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MMR looks like it's working for me

Fired up the most dominant killer in the game, Clown on PS4. Ended up facing a 4-man major league gaming sweat squad on Yamaoka Family Residence, all running Soul Guard/DS/UB/Adrenaline. They didn't heal or do totems and smashed the gens in like 4 minutes or less all splitting up. I got 6 or 7 hooks and all 4 escaped. Very next match, Clown vs. all rank 17s with no meta perks on Temple of Purgation, eazy 4k. I guess I'm a giant potato for losing that first match


  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
    edited August 2020

    @xGodSendDeath I'm so happy for you, all of my matches have been infected by oceans of red rank cancer. lol

    New mmr working as intended. match dinosours with low ranks to alienate the player base and cut off new revenue streams and stop new content development in it's tracks turning existing players away in order to achieve behaviours grand master plan of creating an empty lobby simulator.

    Right on track.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,152

    Pic or it didn't happen.

  • vectorvector Member Posts: 196
    edited August 2020

    seem like it works only for you

  • myers_obsessionmyers_obsession Member Posts: 531

    Same I had really good and balanced matches today as killer and surv.

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