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Error code 112 - Sync error



  • StevercakesStevercakes Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2020

    Receive the 111 error in about 90% of my games post match screen AND sometimes while searching for a match in lobby.

    Also tried deleting app data, verifying game data, restart, reinstall.

    Don't receive BP post match, very frustrating.

    Player Cloud ID: ce5591f0-c4e8-11e6-a30c-074fecdaa6b9

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  • HehemhemHehemhem Member Posts: 12

    I got this error sometimes in the last 5-4 weeks and every game for 2 weeks

  • Ogzhn55Ogzhn55 Member Posts: 52
    edited August 2020

    I am posting this error in everywhere i submit ticket but devs might be so busy to make new skins.BUGS ARE IMPORTANT THAN SKINS! please fix this dbd team i cant gain bloodpoints anymore i cant play the game i lost more than 1M bloodpoints since yesterday here the video as a proof : https://youtu.be/yJa5NAgwJ5w

    IF you cant fix this errors please give my money back because with those errors i am just wasting my time in DBD.

  • Marsl92Marsl92 Member Posts: 5

    Every game i receive the "Error 111".

    I can´t get any Bloodpoints and Rang up and downs.

    Deleting app data, verifying game data, restart pc and reinstall. Nothing worked for me.

    I really like this game but this is so frustrating...

    Please fix it.

    Player Cloud ID: e45d6430-2b60-11e7-b948-0db029c5d3be

  • yan1998yan1998 Member Posts: 5

    Welcome to the club bud

  • lunaposalunaposa Member Posts: 89


  • lunaposalunaposa Member Posts: 89

    I get the rank update error, sync error all in one as well..

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 9,183

    I mean, you could check the million other threads that i've been replying to saying "I haven't had any more info yet."

    Apparently I missed this one when I was replying this morning, and I HAVE been replying to it in the past, so yes, a moderator is looking through it. Please don't make assumptions.

    So for the record...

    As of RIGHT NOW, I still don't have any information from the team what's going on with this error other than them looking into it to try and fix it.

  • gdottygdotty Member Posts: 9

    I think people are just becoming frustrated with this game breaking error and the lack of communication from the devs having put a significant amount of money into the game. I know I am anyway.

  • dsmark11dsmark11 Member Posts: 1

    Is anyone confident they will refund the thousands of blood points we have lost? I mean I think its the only solution once they fix it, otherwise we just wasted a lot of time.

  • DonttouchmynartsDonttouchmynarts Member Posts: 3

    had this error since the last update and am just putting my screenshots so the devs know i am going through this issue aswell.

  • GemiikunGemiikun Member Posts: 8

    Soooooo, there was a matchmaking update. BUT STILL NO FIX ON THAT DAMN error code 111.

    Now I'm on my 11th game without bloodpoints rewards and rank update. YEY.

    Hello DEVS

  • thismarcoantoniothismarcoantonio Member Posts: 8

    This actually helped me, thanks a lot. Worked not only to the first match, and worked with pip or without. The only problems still the rank update, which I doubt behavior will fix soon :(

  • DonttouchmynartsDonttouchmynarts Member Posts: 3
  • GagnetoGagneto Member Posts: 6

    Even after all this hassle I bet they won't give out any compensation, that's just sad, I started the game 1 day before the patch that broke it all, played just fine, one day later I can't even level my bloodwebs, can't even use 3 perks, it's been 5 days, how can devs care so little 😕

  • InsidiousPotatInsidiousPotat Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2020

    Does not work for me as well.

    Could've at least say they're in the process of fixing it, but no, MATCHMAKING.

  • GemiikunGemiikun Member Posts: 8

    Yeah. MATCHMAKING is their prio.

    Man, I wish they could compensate us with our lost bloodpoints and levels. And they should add a match history thing in the future

  • DesertMoonGWDesertMoonGW Member Posts: 5

    Had a few matches where it seemed fix and replaced with a different error, Backend Error 109, then I got a Rank Update Error after the next match, then no error on the match after that, then back to 111. Going to just switch to Identity V tell this is fixed.

  • AbubuhAbubuh Member Posts: 1

    Annoying bug. 6th time in a row.

  • AgeUkeAgeUke Member Posts: 23

    i think they dont care about this error. they said they have fixed it, but its not true. and still no statement or something about this. This is really disappointing. So i get back to other games, they cant fix it cause their own Spaghetti - Code is buggy as hell. i dont spend any money in this game anymore, i work hard for my money. Would you guys buy something who is broken? No? And thats it. Maybe i look one or two month, if this error is fixed, If is not .. buybuy Dbd!

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 152
    edited August 2020

    No, played for hours last night and everything was smooth.

    The devs are gonna call you and scedule a visit at your home, so that they can configure the router that they didn't sell you and you refuse to configure properly. Don't do it yourself. Its rocket science and the router might explode your entire house.

  • WiddenWidden Member Posts: 152

    i hope everybody quit from this game. Devs even blamed me for this bug. They just said ''Reset your modem'' lmao.

  • AgeUkeAgeUke Member Posts: 23
    edited August 2020

    Reset your modem?

    I deinstalled Dbd thats way better and works


  • predictcspredictcs Member Posts: 10

    Do you actually think that enabling DMZ is "configuring your router properly"? Also, there are internet companies that doesn't allow you to configure your router. I've played hundreds of games and all with problems were the very ######### ones. Please, tell me a game that peaks 50k online players that has this idiotic errors and this type of lazy greedy devs. I guess you are right tho, companies should create games with errors for you to solve, not just play the game just by clicking play. What a stupid take.

  • AgeUkeAgeUke Member Posts: 23

    i cant configure my router, so what now?

  • Naughty_LoliconNaughty_Lolicon Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2020

    Im having the "Ranked update Error" since 1 Year and now the new one since 3 Weeks EVERY second game atleast.

    I have ports opened and everything on my side and i gave up on the devs after like half a year trying to fix it and i got 0 help from them. (Wrote multiple tickets with their answer beeing "We cant help u with ur problem"

    So yeah i havent played since then bc its pointless if only 10% of my matches get counted

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 152

    You can configure the UPD/TCP ports for every single game that you own. The DbD ports are in the link if you took 2 minutes to read it. Because other games use different ports...

    Some router, the ones provided by your ISP, pretend to configure them but they don't. That's my case. You gotta attach a router to the modem and configure a bridged connection.

  • rosovskyrosovsky Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2020

    I did everything like here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/165515/quick-guide-on-how-to-setup-your-internet-connection-properly#latest. And yes, this didn't helped. Also like deleting the DBD folder in AppData, repairing anti-cheat and other "ways to fix it". I started to play this game ONLY 1 mounth ago, and as soon as I started playing i had error with rank update (but i fixed it by turning on DMZ in my router), and after 2 days playing without fckng errors i had this "sync 111 error". That's rly sad, iinfinite errors, when i played only for 1 mounth, lol. I very like this game, but i can't play with this errors after every fckng game.

  • FikusPLFikusPL Member Posts: 2

    This is fuc#### joke guys, seriously :/

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