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An in depth post on why DS is not ok.

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First of all, read the thread before commenting. Second, this isn't a complaint about DS being an anti-tunnel perk, I think it being an anti-tunnel perk is absolutely fine, as I am not a fan of tunneling myself. People misunderstand why people complain about DS and say it's because "killers want to tunnel with no consequence". DS is one of 2 broken survivor perks along with object of obsession. Now, I will start.

DS used to be the most overpowered perk in the game, allowing you to get a free escape off of the killers shoulder if you were the obsession. This was nerfed a while ago to the DS we know now.

This newer DS has been called an "anti momentum perk" by the devs, yet it it designed exactly like an anti tunnel perk, are they going to call BT anti momentum next? The problem with it being an anti-tunnel perk, is that it still punishes people for not tunneling. Let me give you a scenario that happened recently in an Oni game.

I hook a Nea in the basement on Haddonfield, later she is unhooked, I see both survivors come out of the basement and go for Adam (the unhooker) I use blood fury and down him quickly, I hook him and find Nea on the roof healing, I down her and pick her up, get striked. I had 2 options in this scenario. 1: pick her up and get striked. 2: leave her on the ground and risk her having unbreakable or being picked up. Both of these situations are a loss for me, even though I didn't tunnel, thus the problem with DS as it is, and how it rewards bad survivors.

My suggested change to DS is to make it a better anti tunnel perk and less of a 60 seconds of immortality perk. Whenever another survivor is injured, hooked, or downed, DS deactivates. This would solve the problem of the 60 seconds of immortality when not tunneling. Now, to buff its anti-tunnel. When you are unhooked, DS activates for 60 seconds, if the killer chases you or downs you within that 60 seconds, D strike's activation is paused until you strike the killer.

Good day.

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