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2,5k hours player's first match with new MM system playing his main killer

KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,672

So, just a few moments ago I had my first game with new MM system playing Deathslinger, killer I've been maining since his release using my strongest build & addons expecting a challenge since devs said (I think I've read it here somewhere) that new MM has been tracked for a while so that once it's enabled we don't vs new players while playing our mains.

Found it after a while:

So how did it go you ask ? You can see it right here, I've been recording such memorial moment for my channel:

It's worse then before. Before I at least had matches with max one rank 20 (which was still quite rare), maybe few ranks 5-10 but mostly rank 1-4s. Now my first game has this ? Really, those are players on my level or is new MM still so new that nobody has any MM ranking yet ? What is it seriously, ranks didn't matter much before since potatoes littered red ranks but at least they weren't new players. This is full 4 new players lobby or at least they played like ones and had ranks like ones.

I hope my next few matches will have someone who hasn't booted up DBD for the first time otherwise I'll have to take a break until I can face old rank 1 potatoes again who at least sucked because they were bad, not because they were new.

@Peanits Any insight on this first game with new MM system ? I'd love to hear why do I have to face these kinds of players. Sorry but this isn't fine, it was bad before, now it's worse.


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