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PS4 frames even worse after cross-play release

I don't know if it's been anybody else's experience or not, but I'm getting even worse frames playing against people from other platforms. I played matches with Pyramid Head on Temple, Lery's, and Hawkin's and it felt like I was getting 10 FPS. I could barely aim my power and I would easily lose track of any survivor that was close. While it was nice playing against PC survivors because they can't send me messages at all, I'm turning cross-play off cause I know BHVR will fix the FPS issues on console about the time they nerf 4-man SWF


  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,699

    PH always drops my fps on killer. It’s been smooth for the other killers so far though.

  • superpanda999superpanda999 Member Posts: 57

    My game would always lag whenever I got stunned by a pallet or whenever I went to hook someone. Also for some reason, survivors that vaulted through windows would cause a massive lag spike to occur and I’d lose track of them. I wasn’t sure if it was my internet connection or if it was the crossplay. It didn’t start happening until crossplay was enabled so i’m going to assume it’s that.

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