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We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.

[Possible Fix ] Sync-Error and more

Hello player,

please excuse my poor English at first. I haven't had to use this language for over 5 years, but I do my best and hope you understand me.

Since the last update (4.1.0) more and more players suffer from various bugs in the game. The biggest bug at the moment is probably the problem with the synchronization.

I've read through a lot of solutions and tried to find a solution for the problem. I reinstalled the anti-cheat program several times with admin rights, I checked the game data for errors and even reinstalled Windows and my router. None of this has solved my problem.

Finally, I used my VPN to see if the problem can be solved with a VPN. Before that, it was always the case that I had a synchronization error every round. With my VPN I could now play 10 rounds without this error. After I deactivated the VPN, I immediately had a synchronization error again.

I am not sure if a VPN is really a solution, especially not a permanent one. But I can recommend everyone to try it! One try does not hurt!

As program I use "ProtonVPN". There you have a one-week test phase with all premium extras. (No payment data required) The test phase can be continued without limits. You only have to create a new account.

Theoretically this should also work with any other VPN software, but I haven't tested another one.

I hope that at least some of you can benefit from this hint. I wish you good luck.



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