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We have deployed a fix for an issue that was causing players to lose pips when a match was cancelled.
No update is required, but this may take a few hours to be applied across our servers to all players. Thank you for your patience!

well boys we did it, the DC penalty is no more



  • Azure2290Azure2290 Member Posts: 162

    So if, as the OP claims, is the reason why the DC penalty to get removed, why have they not been permanently banned from the game for hacking and causing others to be locked out?

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,576

    I see. You confuse "it's in the game" with "it's okay", and subscribe to the "it's your problem" mentality. Perhaps you should reconsider your concept of toxicity and how it applies to in-game issues.

  • GandalfTheGayGandalfTheGay Member Posts: 1

    Don't eat ice cream if you don't like brain freeze. Don't go to work if you don't like the idea of getting fired. Don't drive a car if you don't like the idea of having a car crash.

    65% of the time, DCs are due to toxic teammates or just poor teammates in general. If you know you're going to have a bad time with people that just hide in lockers and don't do gens or stomp pallets on you for fun, then you DC, simple. It's idiotic to DC against killers due to them possessing certain builds, but wise if they face camp you. It's an entirely subjective situation, but usually when you play a game in general, it's to have fun, and to enable that you have to DC sometimes, it's understandable, just don't leave due to gameplay mechanics such as a Myres running scratched mirror or a Mori. Just think selfishly when playing any game and ask yourself "Am I having fun?" If not then make sure you are.

  • MerryethMerryeth Member Posts: 272

    In my games it's more like "Ok you hooked me a second time, bye" or "I don't like this killer, bye" as survivor at least.

  • MikaKimMikaKim Member Posts: 226

    This should be top post.

    Also I think that there is no discussion around the nature of d/c relative to say solo vs SWF vs Killer. But that really is just the failing of not only this forum but BHVR in general.

    Hell this forum fails to accurately discuss solo vs swf in general.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118

    I'd rather you shitlords quit the game entirely and go play something else than clog up the queue with your manbaby attitudes.

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 949

    Ok how about this as a compromise then.

    You want to be allowed to DC for any game mechanic you perceive to be 'unfair' without being punished for screwing over 4 other players?

    Fair enough.

    You are now placed in teams of only survivors and killers that follow your philosophy. Anybody can DC for any purile reason they desire, but they no longer allowed the privilege of playing with people who take the game the way it is presented and roll with the punches.

    Now, the only people who have to deal with having to do 5 gens with 3 maybe even 2 survivors, is you. The only people who have to endure working well together and getting the gens done only for the killer to DC, is you. Now it's YOU who has long waits in lobbies only to have someone dc 30 seconds in because this match's setup isn't to their liking.

    You're all so gung ho about having the right to leave a match if you don't like how its going, well fair enough everyone is allowed their own playstyle, but now you have to deal with someone else's reasoning of unfair = DC and it doesn't match yours, and if you complain, you're a hypocrite.

    Perhaps you do have rights within a game, but if that's true, so do the people you regularly screw over for playing the game in a way that doesn't make you feel good about yourself and if you want the "Right" to DC, and BHVR can't optomize DC penalties, then perhaps the people who don't want to endure this crap game in and game out, should have the right to be separated from Susie survivor and Kevin killer who want to DC because the world wasn't arranged to their liking this time.

    Enjoy your DC paradise because honestly, the rest of us would be hugely happy to not be forced into matches where we wonder how we'll be screwed this time.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 2,973

    No thanks

    I prefer to actually enjoy the game i play. If you view everything as toxic it's only your own fun you're sabotaging

  • RoobnusRoobnus Member Posts: 375

    DC is like a confession that you're overwhelmed by your emotions while playing a freaking video game.

    I can't remember the last time I disconnected from a match but that's how I feel about it. So yea I feel sorry for people that often have to DC because they can't even handle a few annoying moments in a video game.

    Spoiled brats, probably the same guys you see'll see in the Store screaming at the cashier because someone else took the last toilet paper in front of their eyes.

  • DsalterDsalter Member Posts: 184

    WHY is this not the top replied to post? this is EXACTLY the point that should be solved.

    you dont treat the problem by removing their ability to abuse something, thats not solving the problem thats just letting the problem fester while the people that injected it into the system get to watch.

    terrorism works in the same regard, you solve the problem by removing the people creating said problems not remove the people they terrorize.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 943

    oh if only that wasn't a bannable offense for some goddamn reason

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 2,340

    Or you could just play single player games since you can't accept that your games will not go 100% how you want.

    DCing is the digital version of child taking the ball home during the middle of the game because they are losing or people are not playing by the child's rules.

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 608
    edited August 2020

    well hope they the stupid random penalties people get and whatever is going on with the streamers. because that [BAD WORD] got annoying real fast. the penalty was nice when it worked tho. except for moments where you feel like you wanna die because the killer is slugging to get the last two survivors and is slugging them for 10 minutes, I'd rather take the 5-10 minute penalty and make my bp in the next trial at that point. they really need to make bleed out faster.

  • IIITweedleIIIIIITweedleIII Member Posts: 794

    To be honest, I was gonna suggest 15 or 20 minutes. But I doubt others would see that as fair 🥴

    But yea, I will say the time stack is abit unfair

  • IIITweedleIIIIIITweedleIII Member Posts: 794

    Isn't that technically the same with actual matchmaking. Which as of now isn't very pleasing to anyone. It's not matching players to anyone's caliber at the moment. So how would herding all those who dc together?

    To be fair, this idea is like the Bad Sport Dunce cap player in GTA5 are handled. It's not much of a deterrent

  • SnapshotSnapshot Member Posts: 872

    Why do they remove the DC penalty just because one or two streamers got a matchmaking ban, which they removed anyways in a timely manner?

    Put those people on a Whitelist and do not punish the whole playerbase by disabling the DC penalty! It really cannot be that now everyone can DC again to their heart's content!

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 1,561

    While its not easy to measure skill, the flaw of the current matchmaking, its quite easy to track dc´s.

  • joshuashep22joshuashep22 Member Posts: 236

    among the clutter, a few salty wiseass killer mains seem to have missed the point so to reiterate what I was try to say is that penalty is actually bad for the game and having it actually benefits survivors as well because they can just hook suicide and the killer can't dc when they get matched up with an swf bully squad unless they want a dc penalty

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,034

    No, I won't. Its a multiplayer game. I don't know why people are still so upset about DC's its in every game. You should expect it.

  • SkelemaniaSkelemania Member Posts: 227

    WTF is wrong w/ the Minotaur skin? That's the best skin they've ever made...

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 322

    Honestly, DC penalties were fine by me. The only group of people i'm concerned about is streamers, who get attacked by hackers, leaving these streamers banned by penalties, preventing them from entering, although they did nothing wrong.

    I feel like they just need to add some sort of streamer-mode, where all the nicknames of players get blurred in lobby and in game, opening them only in post-chat. But that's just an example.

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