratings have to mean something. They have to be reflective of the skill level of player holding that rank. And right now, with the system we currently have? It just doesn't, there's just no consistency.

    Experience is something, but experience alone shouldn't grant you access to the highest level ranking if that ranking is supposed to be indicative of skill. Because while skill generally improves with experience, experience alone doesn't beget skill.

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