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Which maps do ya'll enjoy most?



  • Doctor_GrizzDoctor_Grizz Member Posts: 75

    Might not be a popular opinion but, I enjoy the look of Ormond, the snow reminds me of Finland.

  • jdcabraljdcabral Member Posts: 1,357

    All the Macmillians minus Suffocation Pit and Father Campbell's Chapel.

    Hate all indoor maps, Coldwind and Disturbed Ward.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 3,537

    Father Campbell's Chapel. Easily my number 1. Small enough that mobility isn't important, filled with good loops and a main building just strong enough to be fun without being painful.

    After that... Pretty much every Macmillan map. And the Red Forest maps as well, they're still pretty survivor sided but I love the asthetic. Still confused how a Babylonian priestess ended up in Eastern Europe to build a temple dedicated to the Sea-Goat. Reeeaaalllyyy want a story on that one.

  • JosafatJosafat Member Posts: 5

    I love coldwind bc the corn can help me make awesome plays

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 278

    Silent Hill, Hawkins and The Game, I looove indoors ones, but nobody understand me..

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    McMillan and swamp are my two favorite map types.

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