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Clown builds?

@DudeDelicious, What are some good clown builds?


  • C_FrankC_Frank Member Posts: 179

    select another killer

  • ErkErk Member Posts: 230
    edited August 2020

    I'm not DudeDelicious but I too am a Clown main.

    For addons (if you don't count the pinky finger) the flask of bleach is the best addon on Clown, use it if you have it. It slows down survivors more which is nice. Another really good addon is the Starling Feather which decreases the cooldown you have between your throws, making yourself get slowed down less. ANOTHER very good addon is the Thick Cork Stopper. You can use it too. Most of Clown's addons are quite good (except the ones where you speed up yourself when you are reloading, don't EVER touch them).

    An underrated addon is the middle finger. It's actually really good for mindgames, its basically an I'm All Ears but for your bottles. The Solvent Jug is really good but it'll probably be reworked at some point because its very outdated so don't get used to it. The Sulfurid Acid Vial is really bad, just use Sloppy Butcher if you want people to be Mangled. The addons which expand the gas area are decent, you can use 'em too. The ones that increase the intoxicated effect duration are good, especially when combo'd with the Flask of Bleach.

    Overall, if you don't count the pink addons you should use the Flask of Bleach with the addons I talked about above (except the bad ones, of course).

    For perks, I'm going to list some perks that are useful on him.

    • Brutal Strength
    • Pop Goes the Weasel
    • Thrilling Tremors
    • BBQ&Chili
    • STBFL
    • Sloppy Butcher

    and all the other generally good perks (Enduring, Nurse's Calling, Whispers etc.)

    Edit : I forgot to mention Surge, its a really good perk especially for Clown who (if playing against a decent SWF team) doesn't have time to kick a gen. Hex : Ruin + Surveillance is good on every killer (if you can protect your hex totems) but its really good on Clown who can end chases fast but struggles to find survivors without tracking perks.

  • bubbabrothabubbabrotha Member Posts: 1,117
  • monster89monster89 Member Posts: 136
    edited August 2020

    Ether 15 vol % is a very good add on. Its one of my favorites. It increases the intoxication duration. Basically survivors are intoxicated longer which makes them slower for longer. Im personally not a fan of any of the pinky fingers. Red head pinky finger allows you to one shot survivors but u have to hit them directly on their body. Which can be hard to do since many survivors bob and weave anyway. Id rather mind game.

    Brutal strength is very good with the Ether 15 vol %. If a survivor throws a pallet ill throw a a bottle at them or around them over the thrown pallet or ill throw it at them if I anticipate them to throw the pallet sometimes even make them throw the pallet. so while their intoxicated I'm breaking the ballet with brutal but they don't make it very far because their slowed down and can't make too much distance cuz of the intoxication.

  • ErkErk Member Posts: 230

    Yeah, thats what I am talking about, good luck on your games man, Clown might be the worst killer in the game but you can still make him work !

  • C_FrankC_Frank Member Posts: 179

    Real build

    The problem with clown is map control, is no bad ad loop but no so good.


    corrupt intervention





    Brutal S

    Add-ons : ether , solvent jug, flask of bleach


    The idea is not to play all over the map, look for an area that you can defend and defend the generators there. Corrupt intervention helps in the early game, play 3 gen strart and clean pallets in the sector. Use the bottles to guide the survivors to the dead zones.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,099

    Anti gen perks. Surge, pop, surveillance and STBFL to aid in chases.

  • slim0bslim0b Member Posts: 551

    I've been pretty much playing only clown for the past week 5-7 days and otz's suggested build had perks that had their value come out everytime.

    The build:

    • Discordance

    • Pop goes the weasel

    • Surge

    • Save the best for the last

    Save the best for the last is a MUST on clown, it helps him become super aggressive and gives him the lethality he needs.

    You down someone, surge affects nearby gens, and then you go pop the slightly further gens, or even the same gens if someone came over and tapped them.

    Discordance is WONDERFUL early game, and throughout the game if survivors feel like they need to get a gen done SUPER QUICK this will notify you, and you SHOULD almost always drop a chase for a discordance notification nearby.

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 819

    save the best for last is a must

    pop goes the weasal

    information perk(i like discordance)

    im all ears(unless you have that finger addon that does it better)

    spirit fury helps alot + enduring if you have space

  • JustSmegsJustSmegs Member Posts: 4

    my fear of clowns is begging you to pick someone else lmao

  • SadsnacksSadsnacks Member Posts: 673

    BBQ, pop, nurses, and unrelenting ☺️

    BBQ and pop synergize well to slow down gens, nurses is just good meta all around, and unrelenting because clown is built like a T-rex, he has a small reach (tiny arms +tiny knife+ big belly) and he needs a quick m1 cool down to compensate.

    His add-ons don't make a huge difference once you've gotten his throws down.

    I only reload once I've put someone in a hook and while I'm scoping with BBQ activated.

    Use his potions to steer survivors where you want them, to end chases quickly by hitting them with them while in certain loops, and to punish survivors for using vaults and pallets by throwing potions where they'll end up landing their vaults.

    Have fun!

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