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Plague nearly unplayable due to broken sounds

CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,151

Hello people of the fog,

I just played two matches with plague and blimey, was that aweful. I could hear NOTHING from the infected people, doesn't matter whether just infected or broken! No coughing, no injured sounds, next to no vomiting sound. I know sounds are bugged currently, but I didn't expect the coughing and vomiting sounds were affected as well.

Since many survivor tend to not cleanse, this pratically takes away the last remaining downside of staying infected. If I can't hear them coughing, they can easily stealth away even if infected. The one thing that worked for plague when survivors refuse dto cleanse, finding the infected fast due to the coughing, is totally broken. ISo however wants to play Plague, keep that in mind :-(.


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