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I installed the game 4 days ago, ######### MATCHMAKING???!!!!!!



  • BeHasUBeHasU Member Posts: 830

    Just play more games, everyone started with the same mmr, you have to play more games til you achieve a higher mmr so you will play with high mmr players. Imagine playing LoL, if you are insanely good, but havent played in a year, you will play with silver players, even though you are playing like a master.

  • CalcuimCalcuim Member Posts: 45

    I've been playing on XBOX (wth mmr even before it was implemted) and have probably put 13 hours into the game since its implementation (even more since the patch, cause, xbox). In these around 16 hours I've gotten 1 balanced survivor game and 2 balanced killer games.

    I'm near the medium skill level and have had ONLY THREE games not matched up against/with babies or VERY good players. ITS SO BAD! And don't give me that 10 game stuff ive played dozens more than that.

    So I'm quiting because this is the worst matchmaking ive ever played in any game ever.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,903

    where was this stated? I haven't seen it in response to any of the threads i'm watching on this.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    This is a more thorough version of another post (that should belong here but isn't).

    From the trends reported by all players and gathered from my experience, it seems that the better a player performs in a match, the worse the opponents will be in the next match. The reverse also seems true. Of course, appearances aren't everything, but when I've changed my playstyle with only one killer and seen myself do better while my opponents drop in rank and skill, it's hard to believe that this is not the case.

    So, here's a short video with just the title of this post for those who like watching instead of reading:

    Also, I can completely support the words the developers said about there being a starting estimate of MMR for each killer and all survivors, because my matches certainly felt appropriate before I witnessed the drop from red ranks to brown ranks in all of the killers I've played since the MMR release.

  • mylesmylomylesmylo Member Posts: 354

    I dont want to laugh but I have to 🤣 never invest faith into the devs getting whatever they put out right, you read their plan, knod your head and say "mmm interesting, you will c*ck it up but I'm willing to see you try the idea" but really don't expect much out of them, they have interesting ideas but you can guarantee it's never going to turn out the way they dreamed it. I hope your matching gets better.

  • mylesmylomylesmylo Member Posts: 354

    Yes teach those naughty noobs a lesson from coming into your land, hook em up and watch the eneity eat those meddling kids.

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 671

    Everyone didn't start at the same MMR. Somebody lied to you if they told you otherwise or you assumed. BHVR claims they had a data collection system in place for the last several weeks to ensure the system wasn't going to be like this.

    This type of thing is actually expected ever since they started dedicated servers.

  • HoeLeeFukHoeLeeFuk Member Posts: 2

    if one is good and the rest are potatoes.........

  • Powerz924Powerz924 Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2020

    I would say the same. Since they introduced new MMR , every game i play against survivors are between rank 1-5 & also red SWFs, and i was not even that experienced to play against them (I had around 1000 hours playing the game casually). this screen shot is one game i luckily won (because those survivors were mocking me at the gate so i took chance to slug and killed 2 of them), but most of the games i played since MMR are stressful and not fun at all. red rank survivors can easily tell that you are not pro and they just bully you around, t bagging, etc.

    it felt like this new MMR forces people (especially killer mains) to play hardcore, but it's not like everyone can go hardcore right? devs, please also think about casual players, we are not willing to go against red rank professional players, we do not want to be good or get good as some people playing this game for a living, we just want to have a fun chase around with similar rank or skill set opponents after work.

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  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    Are we sure this system is even working? The wait times are longer than ever for me and when I get a match its usually over in under 5-6 minutes with a 4K. I'm getting put up against survivors that don't even know what a pallet is.

    20 uninterrupted 4Ks as Clown. CLOWN. And it hasn't gotten any better. What's worse is I played LF for the first few days straight with the tome launch and the matchmaking there never improved either.

    In the last week I've had one match where the survivors were able to make me sweat, but in the end when their DS was used up it was still a 4K I felt no excitement. At least with the old system I could enter a match uncertain of how it would end and know that I would potentially have actual challenging players.

    Why didn't this system at least factor previous ranks into starting brackets beforehand?

    It's the same story as a solo survivor rn except with teammates crouch walking around the map not doing gens!

  • ButtercakeButtercake Member Posts: 1,652

    Still not working for me....

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241
  • NeanderChaosNeanderChaos Member Posts: 29

    For me as Killer the match making is extremely extremely poor. I've played less then 100hrs as Killer so far and ever since the new MMR system was implemented all I get is SWF Red Rank teams... every... single... match. I just keep playing the same Killer over and over in hopes the system will register I'm in the wrong MMR bracket. I've all but given up and have put on a meme build. My end game scores have tanked even harder and somehow the system just keeps sending me SWF Red Rank teams.

    I have played a lot more Solo Survivor then Killer and my matches as Survivor are acceptable as of now. Sure I get flop teams & overpowered Killers regularly, but I also see more lowbie Killers then I ever did before the new MMR was implemented. I guess on the Survivor end the MMR system is trying to find me lowbie Killers I can noob loop and both me and the Killer can look like goofs together as we learn.

    Overall the new MMR system is a pretty underwhelming experience. I would really love to know what metrics BHVR is using to determine skill level.

  • JobraJobra Member Posts: 27

    The devs listened to the community saying "ranks don't matter" this is what the people asked for.

    And you may not remember, but the emblem systems were supposed to rate the skills of players to place them in the proper ranks.

    Honestly rather than investing time trying to mess up with this stupid MMR system, they should roll back and use ranks for matchmaking.

    I don't understand how people expected these devs to implement a functioning system which is so complicated as skill rating.

    You should have been expecting this crap if you have been playing this game for a fair amount watching their "pretty good job".

  • BLADER_1BLADER_1 Member Posts: 11

    The thing they tell about "less experience playing a certain killer — lesser surv ranks" is a straightforward bullshit as well, so it's no argument.

    LVL 1 Rin, played like 3 games with it.

  • BLADER_1BLADER_1 Member Posts: 11

    And from my other topic.

    What a great game to loose your MMR.

  • badThotsbadThots Member Posts: 18
    edited August 2020

    It doesn't work.

  • Powerz924Powerz924 Member Posts: 11

    My first game today. MMR still paired me to red ranks just like yesterdays games (screen shot is SWF carrying a rank 10). This new MMR just encourage skilled (aka pro) red rank survivors become more toxic and aggressive. I believe it would be very easy win games for them (red ranks) play against killer with lower rank and much lesser in-game time. Now it's like If you win the game, survivors calls you a fag, camper, tunneler, but do they know the fact i lost most of the games as very hard to go against all red rank or SWF reds?

    Once again, please fix this MMR, at least let us casual paid customers (players) have some fun play against someone match with our skill level or rank. I doubt how long i would keep playing this game as the stress level is skyhigh every single game as killer.

  • Powerz924Powerz924 Member Posts: 11

    another example, I'm just trying out spirit (new character, played less than 20 games), and also getting way higher rank opponents.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 152

    We have plenty of examples as it is. If the elo is on a scale of 2000 (rank 1) to 0 (rank 20), they should had taken previous rank into consideration, not everybody being reset to 0. Even better, take 200 to 300 of their rank and having them climbing up again. A rank 10 (1000 elo) should start with 700 MMR.

    At the end this was to protect new people into the game for not playing experience people and being totally obliterated. Also every individual killer should have that elo pre calculated.

    At the end, 2 red ranks and 2 level 20 its not a 4 vs 1. Its a 2 vs 1 from the start. And it proves nothing. The only person learning new things is the rank 20, on how to uninstall and hate the game. Apparently making lobbys only with people below rank 15 its too hard.

  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    Please be aware that the Community can help if we knew more about how the system works.

  • FerixstarFerixstar Member Posts: 48

    I’m wondering why the MMr system is working out for some but not for others?

    I’ve watched some streamers who play for hours multiple days a week and they even state that the matchmaking is working fine for them with very few players being out of place.

    [Side note: I’ve also watched streamers jump from killer to killer and complain that the survivors they are going against are all new, not realizing they have to build an MMR on each killer individually. They even go easy on them, which is nice but not helping the algorithm. Not the entire problem, but I’ve seen it more than once and felt the need to bring it up.]

    Personally, the new matchmaking system is working fine for me. I rarely see unmatched games after I’ve played a few as each killer. My survivor side seems fine as well, based on the results of my previous matches.

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400

    All im seeing is a killer dominating on one of the strongest killers in the game and getting apropiately matched. I noticed the spirit games and I would guess (only seen one) that you are having some good luck in a couple of matches and its trying to give you enough oposition that you start losing or gets "draws" to more accurately calculate your mmr. I have been getting decently matched after playing a fair amount of games so thats just my guess.

    I could very well be wrong since it has been confirmed that the mmr has some issues. But at least your hag games seems like its matching you correct.

  • turntristurntris Member Posts: 22

    Here, I'll start with a few matches I've played over the past couple days:

    This game is one of my favorites because I think it just exemplifies how messed up the algorithm is. I'm a rank 10 killer, but it pulled from rank 4 all the way to 19 because that makes sense.

    The first of many rank 1 games my friends and I had last night, none of which we did particularly well in obviously.

    Another rank 1 game. Our ranks are nowhere close to his, why did we get matched against this guy?

    The mess that is this video game.

    Ah, this one's a real gem. I love going against not one, but two rank 1's and a couple other red ranks to really seal the deal. I know this thread is just going to be inciting fanboys to come and defend the system saying that it'll get worked out, but it sincerely makes the game unfun. Even when my friends and I would do decently well last night against people at or below our rank, we wouldn't pip up because of this new system.

  • Anti_AlphaAnti_Alpha Member Posts: 61
    edited August 2020

    Four particularly fair games from the past couple of days.

  • turntristurntris Member Posts: 22

    Jesus that's disgusting. I've seen people say that the MMR system is just hidden, but it obviously just doesn't work outright. There's no possible way for a rank 1 killer to have the same hidden MMR rating as four new rank 20 survivors. It's obscenely busted.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,967

    I haven't been taking screenshots, but you could fill a phone book with ones of the unfair matches I've been having.

  • rogueplayer00rogueplayer00 Member Posts: 110

    I'm Fairly certain this is what it does to soloq's because that's what we've been seeing. 2 rank 20s and 2 red ranks versus a green or purple killer. Thats what I've been getting a lot of, too. So I think its on purpose and it kind of makes sense because its 4v1. 4 5000 mmr survivors will always beat a 5000 mmr killer unless the killer literally applied perfect pressure which is impossible against good loopers. It makes no sense, but it also makes a ton of sense.

  • JakasdJakasd Member Posts: 12

    I have seen in the forums a thousand people say that the rank is fine, that the rank is by your level with each killer but, I bought Bubba yesterday, and I could not play in peace, they only match me with rank 1 - 2, no It's fair I downloaded the game about 3 - 4 months ago and they have been playing for years, I play with my killer main, ranks 1, I try a new killer, ranks 1.

    What is the point of this new pairing? Make those of us who recently downloaded the game suffer to please those who have spent years?

    And when they don't match me with ranks 1, they match me with ranks 20, I can't imagine for them how boring and how married it must be to play only 2 min per game because they match him with a killer rank 1

    I'm not going to continue playing until they fix this problem, the game stopped being fun since rank 1 bothered me :(

    Excuse my bad English but the situation is so unpleasant that I could not just stay to lose all my games against rank 1

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