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Killer Changes I’d Like to See

Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 336
edited August 2020 in General Discussions

Disclaimer: This is by no means me telling the devs how they should change their Killers. I mostly did this for fun as I was interested in seeing how I would change the Killers to hopefully achieve a more balanced game. This is not meant to offend anyone so please be civil.


  • Trapper Sack (brown) add-on becomes basekit.
  • Remove RNG from traps entirely, survivors caught in traps must complete skill checks to escape the trap. Lasts 8-10 seconds to escape trap without the help of a teammate.
  • All traps spawn more closely together towards the center of the map.


  • Windstorm - Mud (yellow) add-on becomes basekit.
  • Wraith can no longer be lightburned.


Fine as is.


  • I’m not sure what change to give Nurse, but she could use some type of rework that makes her strong but counterable, and also removes the cooldown for blinks to make her gameplay more smooth.


  • Hag traps can no longer be removed with flashlight.
  • If the survivor is walking near a Phantasm Trap, the distance the trap activates is less further than if the survivor was running.


Fine as is.


  • In Tier III, Shape kicks pallets/walls/generators quicker.
  • In Tier III, Shape gets stunned for less time by pallets.


  • Iridescent Head is locked at 1 hatchet.


Too early to tell, but so far seems fine as is.


  • Passive sleep timer goes from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Swing Chains and Jump Rope add ons reworked into something else that’s not an action speed debuff.


  • The key will never be in the first box searched.
  • If you’re the last survivor remaining, the next box you search guarantees the removal of your trap.


  • Bottles no longer slow survivors
  • Area of effect of gas clouds become 1.5x larger and more dense making it harder to see through for survivors.
  • Survivors caught in mist are affected by the Oblivious status effect.
  • Clown can see through the mist and moves slightly faster while in the mist
  • Direct bottle throws on generators cause them to regress
  • Throwing a bottle on a survivor causes them to stop whatever action they were doing (repairing generator, cleansing totem, etc)
  • Clown gets 5 bottles basekit, up from 4.


  • Spirit’s husk emits a white mist whenever she’s in phase.


  • Canceling your Feral Frenzy within 3 seconds of successfully inflicting Deep Wounds on a survivor will half the recovery cooldown (fatigue).


Fine as is.

Ghost Face

  • Reveal mechanic is much more streamlined and smoother to pull off.
  • Killer Instinct from getting revealed lasts 1 second longer. (3 seconds from 2)


Fine as is.


Fine as is.


  • Deathslinger must aim down sights for 1 second before being able to shoot. New add ons can be equipped to lower this timing slightly.


  • Canceling Rites of Judgement slows down the Executioner for 0.5 seconds before he’s able to act again.
  • Punishment of the Damned can be used on stairs and slightly elevated ground.

Let me know what you guys think! 🙂


  • GreyWolfofNorthGreyWolfofNorth Member Posts: 28

    Trapper: Trappersack is a must to be basekit

    Skillcheck traps sound good but then if trapper has honing stone a survivor just worked to go down

    I'd settle for just the traps not spawning on the corners of the map

    Wraith: if windstorm becomes basekit and you have the purple all seeing there would be too much pressure on survivors at all times

    Lightburned shouldn't be a thing at all

    Hah: as far as I'm aware most people don't even know flashlight burns hag traps but I don't play hag that much

    I agree with the less activation range.

    Shape: infinite tier 3 would be ridic with these changes. If you have brutal strength onrop of the increased damage speed he'd be ripping through pallets like crazy

    Huntress: everyone agrees on this.

    Nightmare: I'd say just removing the multiplier from jump chains would be enough

    Pig: personally I want a full rework of the boxes and her add-ons. Half of them have downsides that make them unplayable

    Close: I agree with of your clown changes

    Spirit: doing this would re.oveall mindgaming potential from spirit.

    Legion: might be the best legion change I've heard of

    Deathslinger: I agree with the change but as a buff to help with the transition survivors can't body block to break the chain

    Executioner: agreed with the change but remove the swinging instead of using your power while your rites are being placed effect.

  • Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 336
    edited August 2020

    Thanks for the feedback!

    For Trapper, yes Honing Stone would have to be reworked for this change.

    For Shape, the buff to kicking and stun would have to be minor (like 5-10%) so it wouldn’t be too oppressive if paired with Brutal Strength and Enduring, similarly to how Shape can vault windows faster in Tier III and also pair Bamboozle to make it even faster.

    For Spirit, I see what you’re saying but as it stands now she has no counterplay whatsoever, especially if she has Stridor equipped. There can still be mind games because she can phase and make it look like she’s going around a loop to catch a survivor but choose stay still and hit them when they slow vault the pallet. It just makes it more fair for survivors instead of Spirit being able to just stand still and give no information to the survivors. They should at least know if she’s using her power and then get into the mind games.

    And for Deathslinger I was thinking a possible buff could be faster projectile speed to compensate but wasn’t 100% sure on it, it might not be a bad buff though.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  • BootlegmothBootlegmoth Member Posts: 287

    Clown changes sound good, seeing through the mist would definitely help! Maybe see survivors auras while they're in the mist, and not see them as soon as they leave it?

    Trapper I'd be so happy with having bags as basekit

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 1,293

    imo you made clown worse unless you made impossible to see when you get hit with the gas which I'm sure you aren't advocating survivors will just run away from wherever your at and it'll be harder for clown to catch up not to mention most maps are open so it's not going to be hard for a survivor to run to another loop

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