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Dead by Daylight Cannot connect to online services: Error code 8014

**Good morning, good afternoon or good night to all, I come here in this forum to comment on this problem that is happening with my game and this not only happens to me, the game simply does not connect to the servers, I am currently using Windows 8.1 PRO that I formatted and I installed yesterday, all drivers are upgraded, the Microsoft Visual C ++ due are installed, Directx is also installed.
I already tested the game on Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10 on my PC and it does not connect, but on Windows 7 it connects normally, it started to happen since you developers did the maintenance on the servers in August to launch the PTB. I love playing this game so much that I already have 1323 hours, but unfortunately because of this error I can not play on the latest systems. What can this be? Can you solve it? I already did everything, including the recommendations in the tutorials posted here in the community and nothing worked.

My internet is 120 Mega Download and 10 Upload with Dynamic IP (DHCP).

Specifications of my PC:

Processor: Intel Core i7-4790
Video Card: Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB DDR5
SSD: Sandisk Plus G26 480GB
HD: 1TB Wastern Digital WD10EZEX + HD: 1TB Seagate ST1000DM010
Motherboard: PCWare IPMH81-G1
Memory RAM: 8GB / 1600Mhz DDR3 Hyper X Colors + 8GB / 1300Mhz Markivision DDR3

I'm using Google Translate to translate this message, so sorry for the bad english.**



  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53
    edited September 2018

    I just started having this same issue. Error 8014. I have not played Dead by Daylight in 5-6 days. Did 2.2.1 mess something up?

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53
    edited September 2018

    I also stopped my anti virus, and reinstalled Easy Anti Cheat for DbD trying to remedy this and neither of those worked. Still getting the same error. Really odd behavior after 1400+ hours of never seeing this error before.

  • SkemoooSkemooo Member Posts: 193

    having same issue just now.. i think their file servers have some issue or being DDoSed or something

  • HookedonDemandHookedonDemand Member Posts: 179

    Can't connect either. First EAC failed and now it gives me that error code.

  • feelsEUmangfeelsEUmang Member Posts: 50

    same here....

  • TondamiaoTondamiao Member Posts: 14

    Wow, this happened to me too, I wasn't able to play for 2 weeks and now this 8104 error.
    ....so, are we only gonna be able to play next patch? If so, bad on you BHVR.

  • EmertexEmertex Member Posts: 2
    I am on Xbox one. Can't connect either. Error code: 8014
    It was working last night so it's not the update.
  • FURIOUSFURIOUS Member Posts: 20

    Really, it's difficult, by the way I'll have to go back to Windows 7 to be able to play again since the developers have not found a solution to the problem yet. My case is strange because I have a simpler notebook here with the same system installed practically and it connects well but in my PC it does not.

  • TommogooseTommogoose Member Posts: 1
    I’m in! Just keep trying it on the main screen.
  • KarkadannKarkadann Member Posts: 49
    I will test it out and will comment again if I have the same issue, but that would be no reason for me to downgrade to an old operating system that is to be abandoned in the near future.
  • FURIOUSFURIOUS Member Posts: 20

    Old system that still runs everything perfectly and has extended support until January 14, 2020. Can you explain why the game is not connecting to online services on my Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PC? Do you know why it's only connecting only in Windows 7? If the game has this "server access problem" for some people in recent versions of Windows, maybe this is a temporary solution until developers can fix it, this has all started since the release of the new DLC PTB. In the simplest notebook and with the same Windows practically, the game connects, but it is impossible to play with 10/15 FPS, as for the error 8014, this seems to be a server block for some, because it does not connect in any way even following the step by step tutorial you have here in the community to "solve" the connection problem with the servers.

  • Got the issue since several hours now, still no fix or info about the 8014 error code ?

  • FURIOUSFURIOUS Member Posts: 20

    For now the developers have not given any official information about this error 8014, but I ask that all players who have this error on the PC to send a ticket to the support on the link describing the error and putting all the requested information, including the "DeadByDaylight.log" and the "UE4Minidump.dmp".

    Procedure for conection error.
    For identify your to be conection error, please follow these steps:
    1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up "Run".
    2. Type this in the "Run" prompt: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs
    3. Attach the file called "DeadByDaylight.log" to a new ticket titled "Dead by Daylight cannot connect to online services" which can be created at https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us - make sure to include a link to your Steam Profile in the ticket!
    4. Locate the newest folder
    5. Attach the file called "UE4Minidump.dmp" and send the ticket to the support!

  • Seems like rebooting my pc fixed the problem, if it can help people...

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53

    Still can't play. I've rebooted. Turned off services that I think can be interfering. I've checked Dead by Daylight via Steam and the install is OK. I've reinstalled Easy Anti Cheat for DbD. The only option I have left right now is reinstalling DbD.

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53

    Still unable to play. Same 8014 error. Haven't been able to play for four days now. This is pretty upsetting. I have Auric Cells to spend! :angry:

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 6,266

    Can you tell me what Region you are playing in? We're trying to find a solution to this.

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53

    North America. Specifically the US - Seattle download region in Steam if that helps. If you need more information I'm more than willing to help out. Thanks for the response!

  • kill2healkill2heal Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2018
    Mesmo aqui ..... Ps4
  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53

    Reinstalled DbD and I'm still getting 8014 error.

  • TheTimeMachineTheTimeMachine Member Posts: 229
    I’ve been getting this same problem I think. Xbox Live keeps shutting down while I’m only playing Dead By Daylight. It’s weird because my internet is good- great in fact! Open NAT and everything.
  • FURIOUSFURIOUS Member Posts: 20

    I formatted my PC on 01/10, I went back to Windows 7 Ultimate and the connection problem with the game was solved, I do not really know why the game blocked my connection in the latest Windows: 8.1 and 10, but , now that everything is normal and I can continue playing this wonderful game again, it's all right.

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53

    @FURIOUS said:
    I formatted my PC on 01/10, I went back to Windows 7 Ultimate and the connection problem with the game was solved, I do not really know why the game blocked my connection in the latest Windows: 8.1 and 10, but , now that everything is normal and I can continue playing this wonderful game again, it's all right.

    Formatting your system and going to an older version of Windows is not an acceptable solution. I am happy for you though!

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53

    I also just updated Windows, I'm on Windows 10, to see if that was causing an issue at all. Still getting 8014

  • KwwBKwwB Member Posts: 53
    edited October 2018

    I removed my anti virus protection, Immunet, and now DbD is working again. Earlier I had stopped the service that controls Immunet so it should have worked, but removing Immunet completely has fixed the issue.

    For anyone having issues with 8014, there was some interaction with Immunet and lsass.exe (a critical windows file in /windows/system32) whenever I ran DbD that I suspect was the main culprit. I've had Immunet installed for years, and have played DbD for years, so this must be some new interaction. Maybe involving EAC too?

    I hadn't noticed this interaction until DbD updated to 2.2.2 today and I ran DbD for the first time since 2.2.2.

    I'm not sure how this applies to PS4 and Xbox players getting 8014, but maybe some of this info can help figure stuff out.


  • HarryToeknucklesHarryToeknuckles Member Posts: 158

    This just happened to me. I was playing this morning, got an update which I installed, and now this 'cannot connect' message keeps popping up when I try to log in. I'm on Ps4 and located in Canada, if that helps.

  • MechaMecha Member Posts: 2

    I am having the same issue and seeing the exact same error message. I just played the game 24 hours ago with no problems. My computer settings have not changed, but I am getting this error for some reason.

  • WaharaWahara Member Posts: 215

    I'm also having the same issue, though off and on. I was getting constant games ever since I downloaded this game months ago, and suddenly everything stopped a few days ago. At first, I couldn't get anything. No survivors could join my lobby as killer no matter how long I waited and as survivor, I couldn't even join a lobby. It would simply say "waiting" for an infinite amount of time. This went on for about two days and now just recently with the new patch, I've managed to get two or three games for the entire day as killer but only after seeing that 8014 error message a million times and restarting my PS4 just as many.

    As it stands, it's virtually unplayable for me. I have troubleshooted everything, firewall settings, ethernet cord, resetting router, etc. Nada. All my other online services work perfectly.

  • GrannyonAcidGrannyonAcid Member Posts: 476

    I was playing last night. Tried to come online today and now I can no longer connect. Fantastic.

  • S0bYS0bY Member Posts: 1

    Same here Error 8014 , cannot connect and play i have a good PC: ATI RADEON R9 Strix , FX - 8350 , 16 GB DDRAM 3 , 1 TB Seagate Barracuda

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