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My take on the Springtrap in dbd. (Don't let up Fnaf Fans :D)

blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 1,480

I'm loving how many posts I've seen and how many people have signed the petition for Springtrap to make it in the game. Almost hitting that 50k signatures!

I'd say it's not impossible at this point and very well might happen in the future if people keep asking for it.

As for those against it, the reasons are always terrible. You have your personal opinions ofc, but seriously?

The game is for kids? Try again.

Terrible fit? He's a dead body in the suit of an animatronic. Wait wait, kids game.

It's just a game of Jumpscares. Oh yeah its a big part of the game, but there's plenty of atmospheric sounds and stu- wait why does this matter for dbd? Think its just gonna turn into a point and click trial with jumpscares?

A majority of people on the discussions and votes are against it. I'm actually surprised to see this is untrue, while it has been pretty close on a few I think for has ruled over against a majority of the time. Also, check those signatures ;)

I'm sorry but unless the reason against it's more legit that what I talked about above, I don't plan on responding.

I would like to see more iconic horror make it in first, such as Chucky, Candyman, Pennywise, etc but I've been dumbfounded with the negative responses toward Fnaf in DBD.

But also still excited to see I'm not the only one who would like to eventually see this.

If you'd like to sign this and haven't already please do!




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