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MMR did nothing wrong

Now that I got your attention, hopefully some attention, anyone? Jokes aside though, I do wish devs did not cave in to popular survivor demand and did not revert the mmr system. if you know anything about mmr, even if you know as much as I do, which is bare minimum. It would have improved as it went along. To me it did work as intended, I got harder games on killers that I play a lot, and easier on ones that did not. I got mixture of ranks in survivors, with at least 1-2 not red/purple and games over all have been way more fun.

I struggled to escape as survivor, had some unfortunate games, sure but it was over all fun. It did not feel like cake walk every time. As a killer I did not feel like I just wanna quit the game because I lose the moment I chase someone since all it took is 1 min 30 sec for 2 gens to pop. So the mmr time was great for me. Then the great flood came, survivor mains crying their eyes out that they feel it is unfair. It's scary actually how one side is so used to be favor in a game that it seems unbelievable to them that it is now their turn to work to get through the match and not killers every time. Where a character thats called killer is actually threatening and not a joke thats there to just slightly inconvenience them.

So congrats surv mains, you got your way again. You are now again in complete control of the game and you don't see how it can be any other way. Just to throw an example there. I might call myself a killer main but I actually have more survivor games under my belt, I just don't wanna associate with that crowd. New archive is out, so I did what I always do, get on survivor and speed through few challenges. So far I had 3 games today, all red ranks across the board for every single survivor and killer in all 3 games. Wanna know the result? 1 survivor been sacrificed between those 3 games. I am sure that feels very fair and balanced now... what a ######### joke, sorry but it is that this is a state of this game and people see it as normal. You know, I have not checked,but I would not even be surprised that while mmr been reverted but you still would not be able to swap killer in lobby, please tell me that I am at least wrong in that.


  • PandamoniumPandamonium Member Posts: 77

    So I played both survivor and killer during the MMR period and it was very unbalanced. As a survivor, I was often paired up with teammates and killers who were and behaved like a rank 20. Teammates hiding next to generators, crouching away when they hear a heartbeat, regardless if the killer is chasing someone else. The killer not mindgaming at all, taking impossible swings, standing in front of a generator for 10 seconds trying to figure out how to kick it. I also got the opposite side of the spectrum. As a rank 19 demogorgon who only had 3 perk slots, which were filled with surge, lightborn and deerstalker (As you can see, I didn't have access to some better perks like STBFL), I had to face red rank survivors with 1-2K+ hours. It's frustrating having to chase a survivor looping optimally when you're still trying to figure out how to actually use your power.

    I think it's good that MMR has been disabled for now, as long as they are working on improving it. So this shouldn't be the worst problem for you. If you liked it already, wouldn't you like it even more if they were to improve it? And yes, I know that MMR is a progressive metric, but that metric really did not hold up to what it was supposed to do, well, at least for me.

  • ScifferSciffer Member Posts: 41

    If thats the case and they actually wanna make it better, sure, all for it. Though if we are back to just matching by rank, not that hyped about that cause I am tired feeling like abused wife in 1930s while playing the killer.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962

    It didn't do anything right either.

    ba-dum tss.

  • ScifferSciffer Member Posts: 41

    Thats great to hear that it is being reworked and not completely thrown out because concept is good. I understand that my experience does not reflect everyone's experience but I generally had more fun even if my survivor games were considerably harder, honestly in game thats 1 v 4, you do think that be the case.

    Generally I can admit that a lot of that attitude thats coming from me is because of how the game has been pre mmr. I don't generally get mad at the games anyone but this game when you play a killer does the trick. I wanna be able to enjoy the game solo as survivor, with my friends, and also as a killer however it can't express just how frustrating it is to play a killer with all rng, with perk combo, with maps, kobe, hatches, keys, and where it feels that game is literally stacked up against you as you drag your butt cheeks across a giant map with not so fast killer and by the time you get there 2 gens ready to go.

  • ScifferSciffer Member Posts: 41

    Also why I said survivor complaints is because of steam forums. Sure, I saw a couple killer posts how they are unhappy that they are paired up as rank 20s against red ranks and I saw that happen myself when I played a survivor. However there were also topics on how killers don't like being paired up with green ranks when killer is red, which just smells of bs to me and a survivor main pretending to be a killer main. Whats also a fact is that majority of mmr complaints on steam forum are from survivors and thats what also built up my perception on who complained the most.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 2,285

    I play both sides, total of 3k hrs of experience. 2k on survivor.

    I had about 80 matches as Survivor with at least 2 friends because I got brand new players as mates for like 10 games straight. And I am playing a lot and at red ranks (and I am NOT a Blendette using Urban etc!), so I should have gotten at least decent mates. But it got only worse: I faced dozens of new killers who did not even knew that you don't vault the windows of a LT wall (without Bamboozle of course). I felt so bad for all of these!

    And it was not better for killer (purple/red ranks):

    I played way more than 15 games on my main Freddy and still got newbies who just gave up. I had one, ONE match where I had one good survivor with object and 3 mediocre players in an swf. One match that was not too hard or too easy.

    There was no "Survivor bias" this time. It was bad for many. Even streamers like OhTofu (killer main) or Monto (plays both) had some ######### Matchmaking.

  • NanglaurNanglaur Member Posts: 125

    MMR system was terrible. If it worked for you doesnt mean it was like that for everyone. The mayority of the player base, specially the new players were facing unfair matches and that is unnaceptable. And thanks the Devs for listening to the community. If they want to make it happen, make it work first then test it properly and then implement the system again making sure it has enough data to work in a balanced way for everyone. Until that day comes we are way better as we are with ranks system. End of discussion.

  • KaleriaKaleria Member Posts: 9

    Hopefully you fix the system fast because the game has been a nightmare since you removed the MMR system.

    Side note: What is being done with the SWF balance because it's getting extremely tiresome to go against groups of 3 1s and a 20 as a mid ranked killer?

  • HalunHalun Member Posts: 177

    I don't think the devs should even bother reintroducing the system unless they plan on introducing a visible MMR Rating, and they rework or remove rank.

    Players will never be satisfied as long as those rank numbers still exist, and there is no other visible metric noting that they're actually getting a fair match. Losing against a bunch of red ranks? MMR is broken. Winning against a bunch of green ranks? MMR is broken.

    It won't matter if the system is functioning perfectly or not. It's a perceptual issue. Which is exactly why "fixing" the system will be a pointless endeavor if you don't deal with the relics of the past weighing it down.

  • ScifferSciffer Member Posts: 41

    I do have to agree with that because it honestly feels like if killers start stomping survivors and survivors have to work to actually you know, survive then it's an instant problem and a fix is introduced. Yet when people been complaining about swf for ages and no one even says remove them, no one worth listening anyways, but introduce some sort of balance, and what we get? Nothing, it's a part of a game. Then fix a game maybe? How is it balanced to go against 2-4 people that can always know where you at by exploiting coms and perks and can gen rush you into oblivion?

    Thats a good point, there needs to be some sort of ranking and in a way, ranks are, more or less. Yes, they can be grinded but I also find that to be half true cause as a killer I got to work my ass off to get any pips, there been times I got 4k no mories and no pips. I do feel like this could improve if it did match by rank but each killer had their own rank cause sure I might get red by playing spirit but then jump on trapper and be a potato.

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