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Why "bad" killers are bad

ErkErk Member Posts: 230

To understand why bad killers are bad, we need to compare a good killer to a bad killer. Lets compare !

Spirit :

  • Has high mobility
  • Has high lethality

Clown (I am open to discussion @DudeDelicious) :

  • Has less than no mobility (5 secs of reload time at %40 movement speed)
  • Has nearly no lethality (in a map which has a lot of pallets, you are going to suffer a lot since Clown can't really do much against pallets)

when you look at this, you can see that killers who have strength in both lethality and mobility are good while who don't are bad. So, what can we understand from this ?

Legion is not the second worst killer in the game. Legion has good mobility and a little bit of lethality (S/he delays the game with his/her power, Feral Frenzy. I count that as lethality). Wraith is the second worst killer in the game. Wraith has good mobility and less than no lethality (he can't smack survivors when he is in stealth).

Now, then who is the worst killer in the game ? Clown. I know DudeDelicious will disagree but I am open to discussion. Just because Clown is the worst killer in the game doesn't mean he cannot be played, I play Clown and smack 4 man SWF groups but he will do worse when compared to other killers.

By the way, when I say that the Wraith can't smack survivors while in stealth, I don't mean that he should be able to smack survivors when he is in stealth, thats just how the killer is, he doesn't have any loop stopping mechanics.


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