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Race across the map: NURSE vs SPIRIT

Sorry if repost. But im curious.

If this has been tested,

Put these two killers on the biggest map.

No addons.

From one corner to the otherside of the map, who will get to the end faster?

Nurse or Spirit?




  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 658

    Probably Spirit

  • Spectre13Spectre13 Member Posts: 179

    I believe Nurse by a thin margin. Spirit is fast but idk if her add-ons for faster phase walk can beat nurses quicker recovery from blinks and double or even triple blink.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,814

    Nurse's triple blink isn't worth it and honestly neither is her double.

    Her first blink will travel 20m, all additional blinks will travel 12m. At a recharge rate of 1 charge every 3 seconds, that means you're better off single blinking each time to get as much distance as possible.

    If suggest to use her range add-ons combined with only single blinking which would probably still best Spirit's phase walk with all but Mother-Daughter ring.

  • RoobnusRoobnus Member Posts: 375
    edited August 2020

    Let's see...

    Travel distance & time required for a basic full double blink as Nurse:

    First blink: 20 meters in 3.5s (2s charge, 1.5s travel time)

    Chain blink: 12 meters in 2.4s (1.5 charge, 0.9s travel time)

    Additional 2.5s fatique stun after the blinks

    Total: ~33m traveled in 8.4s (you can slightly walk in between blinks)

    So for ~100m, Nurse needs 25.2s resulting in an average speed of 3.97m/s

    (This isn't even considering the recharge time of the blinks)

    Travel distance & time required for Spirit:

    1.5s phase walk activation time + 5s phase walk duration = 35.2m distance (5s * 7.04m/s)

    It takes 15s to replenish her power, resulting in 66m normal walking distance (15s * 4.4m/s)

    So for ~100m, Spirit needs 21.5s resulting in an average speed of 4.65m/s.

    Nurse is one of the slowest Killer, ironic isn't it? She is fast for short to mid range but suffers when traveling long distances.

  • clem1710clem1710 Member Posts: 275

    Spirit I think. She doesn't suffer from fatigue and her mouvement speed is higher. Nurse blinks without addons suck for travelling accross the map. With the range addons she would winw but addonless, I don't think so.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,814
    edited August 2020

    I'm gonna add to your maths here.

    For the two blinks to recharge that's 6 seconds needed, 2.5 seconds of which are spent in fatigue. This means you'd be walking at a speed of 3.85m/s for 3.5 seconds before both blinks are fully recharged. This means that you'd travel 13.475m in that time (3.85m/s * 3.5 seconds). So after she blinks twice and moves those 33m in 8.4s she's stuck in recharge for a further 3.5s, moving 13.475m as she does, meaning in one double blink cycle she moves 46.475m in 11.9s.

    Scaling this up to move ~100m it takes The Nurse a grand total of 25.6051640669 seconds if I did this correctly which I hope I did.

    For simplicity's sake, let's call it 25.61s

    EDIT: Something I forgot to take into account is obstacles. The nurce can blink through everything whilst the spirit must dodge them, meaning the nurse can make a direct bee-line but spirit can't. This may add onto her travel time and make nurse actually faster but there are too many variables there for me to try and work it out effectively.

  • RoobnusRoobnus Member Posts: 375

    Yea that's true, there are many more factors to consider but if we assume an open area with no obstacles, even a basic Survivor is faster than a Nurse on the long run. The reason why she is so strong is because she ignores obstacles, imagine if you had to blink around obstacles lmao ;)

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    Impossible you need to wait 45 second for your power to appear not only that but you have garenti a gen will spawn in that corner

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