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Is it fair to 99 the exit gate?



  • MissRememberMeMissRememberMe Member Posts: 37

    Why is everyone saying open it by yourself? I think OP means that as a killer its not fair for survivors to 99% the gate so they can rescue other survivors with no pressure. I think the exit hate should be opened up on like 5-8 seconds, but it has to be done all at once. That would fix a lot of the issues.

  • wraithbaby3wraithbaby3 Member Posts: 30

    The entity should kill survivor who 99 exit gate.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,402

    they 99% the door because normally the killers busy with another survivor by the time you get to the door they have they buddy off hook open the other door and get out.

    there the killer stand there with egg on his face

    so in other word no it not fair EGC needs something like i said exit gates should slowly lose progress over time if survivor walk away after 99% it.

  • Terra92Terra92 Member Posts: 583

    Changing the formula to meet expectations only kicks the little guy and makes it boring for everyone else. The EGC not starting gives just as much freedom for the Killer as it does Survivors. The EGC is only that final point so that survivors can't just teabag the gate the entire time, or hide in a corner because the killer has traps lined up on one gate and is guarding the other. The Killer can also just open the gates to prep up Bloodwarden, and it's one of the better strategies for the Killer to do if they're running that kind of game.

    But starting the EGC in the manner suggested just rushes everyone out the door, it's not fun, it would just feel like someone pushing you out the door because they already got your money.

  • Gamegain55Gamegain55 Member Posts: 25

    Imo it’s perfectly fair because both sides can open it, as killer I like when it’s just 99ed because I like using Blood Warden, ofc when I’m survivor I just open it because it’s fun

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,975

    EGC is just so survivors can't take game hostage like they used to be able to, it's why killers can open the gates to start EGC. If you don't like doors being 99% just open them if you see the lights on. I've seen ridiculous amounts of survivors screwed over while being chased to a door because a teammate 99% it, those few seconds to tap the door open cost them.

  • Someone's brought up the idea of gates being opened in 3 increments for each light, so at best you could 2/3rds the gates and have to plan ahead on when people are leaving. A sort of checkpoint system where if you stop in between, it reverts to the last light.

    Idk if it's a big balance issue, but this would make sense. You'd know at a glance how much progress is made instead of "Uh, are those 3 lights 80% done or 99%? Do I assume it was 99d properly or will I accidentally open it if I breath on it?"

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,402

    99% the door put the door in the survivor favor 100% if there 4 or 3 survivor left they know if that wow best would be if they 99% the door and walk away to save someone it need to start slowly lose progress on the door.the doors shouldn't be survivor or killer sided how it is now it survivor sided it only killer side if it 1v1 and the doors are close together which also need to be fixed.

  • RatchetcooperRatchetcooper Member Posts: 17

    Soooooo you guys as killers want us to die faster they have you endgame and noed what more do you want so you guys can get your kills easily it's good to 99 doors so we can wait and rescue our team now people want it to regress and start all over that's not right you guys can walk and teleport to us fast to stop us from the exit gate so there is really no need for doors to regress with bloodlust that gets 3 three ticks so we can die faster there's no point

  • rglarson13rglarson13 Member Posts: 197

    I have a question for everyone saying that killers should just prevent 5 generators from being done if they don't like people 99ing the gate.

    What's the point of the exit gate if the killer has lost after 5 generators?

    I personally really enjoy the time after generators are done. People play a lot more boldly, and you can often get some really exciting plays, on both sides.

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 287

    Because then the survivors would be pressured when the EGC is activated. The killer can activate that pressure

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 1,497

    Fair or not is up for debate but my issue with it is that it makes the EGC completely pointless, which is survivors are on a time limit to LEAVE. I think the EGC should just start the moment the final gen is finished, they can enhance the amount of time it takes for the EGC to end the game if they think 2min isn't fair but I think it should start as soon as the gens are done.

  • jordawolfjordawolf Member Posts: 2

    I mean I'm a killer mand survivor main and I never had a problem with people 99% a gate in my opinion you guys need to get better and less predictable so they don't even get the chance to open the gates in the first place.

  • FlatskullFlatskull Member Posts: 332
    edited August 2020

    It's fair for the survivors to use what they have. That is to say, it would be unfair to punish the survivors for working with the rules of the game has set.

    It is unfair but it's an unfairness in design and not on the players. The end game collapse PRESENTS itself as some big count down where thee survivors are under pressure to get out but the devs buggered it up and basically defanged into 'T-Bag at the gate timer' weither you actually tbag at the gate is optional. It's what it's become.

    It has all these bells and whistles graphically with this looming count down BUT...survivors dictate when the count down starts and the count down only starts when the safest zone in the game is opened up. It had the potential to be a great end game mechanic where survivors have to actually act with urgency and don't have absolute control of time, letting the killer go on the offensive-as they should since there is no gens left- without having to worry about defending gens.

    There's a big joke about "the end game" such as "end game totems" or really the concept. There is no end game. The EGC could of given both sides an ACTUAL end game period where the tone of the game shifts. Where survivors no longer dictate the clock of the game-the biggest power and the most stressful to be under...which is why killers regularly complain about gen popping as unfun and stressful- but nope...

    It only activates when the safest zone you can damage boosts into is open. Even more so, since maps are smaller-which is a good thing but just another example of how EGC does literally nothing but limit how long you can linger at the gate despite all its bells and whistles pretending it some big, threatening doom clock- and survivors dictate when that zone can be opened.

    and the cherry on top. They can 99%

    poor design ontop of poor design. Wasted chance after wasted chance.

    When the EGC was new it was fun because it added actual end game urgency. I didn't care if I lose the survivors because a survivor in a chase with me, running from an raging oni and barly scraping a miss one shot as the end game bell dinged into the exit gate was AWESOME. It felt actually stressful and cinematic. I fel like an actual slasher killer who had time on my side for that brief moment in the game.

    and then survivors realized how utterly toothless EGC was and just 99% the gates. I don't blame them. Opening the gate instead of prepping it puts all survivors on the back foot and can cause a altrusim cascade of death.

    Right now thanks to this not only has blood warden been pretty much destroyed. It's more or less left NOED as the only true end game perk and mechanic. I mean...remember too...I guess...but...it's so mediocre I don't think it ever stopped someone getting away unless they were the last person and I got lucky.

    Unless you count 3 gening as end game but 3 gening pretty much truly equates to-did the survivors mess up and give you perfect 3 gen defensive or is one gen far enough to gen rush even if you pop it-

    And opening the gate yourself is a concession unless you have noed. Opening the gate yoursell after you down someone to hook them for blood warden is basically just a big, long winded "hey I got bloodwarden" dance to survivors.

  • extonjonasextonjonas Member Posts: 41

    99 A hook was not fair because it had no counter. 99 a gen is unfair because there is almost never a reason to do it(maybe for an adrenaline play) which means if you are you are just holding the game hostage in a sense but there is a reason to 99 a gate. Its so you can get a teammate out. That part of a survivors objective. And unlike gens, killers can power up an exit gate and start the collapse whenever they want. If it is truly annoying you. You dont have to deal with it, you can fire up the endgame and put the pressure on

  • extonjonasextonjonas Member Posts: 41

    i could get behind the exit gates slowly losing power. But maybe 1% every 5 seconds. Illers do still have the option to trigger the end game so they can always do that.

  • AlsendDrakeAlsendDrake Member Posts: 103

    Doesn't Blood Warden light up when a gate is opened? I seem to recall that was used to know when it was open pre-EGC.

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    Most of the time the gate should just be fully opened. But you can 99% gates as much as you want.

  • csaxcsax Member Posts: 9

    nobody cares about blood warden anymore. haven't seen it in at least a hundred games and this is from purple ranks all the way to green (Sometimes I decay when off at school). They only do it to get saves without pressure.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    And why exactly do people not care about Bloodwarden? Why exactly did people start 99ing the exit gates? It certainly had nothing to do with pressure, EGC takes absolutely ages. There's no pressure there.

  • w_sohlw_sohl Member Posts: 124

    Then open the gate yourself if you see it's 99ed!

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