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I Did Bones. You Need A New Excuse.



  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 2,253

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but I just saw this meme and remembered this thread and had to post it here lol.

  • mostlyghostlymostlyghostly Member Posts: 135

    I like NOeD as killer in the same way that survivors love DS. The mere threat of either perk warrants a shift in play from both sides. If a killer sees no obsession, if they're smart, they will tunnel every survivor after unhook. It's the smart play.

  • SIeepWaIkerSIeepWaIker Member Posts: 46

    All the 'do bones' responses.... psh! Do any of the killers who say this play solo survivor? How do you know if 3 other teammates cleansed totems? How long should I continue to look for totems so that you have more time to catch me and less time on gens.. Should I scour the map for 2 min.. 5 min.. 10 min... 20 min just to ensure a totem still isn't out there. There needs to be a totem counter like gen counter for survivors to see... else I'll just hide in lockers for 30 min + and continue to look for totems because I don't know that 'bones aren't done'.

    Here is a scenario. 4 survivors all 'Do BONES!!' 1 gets 2, 2 gets 1, 3 gets 1, 4 gets 1. Each survivor thinks there are still 4 out there except for 1, they think 3. So all 4 survivors should keep looking for bones so you can kill them? I know you all would be super happy if every surv in a match spent the entire match looking for non-existent items so you could catch them all.

    I've heard some valid points in this thread, and numerous, 'you didn't do them all'. So, I ask again, how would anyone ever know that they were all done? Sounds like you killers are advocating for 4 man SWFS with comms, no?

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 1,516

    I don't know man this seems like a rant. I've had noed get popped plenty of times before it really had any effect, I've also had it wreck a team and similar scenarios when I've played against it. I think people hate on it because it undermines someone's expected escape.

    You often see the argument if you've completed the gens you deserve to escape and that's a problem, frankly nothing is guaranteed until every survivor is sacc'ed or escaped. If noed is up its time to stealth out and hunt for bones. When you see bones during a match cleanse them.

    The only games I've had where noed really wrecked was when gens popped so fast I'd barely got 2 hooks, then the lack of separating out tasks from gens to bones is a fault of the survivor team. If you want to avoid noed instill a culture of countering it by doing bones, don't cry nerf in the chat.

  • joshuashep22joshuashep22 Member Posts: 236
  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 869

    I actually really like that idea. In fact, I actually agree for that specific perk, that would be a very fair change that brings solo up to SWF.

    At the same time, it's addressing the issue without the need to add something like a totem counter, which would probably be very clunky to implement anyway.

    And no problem! It's all good, the game is what it is and sometimes bi think we forget there's really no point in getting upset over eachother's views. They more than likely won't have an effect on the game one way or another anyway, so I got to remind myself there's no point in trying to challenge every opinion all the time, it's a drain. Thanks for being civil as well

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    I did not ONCE call for a nerf on either threads.

    One was saying that Billy (pre-cooldown) was too easy to play for his reward and that you could spend a small fraction of the time playing Hillbilly to get the same results as a killer like Nurse.

    THIS one is about the garbage excuse "do bones".

    Maybe if you'd actually read my posts for once you'd understand.

  • RoMainPuppyRoMainPuppy Member Posts: 507

    I mean, not really? If it were that strong everyone would be running it and it would be meta, but it's not. If it were that good Hex totems would never even have a CHANCE to proc, because everyone would be running Small Game, but almost no one runs it, and not because it's not meta but because it's just not that good. It's quite like its' other Meh perk brethren. Dark Sense sounds like a good perk in theory, but why run that when you could run Empathy or Kindred or any better Aura perk (or hell even OoO)? Why run No One Left Behind when you can run We'll Make It or WGLF for BP bonus? Most early filler perks don't give enough bang for their buck to actually be useful enough to bring.

    And Small Game still doesn't solve the Solo Q problem of not knowing who else is doing bones (if anyone), or having to rely entirely on yourself to (hopefully) negate a perk that may or may not exist while hoping all along that your teammates aren't complete potatoes.

    Honestly if they added a totem counter, or even just changed what NOED procced off of (make it more similar to Devour Hope) then I think less people would complain about it overall.

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505

    If it's about the term "do bones", then it's about NOED. There's no other situation where it's relevant. You don't get to separate them. And it's not an "excuse". It's the answer.

    Don't gate keep just because your argument is as broken as Dwight's glasses.

    Again, there's no version of this situation where you are correct.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,335

    Without NOED, there would be no reason to do dull totems. You would never have that fear when the last gen is done if NOED is in play or not. When NOED activates, its time to be stealthy and find the totem.

    I have a bigger problem with all the aura perks that killers can use. A killer with the right perk loadout and he knows where everyone is at all times. That's a lot more game changing than a perk that can be disabled by removing a totem.

  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

    So when is Small Game getting a Totem aura reading aspect to facilitate 'doing bones' more realistically again?

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    The difference is that while the phrase is exclusively tied to the perk NoED this is a conversation separate from the balance of the perk.

    And while yes, it is an answer it is one that is overused and also given to people who are actually trying to do said bones.

    Point is that you wouldn't say "don't tunnel" to a killer getting hit by DS from survivors who abuse it, so NoED and bones shouldn't get a free pass because there are survivors who do bones to prevent it.

    If trying to get the conversation back to it's actual point is gatekeeping, then I have iridescent gatekeeper because people keep trying to change the conversation from what it actually is.

    And it's not about being right, it's about recognising that it's not all black and white, there ARE outlying cases that can't be treated with the same worn-out statement.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,023

    DS get invincibility twice a game for 60 seconds more than enough time to do all gens

    Unbreakable counters snowball potential of killers slugging

    Iron will make no sounds for free even though you should still have some but nope time to use a perk that just breaks all the spaghetti code and just abuse it

    Deadhard free second chance button when you messed up looping or just need more distance

    Adrenaline incentive to stay injured to just get a free heal and escape at the end of the game just for having it

    And the people that use 4 perks from this list every game just whine that noed is op

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    And how many of them use those perks for their intended use or relate to "Do bones" being outdated advice that also doesn't apply to every survivor as there are those that actually cleanse totems?

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,023
    edited August 2020

    Im pointing out you are complaining that killers have one blatant strong thing that they don't need to do anything in particular to use while survivors have 5 that can be named easy also only 3/4 just do more bones

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