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how do we know if any MMR/matchmaking system actually exists?

vectorvector Member Posts: 208
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Are there ANY proofs of that?

honestly i dont feel any system at all. I have been playing on the same killer for 20-40 games since the update and during this time i had the most easiest games i have ever had.

RANKS DONT MATTER. well, perhaps, but hours matter. How the hell does 8k thausand hours steamer such fungoose  get noobs in his games on a regular basis ? 8 THOUSAND HOURS player gets literally newbies . They mesed up something. No way you can explain this by system etc. NO WAY .

has there been any commets of developers or any feedback on situation?

"We have been running smaller tests of the system on select Xbox One regions for the past few weeks, and the results have been encouraging"

"We’ve already been running the skill rating calculation in the background for several months, "

"Anyone who has been playing regularly in that time will already have a loosely calibrated skill rating to start with, which will be refined with each game they play now that the system is live. "

Can anybody belive those statesments?

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