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An idea for killers to stop gen rush

As a survivor main i hear alot from both sides on this so my propsele is this, we should buff bad or decent killer perks to make them more an effect on gens, right now both sides have really bad perks so if we give killers more tools to actully put pressure on the game it would be better


  • drakonukarisdrakonukaris Member Posts: 66
    edited August 2020

    Yeah just remove gens and put survivors on hook at the start of the game with 1% chance of Kobe. In all seriousness though you can't pressure good survivors who run DS, unbreakable and soul guard or whatever, it has extreme synergy and makes you completely invincible it's hilarious. It's an enormous time waste for killer and usually enough to lose you the game. I do think it's really only broken when all 4 survivors run it but it's still broken so it needs reworking.

    Edit: I have nothing against the perks honestly but with the current speed of gens and the existence of brand new parts vs a good team that really wants to win and is willing to use it you have 0% chance as killer to win, it is heavily in favour of survivors and they would have to make a shitload of silly mistakes to lose + be on a bad map like labarotary. Again nothing wrong with seeing maybe one person running that build but when everyone does you know you lost the game before it started, so just nerf the Invincibility build synergy or just slow down gen speeds.

  • leatherfav88leatherfav88 Member Posts: 156

    U dont have a 0% chance thats a generalization, there are planty of killers who can take out an swf with the perks u just listed in a heartbeat, also the devs said that just slowing down gen speeds would just be a lazy change and quit frankly i agree

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

    Gens arent the problem neither is it a lack of perks it’s mostly bad maps that you can lose gens fast on because of the loops and size of the map

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 823

    The devs have already stated they plan to add something in the early game. This should give killers time to either set up or get their first hook in before survivors start working on gens which is really the main issue.

    Right now a Killer can commit to a chase and try to get their first hook, but that survivor can just throw down pallets wasting time and letting his teammates crank out 2-3 gens.

  • leatherfav88leatherfav88 Member Posts: 156

    I agree, they should fix perks for both survivor and killer and fix bad maps

  • Spectre13Spectre13 Member Posts: 179

    Fix maps yes. Fix perks maybe. But for the love of god fix the totem positions. They are so wasy to find even without maps or perks. It's no fun having a good perk get taken out in the first 2 minutes of a game.

  • drakonukarisdrakonukaris Member Posts: 66

    That is an exaggeration yes, but it is heavily in the survivor's favour and I want to play the killers that I bought and not just the viable ones. Last thing this game needs is actual direct gen slow down, instead the game needs to encourage running around the map and doing something more engaging as a means of slow down.

  • drakonukarisdrakonukaris Member Posts: 66

    I can tell you right now the devs are not going to touch maps, they already did their "map passover" and that included changing tiles and changing map sizes, it helped but certain maps are still too big and I reckon they're not going to change that again so other things will have to be changed. Besides honestly it's just a matter of perspective, gens could be slowed down in some way to compensate or maps could be smaller to compensate for gen speed, and I doubt they're gonna want to touch chases much or loops because again they already touched on that.

  • VonCrowVonCrow Member Posts: 129

    Noed is really good against gen rush, and punishes the overconfidence altruism.

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