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Is your opinion biased?

slunderslunder Member Posts: 199

So, I decided to make this post in order to help you realize if you understand both sides or only one of them. This post will ask a few questions, and it will determinate if are a one side thinking guy or if you are someone that understands both of them. Obviously, being in the "I want free wins" category shows that you only understand one side and that your opinion is just the one of somebody who cannot understand the other side and being in the neutral category means that you are somebody that understands both sides and your opinion has a lot of value. Note the number of a, b and c you have.

Question 1: Do you think purple&pink keys and mori offerings (not the yellow one) are fair?

a) Keys are fine but mori offerings are not.

b) Mori offerings are fine but keys are not.

c) Both are fine&should be reworked.

Question 2: Do you think NOED and DS are fine?

a) DS is fine but NOED is not.

b) NOED is fine but DS is not

c) Both are fine&need to be reworked.

Question 3: Do you think tbagging and camping is fine?

a) T-bagging is fine but camping is not.

b) Camping is fine but t-bagging is not.

c) Both are ok&both are bad.

Question 4: What do you think the game is balanced around?

a) 3-4 man swf

b) 4 solo players

c) 2 man swf groups

Question 5: Do you think Hawkins is killer favored&Haddonfield is survivor favored?

a) Hawkins is killer favored but Haddonfield is fine.

b) Haddonfield is survivor favored but Hawkins is fine&survivor favored.

c) Both are unfair&balanced.

Question 6: Do you think that specific killers are to strong or to weak?

a) They are more killers that need to be nerfed than killers that need to be buffed.

b) They are more killers that need to be buffed than killers that need to be nerfed.

c) The number of killers that need a buff is similar to the number of killers that need a nerf.

Question 7: Do you think that bugs tend to favor:

a) Killers

b) Survivors

c) Both equally

Question 8: Which side do you think has the most entitled players?

a) Killer mains are more likely to be entitled than survivor mains.

b) Survivor mains are more likely to be entitled than killer mains.

c) Both sides have a similar number of entitled players.

Here is how it works: if your answer to a question is "a", add a survivor point, if your answer is "b", add a killer point, and if your answer is "c", do not add any point in any category. At the end of the test, take the category with the most points (killer or survivor, for example 10 killer points) and remove from that the amount of points from the other side (for example, 5 survivor points). For example, you have 3 killer points and 1 survivor point, you make the following operation: 3-1

Now for the results! If you have:

-From 0 to 2 points: you have a good understanding of both sides and your opinion is not biased at all.

-From 3 to 4 points: you are slightly one sided in your thoughts, but for the most part you are neutral.

-From 5 to 6 points: You are quite one sided in your thoughts and you need to understand the other side better.

-From 7 to 8 points: Look at the image bellow.



  • yusdacrayusdacra Member Posts: 56

    Mine is 3 killer points

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,368

    Fibi really do be out here giving us some hardcore psychosocial analysis.

    I got 1 killer point and 1 survivor point lmao

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319
    edited August 2020

    Yes my opinions are based. Yours however, do not offer:

    d.) I think all are fine and shouldn't be screwed with for now*, especially until we see what matches are like at our mmr ceiling if they ever get that working as intended.

    *when you tea bag you deserve to be tunneled and camped if they can get you

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,460

    who can tell if yours is biased? no one, same you for anyone's, specially if you end with "git gud" yours look more biased

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 567

    2 killer points. And I don't really think I am that biased. NOED is an objectively sh*t perk - basing your game around Endgame is not smart (unless you are memeing) + this perk can be not even activated during the Endgame if survivors start cleansing the totems (95% of which, let's be honest, are not hid that well). I don't like it as a killer, I don't like it as a survivor. But there's nothing to be nerfed - this perk is already bad.

    DS, on the other hand, is not a bad perk in itself. Problem is - a lot of survivors don't use it the way it should be used, making it not an anti-tunneling perk, but a smug perk that grants 100% invincibility for 60 seconds. Having this perk activated after killer already hooked 1-2 other survivors is simply not fair, as killer gets punished for presumable "tunneling" when he wasn't even tunneling anyone.

    As for maps - Haddonfield is overall bad for ANY killer (with exception for, maybe, good Nurse and Pyramid Head, who don't have problems with walls). The amount of closed balconies and everlasting fences/bushes is just crazy. Killer can literally be looped around the same place for minutes and not even get a single hit. While Hawkins is very good only for some killers (like Hag, Ghost Face, Myers, impossible-skillchecks-Doctor). Hillbilly and Bubba, for example, won't feel very good on this map against survivors, who know what they're doing. For most others it's just an ordinary map with just more understandable spawns of doors than Lery's. Good survivors can still survive on Hawkins, while even good killers struggle on Haddonfield.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,099

    I picked C for all of them, so I have 0 points.

  • SocialDistomancySocialDistomancy Member Posts: 1,319

    I gotta remember to crawl under the hook, like that one guys said, my reflex is to always distance myself even though I know that I'm not getting anywhere before being picked up

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Q1 (c)

    Q2 (c) Neither need a rework

    Q3 (c) Both are ok

    Q4 (b)

    Q5 (c)

    Q6 (b)

    Q7 (c)

    Q8 (b)

    Guess I'm a slightly biased killer, although I'm going to take that with a grain of salt.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061
    edited August 2020

    question 1: C

    question 2: C

    Question 3: C (they are vaild strats, piss killer off to tilt them and get inside their. Camping have plenty of counters and is not to difficult to deal with)

    Question 4: C

    Question 5: C

    Question 6: C

    Question 7: N/A (unsure)

    Question 8: Also unsure I met some really entitled players from both sides

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 1,751

    The problem with the community is not the slight biases, everyone has them, Im slightly Survivor biased because I play Solo and Solo is HELL, coming to this forums and reading some people ask for the things they ask when they obviusly never play Solo or at very low ranks makes me facepalm hardly.

    The real problem is the huge biases, the "Survivors should fear the Killer, Killer should be able to mori everyone without any hook and Survivors should always be exposed!!" or "Killer is so freakishly OP we should be able to run infinites for 10 gens!!" kind of biases, especially when such people is super vocal and more like them flock to threads to spew more bile witht heir "US VS THEM!!" mentality.

    Im not a big fan of youtubers but there is this guy who said in a video "this is a game and the other side needs to have fun too" and he is damn right, also if your idea of fun is stomping and getting 4k always or escaping always after looping for 5 gens Im sorry, but its your idea of fun whats wrong, not the game itself.

  • slunderslunder Member Posts: 199

    @Angelicus23 when you deny blatant issues for the other side and only want buffs that favor you, then your opinion is biased. I am sorry, but this is entitlement (if you think that you always lose because of the game or something).

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    Based on your questions I am 1 towards Killer.

  • getsumhelpplsgetsumhelppls Member Posts: 2

    I got two killer points while I'm a survivor main /: I mean yea idk if saying that more killers need buffs than nerfs that's kinda obvious and in my experience survivor mains are way more entitled so...

  • honestscripthonestscript Member Posts: 235
    edited August 2020

    I only have opinions on like 2 of the questions and didn't know anything about the others.

    by default I have a good understanding of the game.

  • micha_beckmicha_beck Member Posts: 75

    Well, if the taunt makes the killer only run after one person and he cannot get him while the others are fixing 4 gens, then I would call that a tactic too. I'm not saying it's very clever, but why should it be worse than camping? Both are not very elegant solutions, but either can be effective and work.

    Killers standing in front of a dying survior and not hooking or repeatedly hitting the hooked survivor on the other hand are just plain stupid "I have the power" moves and people should be hung by their ballsack for that. 🤣

  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871
    edited August 2020

    So to know if someone is biased or not is based entirely around your view on someone being biased?

    Someone wanna explain to OP what's wrong here, or do I have to?

    I should probably also mention that a person knowing what's more unfair than something else isn't being biased, it's understand what isn't fair. A bicycle is slower than a car, and that's not me being biased towards cars. That's me knowing that cars are faster than bikes.

  • slunderslunder Member Posts: 199

    @TheButcher if you think that only kilelrs or survivors have bullshit to deal with, this is a lack of udnerstanding for the other side. This is not an opinion at this point, it is a fact.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,658

    1) I voted C. Keys are stronger than moris because even if you kill the person who has it, someone else can pick it up. Unless your running franklins there is always a possibility that key will come back to bite you in the ass. The only mori I approve of is 5 stacks of Devour Hope because the killer had to work for that.

    2) NOED is fine and has plenty of counters. DS is not fine and has too much power when 4 people run it combined with other 2nd chance perks.

    3) Teabagging is being a dick. There are legitimate reasons why camping will benefit the killer. It's not just face camping. If I know the team is being over altruism or I saw someone behind a tree while I was moving to the hook, I'm going to stick around. The devs have even stated camping is not a cheat. NO ONE has said tea bagging is bad but no one said it's good either.

    4) Your question is wrong. The game is balanced around new survivors. Anyone who hasn't bought all the dlc is the target consumer.

    5) Personally I don't like either no matter the side. The only time I like Haddiesfield is when I am trapper. If I trap the roof vaults they literally can't disarm it without stepping in it.

    6) The answer is B. Many killers struggle against competent survivors. It's pretty common knowledge to everyone whose played killer at red ranks.

    7) Bugs usually happen for both sides but I suspect survivor bugs take priority. DS was bugged one time and it was patched within a week. Nurse had her rework almost a year ago and she still has bugs.

    8) It's hard to say honestly. I've seen a lot of sweaty swf groups but I have also seen some ######### killers. I guess because there's 4 survivors to every one killer,. it just feels like it leans towards survivor.

  • slunderslunder Member Posts: 199


    For the number 2, you are mentioning a very situational thing, like it only applies 2% of the time.

    For the number 3, t-bagging can be a strategy used to get the attention of the killer.

    For the number 6, you basically seem to think that every killer is fine... But I am not sure

    For the number 7, do not forget hitboxes that took years to get fixed and are still bugged sometimes.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    I got 2 killer points, but I still stand by them. Bugs mostly seem to favor survs, stuff like free iron will and auras affecting killers far more, though it still sucked for survivors. And there are for more weak killers than there are strong ones imo. I got one surv point from saying tbagging is fine but camping is not, cause camping is an annoying strategy and tbagging is just a survivor being a prick. This balanced out the other killer point which was for 4 man solo instead of 2 man swf, which just seems to be how the game is balanced.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,658
    edited August 2020

    1) its not 2%. I dont know where you get that number but I see some combination of DS and adren and bt and unbreakable almost every game.

    3) It could be used for that but when the killer kills you, you can't say you weren't asking for it :P

    6) I dont know how you got the impression I think every killer is fine. I meant many killers have a difficult time against good survivors. That's why you see so many spirits, freddys ect. How many clowns do you see at r1? How many pigs? How many Trappers?

    7) Hit boxes are still whacky around vaults. How long were flash lights OP? It took Kote getting his ass handed to him for them to realize that. Pallet vacuums. Infinites. The nurse fatigue bug took a month to fix. fat shame spots.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 3,568

    Question 1: Do you think purple&pink keys and mori offerings (not the yellow one) are fair?

    c) Both are fine&should be reworked.

    (To clarify, I think the Green mori is fine as is, the Yellow one is worthless and needs a boost and the Red one is overpowered. The suggestion I like is to revamp them so that

    • Yellow Mori: Lets you kill any survivor that you've hooked twice, aka on death hook. It's more powerful than the current version but still a fairly modest benefit similar to Pyramid Head's Final Judgement ability
    • Green Mori: Keep as is, lets you kill one survivor that you've hooked once
    • Red Mori: Both of the above benefits - lets you kill one survivor that you've hooked once and any survivor that you've hooked twice. Less powerful than the current version but still better than the Green and also still lets you get the mori animation multiple times.

    Keys are basically ok other than that letting multiple people escape early with a single key use is kind of silly. It would be more reasonable for only the key holder to escape.

    Question 2: Do you think NOED and DS are fine?

    c) Both are fine&need to be reworked.

    Both are fine for the most part. NOED in particular is simply a variant of Haunted Grounds or Devour Hope or Make Your Choice but which occurs in the last two minute of the match instead of mid-game. There's nothing wrong with NOED at all.

    Decisive Strike is generally fine, although it is a little silly that a survivor who has been working on a generator for 50 seconds still benefits from it given that it's supposed to be an "anti-tunneling" measure. It should probably last 60 seconds like it does now but if the survivor does any skill checks on gens or healing other players then the Decisive Strike is cancelled (since they clearly feel safe enough to stop running and hiding and can work on gens.)

    Question 3: Do you think tbagging and camping is fine?

    b) Camping is fine but t-bagging is not.

    Camping a hook midgame is just bad strategy, the killer will lose if they stand around while the other survivors who aren't hooked do the gens. It's not unsportsmanlike though, and in the endgame once the Exits are open might be the best way to secure a final kill.

    Tea bagging is somewhat unsportsmanlike behavior. It's the digital equivalent of mocking your opponent after scoring a point. "But I use it to distract the killer!" If you actually do then you're probably wasting your time, good killers won't be distracted by tea bagging and you're just wasting time doing it that you could be doing something more productive.

    Question 4: What do you think the game is balanced around?

    n/a - the game isn't specifically balanced one way or another around swf versus solo at the moment. The devs don't have a problem with people playing in swfs though, they do it in their own streams. But at the same time there are certain things in the game like Object of Obsession that become fairly broken in a team with comms, and in general there is a noticeable victory results gap between solo teams and swfs with comms. So there is a balance issue revolving around that disparity, but whether the devs intend the focal point to be towards the solo teams or full swf or in the middle isn't clear.

    Question 5: Do you think Hawkins is killer favored&Haddonfield is survivor favored?

    I have no idea, the dev stats from last year indicate that Hawkins is favorable to killers with a 69% kill rate while Haddonfield is one of the survivor favored maps with a 57% kill rate, but that was prior to the map tweaks they made at the end of the year. So ... 🤷‍♂️


    Question 6: Do you think that specific killers are to strong or to weak?

    I think most killers fall in the "good enough" bucket where if you play better than the survivors you can win. The very top killers (Freddy, Spirit, Nurse, maybe Billy) are a bit better because they have the ability to cross the map quickly plus do well in a chase so they have a little more margin for error than the others. I don't think there are any "trash" killers though, they can all win and their kill rates are basically all in the same ballpark aside from maybe the top two or three.

    Question 7: Do you think that bugs tend to favor:

    c) Both equally

    Random bugs are random.

    Question 8: Which side do you think has the most entitled players?

    c) Both sides have a similar number of entitled players.

    I think entitlement is just a reflection of being a sore loser essentially, pointing the blame at a loss at anything other than yourself. The reason you might see more survivor complaints than killer after chat is partly because there are four survivors per game versus only one killer, so you're four times more likely to encounter an unsportsmanlike survivor in a given match than killer.

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400

    This is really poorly done but eh sure I'll play your game.

    Question 1: Do you think purple&pink keys and mori offerings (not the yellow one) are fair?

    The answers suck but I will say C is closest, they are both horrible broken and should be reworked.

    Question 2: Do you think NOED and DS are fine?

    Eh again the options arent really what I would choose. The both have things that should be changed or entirely reworked because of ways they can be used unfairly. So C I guess.

    Question 3: Do you think tbagging and camping is fine?

    Depending on how this question is supposed to be understood. If its "Yeah those are fine to do, have fun you silly fool but dont blame the oposition if they react negatively to it or start being 'toxic' " - C

    If its which one is toxic.

    Personally I think both are kind of fine, but if I had to chose one that makes the most sense to do it would be camping. At the very least if the gates are already open im gonna camp my last kill. Cant get anyone else unless they intentionally give me one, so from a gameplay perspective camping makes sense there. Tbaggin on the other hand makes no sense, at best its done to provoke the killer to make them chase them at worst its only done to be a dick. Camping can be done to be a massive dickhead and throwing the game or it can be done as a last resort to try and get 1 last kill out of a game before the remaining survivors leave.

    I'll take my 1 Killer point here. B

    Question 4: What do you think the game is balanced around?

    Primarily I would say 4 solo players. Don't have many reasons, just that it wouldn't make sense to balance it around 2, 2 man groups. And its certainly not balanced around 4man swf. B, 1-2 Killer points

    Question 5: Do you think Hawkins is killer favored&Haddonfield is survivor favored?

    Not sure why you chose those two maps considering they aren't the best killer and survivor map. But I would say Haddonfield is good for the most part for survivors and Hawkins for the most part is good for killer. So C I guess. 1-2 Killer points

    Question 6: Do you think that specific killers are to strong or to weak?

    That B tho, I mean. It just is. There are like 3 killers that are complained about being too strong (well 1, few complain about nurse because she isn't played). Where as Pig, Clown, Wraith, Trapper, Legion, Demo, Myers could really need some buffs or at least base kit touches. A lot of them require add-ons to not be a pain in the ass to play. I'll take my Killer point. B 2-3 Killer points.

    Question 7: Do you think that bugs tend to favor:

    Dont know if I would say they hit both equally but I would say they hit both without regard for identity. And without a majority affecting killers or survivors more than the other. C 2-3 Killer points.

    Question 8: Which side do you think has the most entitled players?

    Easy maths would tell you that this one is B. 4 people = more people that has a chance to be entitled.

    B 3-4 killer points

    I play both sides about 30%(Survivor)-70%(Killer) so I guess I would tilt more to Killer. But I dont know I think some of these are just factually correct but I might be wrong there.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    You cant give us things to decide between and then call them biased. I can think DS needs a change but NOED not while i also say Moris need a change but Keys not. There a billions of things to take into the factor. With this things you cant tell if someone is biased or not.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    Also from what i saw from you, you were the one calling others biased because they had a other opinion about your Killer buffs/nerfs but proceedet to ignore why the facts they gave you.

  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871

    Obviously both do. I never said that. See another problem, people who just assume and put words in other peoples mouths - even on the idea that-that person doesn't agree with them.

    Back on topic, though it's obvious that one side has a much harder time in this game than the other, and i'm not going to vouch for either side here, but there is a very thick, bold line. That's very clearly to see to anyone who plays both roles.

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 694

    There are two types of people in the world

    • Those who are biased
    • Liars
  • slunderslunder Member Posts: 199

    @Demonl3y I did argue with them later. But only after realizing they were not entitled killer mains, because there is no point in arguing with people that just want their free wins.

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