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Mods have gone silent, probably told to? And no word from devs either.



  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Or they just realized that no matter how many times they answer the question they will get hit with the same silly, impotent rage. Why bother? I would ignore you all too.

  • UnbeatableAshUnbeatableAsh Member Posts: 101

    Pea is on vacation atm and the others kindly stepped in to help in his absence afaik

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177

    But isn't that exactly how you handled auras before they were fixed? Just copypasted a "soonTM" message?

    Not even trying to imply anything here, but that seems kinda contradictory.

  • DisappointedUserDisappointedUser Member Posts: 420

    You’re suggesting it’s a conspiracy that a game company wouldn’t want it’s members saying contradictory things about a new system?

    You act like there hasn’t been tons of evidence of all kinds of companies issuing gag orders to their staff.

    Im going to assume you also don’t believe that Twitter shadow bans people.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,945

    I use twitter about once a day I don't exactly keep up to date with anything that goes on.

  • WARW0LFWARW0LF Member Posts: 200

    completely unrelated, sorry, but a lot of people don't know this, if you have an nvidia card with geforce experience you can press alt+Z and apply game filters to any supported game, there are color blind filters which may help, could help on other games too, again sorry for the derail, i'll slide back into my bush now

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    Really? C mon.

    I think devs and mods are silent because....real facts are all over the forum.

    We are not stupid as you may think.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    Regarding the MMR this is the first time anyone has fessed up that it's not working correctly. That's all anyone was asking for, or at least a lot of us.

  • WARW0LFWARW0LF Member Posts: 200

    you could just watch OhTofu latest YT video, he's rank 1 killer, first game three rank 20s and a rank 6 survs, same on Otz stream, he checks players hours, he had a 6 hour meg in his game, she got destroyed so she wasn't a smurf like chat though, it's borked, completely ruined the playing experience for a lot of people, me included

  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 2,309
    edited August 2020

    Mandy Isn't a community manager.

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177

    My apologies, I don't think I was clear in my response and that lead to confusion. Let me clarify...

    When I said "you" I didn't mean you specifically as an individual, but mods/devs in general. Because I know other mods/devs most certainly responded with copypasted responses to the aura issue.

    Again, i'm mostly neutral on the copypasting thing, I just found your response a bit odd since that seemed to be the go-to method of dealing with the aura issue while it existed lol.

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177
  • komabomakomaboma Member Posts: 56
  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,945

    Hey @MandyTalk correct me if I'm wrong but did you not literally say that there were some backend issues with the MMR system the devs are working on elsewhere on these forums?

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,420

    You know if they really said that I’d forgive them lol

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,903

    you are correct, the failure here lies in the community managers and the devs for not communicating with the players AT ALL about this issue. the fact that you, a general forum mod would be the first to even let it come out and say that they are looking into this. Even Mclean on his own stream did not have it on his scroll on problems, fixes and pending fixes. This is why people like me who have staunchly defended the devs and mods on most things previously (if not all things) could not stand behind them when i could see it in my own matches.

    This information should have been relayed to the players to inform them what is going on and would have stopped or stemmed the flood of MMR not working posts here (yes there would be some but there would be less and more people pointing to the post stating there is an issue). Also the silence has cause people to not believe that there is anything (me included) at all in the way of matchmaking and it's a convienent way of not having to say anything when people complain about it. I am a fairly experienced player but only an ok to fair killer and survivor, yet today I was facing people that out class me by leaps and bounds, making me want to quit playing. yet the devs constantly said "the MMR is accurately predicting the outcomes of most of the matches" now this statement doesn't say that it's an accurate match making tool, just that it can predict the outcome of the match... sure you put a player with 2 hours in game against people with 1000-2500 hours in game it is predictable that the person with 2 hours in game is going to loose! and this is how it feels that they are talking out the side of their mouths when speaking of the MMR.

    With it being hidden, there is no way to know if what they say is true or baloney or even an out right lie. previously there was a defined set of parameters with a bit of wiggle room in matching +/- 6 ranks of the player and expanding the longer that it takes (this is ambiguous though) to get a match. even with SWF it's +/- 6 of the average of the swf in the matching. right now there is nothing about the mmr that tells us how it is making it's decision other than 1) it's hidden, and 2) it's based upon the killer itself. it does not speak of how it determines who gets matched to whom. how does it decide to send Player A to Killer Z but Player B to Killer G... I mean if a survivor is good against legion but sucks against nurse, is it going to prioritize legion matches for that survivor? or what? now what happens with SWF? no one knows this information and it can be given out in a way that does not give away it's calculations which have been the DEV's reasons to keep the MMR hidden.

    So please understand why there is a great deal of animosity to this MMR system that is supposed to make things great again but at this point will it ever be accepted by the community even if it is revealed? probably not, at this point my thought is the community will not let MMR slide without knowing how it's calculated as well as how it is used in match making and the proof of said information is available.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,144

    I understand why you feel the way you do @Freki but the information only became available today with the analysis - that's why I communicated it when I did. So it was communicated as soon as possible, I actually communicated on here whilst I was still in a meeting about it - that's how quickly we communicated as soon as we were aware.

    I can answer your question about SWF - it will try to match the average MMR of the SWF's to a killer in that MMR range.

    As to how the MMR itself is worked out, I don't know if it will be revealed how this is done - we said in the recent Q&A about the MMR that we would possibly show a players MMR in the future but as to showing how it's worked out, I would think that's unlikely.

    With regards to point 2 - I don't believe this is the case, that the Survivors will have an MMR with regards to the killers that they face - so the matchmaking will take place purely to try to put the players with the closest MMR together and within the same server location area, independent of what character the killer is playing, only that the MMR is within matchmaking range.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,903

    and I was not saying that the fact it was being looked at was being hidden but that there was no official comment after 4 days of it supposedly being put into it's role to make matches is the issue. if the devs are today holding a meeting about it, that means that the devs have already looked at the information and already determined there is a problem, this could have been done on day one of this if not day two. At this point that it was determined that there was a problem that is when it should have been announced by the devs. bringing everyone together to discuss what to do about it is past the time to have made the player base aware of it. unless unlike has been said that the devs do pay attention to the forums they haven't seen the backlash of the mmr system since it went into active use. I do not say you or the other mods have the ability to know about something unless the team brings you in on it and do not blame you what so ever for only stating it now. I blame this aspect on the devs themselves, as they could have said hey there is a problem with the mmr system please stand by.

    about my swf thought average of mmr, this could be good or bad will have to know more on this later after it's fixed. I don't believe we will ever know how it is worked out, but the problem comes with that in how people work and play if some teams wanted to really mess with the survivors they just have to play badly on purpose since this is an automated system, and the survivors get out and their mmr goes up and theirs go down. same can be done in the reverse.

    specifically about who will be matched to whom i'll give you an example. I play survivor in a swf and I end up getting good scores against billy and trapper... say scores of 80 and 90 respectively (numbers used for the example not actuall mmr values) now same swf ends badly against nurse and plague all the time, these are scores of 40 and 50. now I go into solo match making with these scores and there are the following killers available billy at 84, trapper at 94, nurse at 44 and plague at 54 all in the queue. (notice the difference between their mmr value and mine facing them is the exact same) How the heck does it decide who it sends me against? this is where the problem comes that people will possibly be facing the same killer over and over and over and over and over. this leads to boring interactions and not much else and people quitting because they can't get any variety to play. this is a problem and one that needs to be looked at as well by the dev team.

    I do not say that the devs should come out and say how the numbers are arrived at, (unlike ranks which were straight up said in the wiki and the game itself) but that we should be able to see where we are so we can say "you know that was a great game, glad the mmr worked out!" or "how the heck did the baby dwight solo teammate get put on our experienced swf with such a high mmr?" or "why was that low/high MMR killer facing us high/low MMR SWF???" without the ability to gauge where we are in a game people end up just stopping playing the game. I've relegated myself to 1-3 games normally a day without being in a swf because i don't like the salt given to me as killer and my chances as a solo queue. you'd think they want to make me feel accomplished even if I fail in order to keep me playing and recommending the game to others. now accomplished does not mean that a trophy has to be given but more that I feel I was in a fair match and not out classed 100% of the match as i was this morning. first match of the day, first time playing trapper in over a week and i get 2 hooks. that's it.. TWO HOOKS. and then i'm called racial slurs and social slurs (a karen because i told the one that used a racial slur he/she was reported). I forced and I mean forced myself to play more so that i can get back on par with where i wanted to be. but it was almost that one game and on to FFXIV the rest of the day for me. what's the next step when i play just one game a day? one a week then none a week till the account is inactive and not been played in months because I didn't feel like I accomplished anything at all and I was stepped on by a highly skilled group.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,144

    As I said the problem was only found today - it was communicated as quickly as possible. We expected matchmaking to be a little bit messy initially, a totally new system like this was always going to have teething troubles imo, regardless of date previously having been connected. And as soon as a possible issue was noticed - it was communicated to the community on this forum.

    With regards to who the system will decide you play against, that will be the killer with the closest MMR to yours - regardless of what character that is. So if there's 3 killers with around the same MMR for example, it will most likely prioritise that killer who's been in the queue the longest (as I said, irrespective of what character that is). And fwiw I just played 17 matches, all were full red ranked matches and I played a wide variety of killers - so I don't think the argument of one type of killer is valid at all because MMR is a number not a character.

    And we have said, we might reveal individual MMR's in the future - there's no set date for this to be shown though.

    I'm sorry that you are being placed against players who are a higher MMR than you right now, I appreciate how frustrating that must be - but there's nothing further I can answer on that, the system is being looked at, an issue has been identified and hopefully will be soon adjusted.

    There's not really much more I can say.

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 2,308

    Mandy is not the only mod/dev that exists and to be quite frank, she’s the only one that’s actually speaking out. She’s getting a lot of flack for nothing.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,144

    No worries Unicorn, that's my job! But thank you, I do appreciate the support <3

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,144

    The same as I've said all the way through, since this was announced. If you care to read my posts on the matter you will find I've said exactly the same thing about it since it was released earlier this week!

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505

    What ever happened to all that "we're gathering data for your MMRs" that we heard months ago? Was that not specifically to avoid the issues we're seeing now?

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400

    If you read what she wrote you would know that, they still said they expected that this ENTIRELY NEW system would be wonky and have issues. Maybe they didnt expect them to be this big, but even in the FAQ they mentioned that they expected something similar to the given situation, but likely to a lesser extent. Besides that the system wasnt in control of matchmaking which means that it was simulating results. Simulations and reality are usually different. When the system suddenly was in control it clearly didnt take it well and made mistakes. Take your anger somewhere else please, or do something to relax. Maybe play a game :)

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